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Quantity of Anime Productions over the years..
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Posted 6/28/13 , edited 6/28/13
I Feel more like Pokemon , and Yugioh kinda gave Anime a bad rep people didn`t take it seriously or was suprised on how some were so different or more mature I guess its like how Bruce Lee gave the asian filmography group a bad rep. Not saying any of it is bad.
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Posted 6/28/13 , edited 6/28/13

Sesshoumaru-sama wrote:

Even Japan has acknoledged that the market outside of Japan could be... relevant.

Definitely; Mitsuhisa Ishikawa (Production I.G) estimated that 90% of Ghost in the Shell's fans are outside Japan.

I'm honestly surprised we haven't seen more anime try to cater to an international audience yet, really.

sjgriffiths wrote:

CGI has become somewhat commonplace, though anime's nowhere near as dependent on it as Western animation (thank God!). CGI can look good in anime in done really, perfectly right, but unfortunately more often than not it's quite jarring.

Even more importantly than CGI (I think) are the practically infinite/unlimited color palettes. Redline, for example, was hand-drawn cel animation but colored digitally (you just can't get colors like that from traditional animation).

This has allowed anime to become extremely more vibrant/sharp than was possible pre-2000s.
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