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Posted 6/28/13 , edited 6/28/13
I have been trying to find fan groups for this show, but to no avail. Since I original watched Horizon here on Crunchyroll it is only fitting that I found a group here. I actually purchased the DVD as soon as it came out in North America. Personally I find Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere to be one of my favorite anime. To me it is up there with Baccano/Durarara/Outlaw Star/Yu Yu Hakusho. I love the characters, the world, and the plot. Not only does it intrigue me, I'm a sucker for historical references.
That being said, online I have mostly seen bad reviews for the anime series. The two main complaints are the fan service and the "convoluted plot". Although I can kinda see fan service being a problem, the fan service isn't want swept me in, it was the characters. Albeit the only reason I initially watched Horizon was for Minori Chihara voicing both Horizon, and singing. I think a lot of people would agree that the pacing is quite slow, the plot doesn't really appear until episode 4, but the build up makes it even more enjoyable in my opinion. They focus the first three-four episodes on world building, characters, and the politics of the world. I personally love the fact that the whole premise of "recreating history" as I am a history major myself.
People who complain about the plot, should watch Baccano. For some Baccano has the same problem, albeit I love both Baccano and Horizon so it doesn't really matter. The first episode of Baccano is hectic, and you don't know anything about the plot. In a sense Baccano is even more hectic, because it traverses different people through their lenses. I think the best way to think of Horizon as complicated is to see it like Game of Thrones. Both Game of Thrones and Horizon are based on infamous pieces of literature. In addition both concentrate on the politics of the world, and the characters involved in said world. It is just about world building as it is about character development. I would hope more people would see it like this, and maybe respect it.
In conclusion I love Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere, as fans of the series I think we can clarify and know that the show does have it's weaknesses, but everyone harbors such bad and misunderstandings about the show. If you compare it to other echi anime such as Highschool of the Dead/Highschool DXD and others I think you will find that Horizon has more plot, better character development, and to some might be more enjoyable. So I made this thread to talk about in defense for or your own criticism of the anime.
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