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Posted 7/29/13 , edited 7/29/13
Well 7-29... 5pm EST. Can't seem to get the new dog and scissors episode to play on 1080p without stuttering or lagging. Even froze twice. I've experienced the problem with a few other animes to but I didn't log it. I know specifically I had problems with the eccentric family too at one point.

The way the lag happens and when it happens leaves me at a few possibilities. One would be the video bitrate being high on certain scenes with high motion and bright colors and lots of panning or text. This would explain why OP's and ED's lag more than the actual anime unless its an intense scene like the new dog and scissors action fight on episode 5.

I'm not going to make accusations or throw blame but it honestly feels like throttling combined with a high video bitrate. If the video bitrate exceeds the maximum download rate then of course its going to have laggy playback at parts. Do you guys encode in VBR or CBR? Is there a cap on download speed? This feels like the problem to me cause I streamed a youtube video while playing the CR one and it worked just fine. Only other possibility is that CR is still having some problems with its CDN servers though I figured that would have been straightened out by now.

Just to give an idea of what I'm trying to say, I'll quote from wiki:
The disadvantages are that it may take more time to encode, as the process is more complex, and that some hardware might not be compatible with VBR files.[2] VBR may also pose problems during streaming when the instantaneous bitrate exceeds the data rate of the communications path. These problems can be avoided by limiting the instantaneous bitrate during encoding or (at the cost of increased latency) by enlarging the playout buffer.
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Posted 8/4/13 , edited 8/4/13
Lest there be any doubt, this is totally still an issue. I won't say it's getting worse, but it's definitely not 100% confined to prime time at this point. I've been experiencing it just now (3:00PM CST) watching Episode 4 of Valvrave, for example. That's hardly the only example of course, but if I posted here every time this was an issue, I'd spend more time on the forum than watching anime.

This is not a new problem, and we're well past the being patient phase of things. This has been an issue for at least the six months I've had my subscription. I keep my subscription because I like and want to support anime, and because when it works, this is a good service. I'm at a bit of a loss though for how to bring the message home any clearer than this that it's not working when it should.
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Posted 10/8/13 , edited 10/9/13
windows 7 x64 (all updates done as of 1 days ago)
Browsers used are Chrome and IE9 and it happens on both browsers
PC hardware is
1. AMD Phenom II X6 1055T processor (overclocked to 3.8 GHz liquid cooling
2. Hard Drive is a Crucial SSD SE with a R/W of 550/Megabyte/sec (not Megabit!)
3. Video is a SLI Nvidia 550 Ti
4. Mother Board is a MSI x79 series g65
5. Sound is a Creative X-FI Titanium
6. Router is a D-Link gamelounge and this computer is in the DMZ
7. Internet ISP is Time Warner @ 20Mbit/sec down and 5Mbit/sec up (5 times the speed needed to run you app @ 1080p)
8. Ping is 46 ms
9. DNS is or (Google) same results with OPENDNS
10. DNS is manually set in both the router and PC
11. Android phone does not have these issues on this connection
12. PS3 does not have these issues on this connection
13. RAM is 8GB
14. only 1 monitor port in use
15. ISP account is business level with all ports unrestricted in any way.

These are the issues i am still having as of 12pm(midnight) CST today oct/8/2013
anime is Akagi @ 480 resolution and all other simulcast @ 720p
video is stuttering, stopping to re-buffer, ending and starting next episode at random points in series,
completely stopping and only a deleting of the chrome history and cache can restart the episode from
the beginning(Akagi).

This computer has only be just fully reformatted and a fresh retail version of windows 7 x64 bit put on yesterday. only apps installed are
1. Avast anti-virus
2. adobe flash (newest version with auto update)
3 Java (newest version with auto update)
4. latest drivers and latest BIOS firmware
6. adobe setting is set to unlimited storage
7. Chrome cache setting manually set to Maximum of 1GB (i know it is overkill but wanted to make sure is was not this)

Now as stated above ever since you put a DRM limiter on buffering I have had this issue. I strongly believe that everyone on this post should receive a free 6 months of premium service for our efforts and patience in trying to help you resolve your issues. I have reported via Email many many times about time issue and have tried everything you wanted. i would even be willing to let you remote into my pc so that you can see the issues yourself. Also i strongly believe that putting a buffer used % ( i.e. 100% buffer used) option on the bottom of the video may help to see if it is a buffering issue or if it is a connection drop issue.

i have supported your service since its very beginning and i have to say that it is getting to the point that torrenting a rip of your site's anime would be faster and cause less issues on my end. (i do not condone or do this in any way). They seem to be able to easily get through your DRM and have the files available with-in 10 minuets of the anime episode airing at every available quality!! So a little extra premium service due to the issues is not much to ask. If you were a ISP i would be getting almost 100% free service for this kind of errors.
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