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Credits to AnimexBlackxRose for preparing information on Reborn, Tsuna , Gokudera, and Lambo~!!



Leon - Reborn's chameleon, He can change shape and color as per Reborn's desire, normally some type of gun, provided he is familiar with the object he will turn into and the object is roughly his size. The bullets used by Reborn are created inside Leon. When Reborn's student is gradually progressing, Leon's tail falls off, his shape-shifting abilities becomes unstable, he is no longer able to create bullets, and wraps himself in a spheric cocoon. After this stage, Leon creates special items for the student, then returns to his normal self.

He is a member of the Arcobaleno, he holds the Yellow pacifier. Even though he is only a year old he is one of the most trusted hitman that the 9th Vongola boss knows. He travels to Japan to become Tsuna's home tutor, and drags him into becoming a mob boss. Reborn often says "Ciao-su" (a mix of the Italian and Japanese).
He appears to see nothing unusual in any of his own behavior and has an unlimited supply of various clothing. Since he is an official member of the Vongola Family and is only there to train Tsuna, he is not allowed to directly interfere with most of Tsuna's battles other than to shoot special bullets.

Reborn In the Future Arc

In the future, Reborn's future self is not shown, but he is hinted to be dead. In order to avoid the Negative Seven Rays, the past's Reborn remains in Tsuna's underground base and wears a special suit. When he agrees to train Yamamoto in the future, his shadow looks like that of an older man, and he suggests that he has a "true form." He later indicates to Yamamoto that he has been training since before he became a baby.
In certain occasions, Reborn randomly disappears and reappears as "another person", wearing a different outfit along with a fake name, which no one except Tsuna recognizes.


Sky Guardian
Tsunayoshi ‘Tsuna’ Sawada

Meet the 10th generation Vongola Boss, Tsuna Sawada…

Ver. Vongola Ring

Tsuna is his X Gloves


Date of Birth: Oct. 14
His classmates nickname him No-Good Tsuna, has he has very bad grades, sucks at sport, is very clumsy and was a pushover. Even though he doesn’t want anything to do with the mafia, he will put himself in danger to protect his friends. He is loyal and caring, and he doesn’t see his friends as a mafia family. The future Tsuna dies a little less than 9 years and 10 months in the future.

How he become the 10th Vongola Boss

After Reborn becomes Tsuna home tutor, Tsuna is unwilling to take part in anything that has to do with the Mafia. He always denies the fact that he is a future Vongola boss and tries to avoid anyone involved with the Mafia. Later, even though he still wants nothing to do with the Mafia, he is grateful for the friends he has made since meeting Reborn. Even though Tsuna and reborn don’t seem to get a long well at times, they have a deep understanding for each other. In the future Arc, Tsuna says that he doesn’t know what to do with out Reborn.

Tsuna In the Future Arc

When, Tsuna is unexpectedly transported 9 years and 10 months into the future, he awakes inside a coffin, belonging to his future self. He is then met by a future version of Gokudera, who is hovering over his coffin, mourning. After he apologizes to Tsuna for 'letting him down', he warns Tsuna about Shoichi Irie and tells him to kill him as soon as he gets back to the past. Unfortunately, as Gokudera is about to reveal why Tsuna was in the coffin, he is replaced with his younger self. They wander until they meet Lal Mirch, who at first tries to kill them, and later, an older Yamamoto. They bring the two to the secret underground Vongola base that the older Tsuna had built. Here, Tsuna's fear is confirmed as he is told that in this timeline, he is indeed dead. The cause of Tsuna’s death was that viciously gunned down in public.

Storm Guardian
Hayato Gokudera


Hayato was born in Italy and is mostly Italian but is a quarter Japanese. His blood type is B, is 168cm tall, weighs 54kg and his hair is silver. His dream is to become the tenth's right-hand man. The people that Hayato dislikes the most are: Bianchi, Lambo and Yamamoto. Despite his image of a rebel, Hayato excels in his schoolwork and aces all his tests. This is due to his rich family, suggesting that he probably had a number of private tutors when he was younger, an example is Dr. Shamal, who taught Gokudera, how to use bombs. He idolizes Tsuna greatly and considers himself to be Tsuna's right-hand man, whom he fights with Yamamoto over, but in Yamamoto’s view it’s just a game.

Why Gokudera became a Guardian

The main reasons why he was made a guardian is because: Gokudera is very loyal to Tsuna, he has a background in mafia, and that he will protect and fight for the Tsuna. In the battle of the Vongola Rings, Hayato was pitted against the genius Belphegor for the Ring of Storm. At first, he had trouble figuring out Bel's attacks and tricks, but Hayato was later able to turn the tides in his favor and defeat him. However, as he was taking the ring from Bel's supposedly unconscious body, Bel tackled Hayato to the ground in attempt to steal both of the rings. A struggle for the rings ensued, but only lasted for a short time, as Tsuna convinced Hayato not to risk his life. When the explosives went off, both Hayato and Belphegor survived, but because Hayato had abandoned the rings, Belphegor was deemed the winner.

