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Which modern game console would you like to see Crunchyroll on?
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Posted 6/24/13 , edited 6/25/13
I was looking through the 'What Device do You Want Crunchyroll On?' thread, and I just kept thinking to myself: "Man, it would be great if I could just see what everyone wants in one easy to go place rather than having to sift through pages of posts!"

So, here is a nice poll with some of the latest and upcoming devices. It will eventually get outdated, but not for a long while I'd say. I would add more than just game consoles but unfortunately polls only allow five answers, so this will have to do!

I believe a thread like this would be useful even if the other one exists, mainly because this one has a more visual representation of what people would like to see and also because this one will be a lot less cluttered, and may also potentially be more up to date.

Personally, I would love to see an app on all of them. Crunchyroll all around!

But I am especially hoping for a great Vita app/!
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Posted 6/25/13 , edited 6/25/13
I am pretty sure the reason the CR Staff have never made this type of thread as a poll is because with polls on the Forums you can only vote for one thing. Most people are also going to want to answer yes for every device they own or plan on owning.

Personally I think that the Xbone and PS4 are pretty much going to get an app sooner or later, there are CR apps for 360 and PS3 already so it is common sense. I don't see them bothering with 3DS or Vita though, not only would it be a hardware issue but in the Vita's case I doubt distribution will be high enough for it to be worth CR's time/cost investment. CR already has apps for the popular smart phones, and this already gives them better exposure and distribution than 3DS or Vita would while fulfilling the same purpose... CR on the go!

So in the end...

WiiU, or not to WiiU....? That is the question!

Oh yeah, I am also pretty sure you are only supposed to put polls in the.... polls section

I am going to lock and close this thread, but I will point it out to the CR staff so they can hear your thoughts and maybe consider doing something official.
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