American McGee's 'Ozombie' and 'Alice: Otherlands'
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Posted 6/25/13 , edited 6/25/13
I've been trying to get some attention to these two franchises, but so far nothings worked. So I've decided to take a direct approach.

American McGee has recently started a kickstarter for a game called 'Ozombie' which he says will be like 'Alice'. It also sounds like he might start a kickstarter for 'Alice: Otherlands' as well.

Here's a link to the kickstarter and facebook pages.

Ozombie Kickstarter:
Ozombie Facebook:

Alice: Other Lands Facebook:

Here's a picture of what Dorothy is supposed to look like as well.
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I support Otherlands because it's a dvd and McGee has always delivered a visual feast.
And of course because it won't be influenced by EA so that can only be a good thing.
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Posted 8/14/13 , edited 8/15/13
Ive been under a rock, Is otherlands just a short film?
I want another game :c

Actually going through Alice 1 right now. I snagged a pretty good condition big box version of it on ebay n_n its the shining star of my collection
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