Hayato Gokudera In The Future Arc

He is the first person Tsuna meets in the future as he was hovering over Tsuna coffin, mourning. Hayato invented his own writing system that he uses in the future arc called 'G-Script'. After Hayato was transported to the future, he decoded a note left by his future self written in this 'language'. After his brief visit to the new Vongola base in Japan, he was involved in a battle where he was the first of the to-the-future characters in the arc to open a box that transforms his ring into a weapon, successfully defeating one of the Millefiore Family's Blackspell members. He receives a letter in the G-Script form his future self who is now in the past. It tells him that because they brought the Vongola rings to the future where they no longer exist they are temporarily stuck in the future. To return to the past Tsuna must gather the guardians, defeat Byakuran, kill the man with glasses (Irie Shouichi) and they will return. When Tsuna searches for him after training he emerges with a new technique and, oddly enough, a wild cat on his head. The cat is revealed to be a box weapon that Gokudera couldn't bear to send him back to his box. His sister scolds him for this behavior and his skipping their training. He later resumes his training as there is only two days until the attack.


Basic Info

WEAPON: Katana [Japanese sword]

Takeshi is Tsuna's classmate and the popular baseball star of the school.
He was born in Japan and is 177cm tall, weighing 63kg. He is a Taurus with O bloodtype. His future dream is to become a professional baseball player and he goes to Namimori's batting field everyday. His favourite food is sushi and his favourite drink is milk. His favourite instrument is the taiko, a Japanese drum.

How Takeshi became a Guardian

After he becomes friends with Tsuna, Reborn tries to recruit him into the Vongola Famiglia.
He hardly takes anything seriously, and is often "tricked" by Reborn because he thinks
that,"It's a game". Reborn occasionally trains him by putting him in dangerous situations,
but Takeshi still believes it to be just a game or simple baseball training.
His reflexes are unreasonably good, as is his level of obliviousness; he thinks the various
weapons and dangerous objects he sees Reborn and others use on a regular basis are just
really advanced kid's toys. Later in the anime in the 'Ring Arc' he was given the Ring of Rain which signifies 'one that washes away everything'.

Takeshi in the Future Arc

Nine years and ten months into the future, Takeshi is no longer the oblivious person he used to be. He is now an official subordinate of the Vongola Family, and has also advanced his sword skills, to the point that he can somehow summon rain when he uses his ring with one of the special boxes. He wears typical mafia clothing (a black suit), and also has a scar on his chin. In the future as he tells Tsuna about the war, we learn that his father was killed. However his future self was replaced by the younger Takeshi after someone fired the Ten-Year Bazooka at him in the past.

Thunder Guardian

Lambo is a 5-year-old assassin affiliated with the Famiglia. He was born in Italy on May 28 and has a blood type of A. His main choice of weapons are hand grenades, and his future dream is to rule the world. Lambo dresses in a cow suit complete with a tail, and has a huge afro with horns on the sides of his head which gives him the appearance of a bison. He comes to Japan to kill Reborn, so he can prove that he is worthy of becoming his own family's boss. However, he is a complete crybaby, and is no match for Reborn.

Why Lambo became a Guardian

During the Vongola Tournament, Lambo is chosen to be the holder of the Ring of Thunder because of his Electric Skin, which allows him to channel electricity harmlessly through his body. During his battle with Levi A Than, he is shown to be able to use the Ten-Year Bazooka twice in a row, switching with his 25-year-old self. As his 25-year-old self, he can summon stronger red lightning, and is capable of projecting it as a single 'blade' of energy. He also possesses Perfect Electric Skin, which allows him to be completely resistant to all electrical attacks.

Lambo In The Future Arc

His adult self was protecting Haru and Kyoko futures self, when they met past Hayato and future Yamamoto. During the battle he, I-Pin,Haru and Kyoko all switch places with their past-selfs


Basic Info

Kyoko's older brother who is obsessed with boxing; he even barged into a zoo, expecting to fight some animals. He is the third to take the Deathperation Shot, but it has no effect on him since he always lives "to the limit," and is therefore in Dying Will Mode constantly.
Ryohei is said to have been born with naturally strong muscles, possessing greater strength than the average human being. However, he cannot always exert his force to 100%; in his battle with Lussuria, he needed Kyoko's encouragement in order to fully use his power.

Also, ever since he fought the adult I-Pin, he gained a slight crush on her.

How Ryohei became a Guardian

He wants to recruit Tsuna to the boxing club and in response, Reborn wants to recruit him into the family. Every time he sees Tsuna and his family doing something strange, he gets fired up and always wants to be a part of it. Later in the Ring Arc he was given the Ring of Sun. Although he was the weakest out of the other guardians at first but after he was trained by his home-tutor, Colonnello, he became one of the most reliable guardians.

Ryohei un the Future Arc

In the future, Ryohei has gone overseas to work. After finding the present Chrome, he brings her to Tsuna's hideout, along with information he retrieved from the Varia concerning their plan to attack the Millefiore Family's base. Apparently, he was sent to Italy by the future Tsuna in order to deliver a certain message to the Varia. He also gives I-Pin a doll of her master.


Basic Info

WEAPON: Steel Tonfas

Hibari is the leader of the Discipline Committee, or Prefects, who all happen to be a group of delinquents loyal to Hibari. Being a violent delinquent, he uses his status to harass others. He prefers to be alone and cares little for his subordinates.His catchphrase is "I'll bite you to death", which he says to everyone who he is ready to fight. In one comic scene, Ryohei misunderstands it and imagines Hibari swallowing Gola Moska's head. He also likes saying "wao", and when he fights weak opponents, he tends to taunt them by calling them a 'herbivore'. He likes eating Japanese food and hamburgers.

How Kyoya became a Guardian

His attitude and abilities have gained the attention of Reborn, who sees him as a potential candidate for Tsuna's family. However, Hibari likes nothing more than to kill those who are in his way. Hibari is later chosen to become the holder of the Ring of Cloud by Reborn. Dino is selected to be his home tutor, but Hibari wants nothing more than to fight Dino, who was surprised to realize that Hibari was out to kill. Apparently, due to their bloody fight, Hibari was convinced to become stronger, so he traveled and trained with Dino.

Kyoya in the Future Arc

Hibari is revealed to be the strongest of the Seven Guardians of the Vongola Rings nine years and ten months into the future. His Dying Will Flame is so strong that it overloads and shatters the rings after its use, causing him to have to carry around multiple rings. Initially, it seemed that no one was capable of making contact with him, but he later appears to save Hayato and Takeshi from Gamma. During the battle, Hibari's allegiance is mentioned to be a mystery to the Millefiore Family, who is unsure if he is an ally or an enemy of the Vongola Family. Hibari also still has the bird that became attached to him in the past. The bird is apparently named "Hibird", and it now serves as one of the family's backup modes of communication.


WEAPON: Trident, Illusions

Basic Info [Chrome]

A 13-year-old girl born in Japan on December 5, and wears a Kokuyo school uniform.
From what her parents talked about in a flashback, she was a girl known as Nagi and lived a non-social life. After rescuing a cat, she was badly injured in a car accident which lead to the loss of her right eye and some of her organs. The only way to save her life would be to have someone with the same blood type to transfer their organs to her. She did not care whether she lived or not and her parents refused the offer anyway. However, Mukuro Rokudo allowed her to live by creating illusionary organs. Chrome has been shown using two of Mukuro's six skills.
Chrome is also trying hard to learn Italian, since her goal is to someday be able to converse with Mukuro in Italian.

How Chrome became the Mist Guardian

Chrome was entrusted with the Ring of Mist. The Mist Guardian was supposedly Rokudo Mukuro, however since Mukuro is held at the Italian Prison only Chrome can take his place as she is the only one who can contact Mukuro. Whenever Chrome is in serious danger, Mukuro takes over.

Chrome in the Future Arc

No information so far about Chrome in the future.

Basic Info [Mukuro]

Mukuro is a 15-year-old mafia criminal and leader of the Kokuyo Gang. Before he was to be executed, he, along with his two subordinates, escaped from an Italian prison, which held some of the most dangerous mafia criminals. Not long after, they came to Japan, enrolled in Kokuyo Junior High, and started a gang.

Mukuro in the Future Arc

In the future, Mukuro was presumed dead by Millefiore hitman Glo Xinia, who prided this when fighting against a displaced Chrome, who had been transported into the future by the Ten-Year Bazooka. However, the future Mukuro used this to his advantage, possessing Glo's owl and helping Chrome defeat him with the help of the illusionary versions of himself, Ken and Chikusa.

He is later revealed to be spying on the Millefiore Family under the guise of Leonardo Lippi, however, after Byakuran, Millefiore's leader, reveals that he has always known "Leo's" true identity, Mukuro reveals himself and his true intentions: to possess Byakuran's body. During the battle, Mukuro is severely wounded, but his real plan was to simply gather information and leave the body he had possessed. Unfortunately, the room is specially shielded, thus preventing him from leaving the body.

His fate is unknown, but in a dream, Chrome believes that Mukuro, with the last of his strength, tried to show her valuable information. Also, though Byakuran later expresses to Irie that he has dealt with Mukuro, he does not explicitly state that he has killed him. However, before his battle with Byakuran, Mukuro apparently sabotaged one of the Millefiore's computers into transmitting information about the Millefiore's base to the server in Hibari's hideout
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