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Posted 6/28/13 , edited 6/29/13
Written by KamenRiderData

What happens when you take a dysfunctional group of teenagers, throw them into incredibly powerful and difficult-to-pilot mecha suits, and tell them to work as a team to fend off an invading alien species? If you do it right, you get Majestic Prince, a series that combines amazingly animated, fast-paced combat with quirky characters and slice-of-life style humour. The story, taking place in a future where humans now live in space, focuses on a group of misfits known as “Team Rabbits,” who attend the futuristic academy Grandzehle. The team includes Izuru Hitachi, the leader who wishes to become a hero, Toshikazu Asagi, the impulsive and confident second in command, Kei Kugimiya, the intelligent strategist, Ataru Suruga, the resident pervert and military otaku and Tamaki Irie, the energetic, boyfriend-obsessed, cute mascot girl. If the problem with this arrangement of people wasn’t obvious already, it’s made worse by the fact that every person other than Izuru is snarky and uncooperative, and then they’re called in for an important mission to save one of Earth’s colonies… This clearly seems like a sound idea.

Unlike most other mecha anime today, the characters in Majestic Prince are neither so perfect that they seem like they deserve an angelic choir to follow them around, nor are they so brooding and emotionless that it would take an oceanic drill to find something inside them that is relatable. The characters are independent and realistic, each with their own personality flaws and struggles major enough to demand significant character growth, but minor enough for the audience to identify with. For instance, early on in the series, the way Asagi rushes into battle without a proper plan wholly demonstrates several of his major flaws, including impatience and the inability to coordinate his actions with his team. However, when an actual conflict arises, we see that Asagi is capable of putting all that aside for the sake of the mission and even willing to risk his own survival for the safety of civilians. The same phenomenon affects the other protagonists in significant ways, though differing based on their unique character flaws.

Aside from the captivating characters, Majestic Prince truly shines through in its action scenes. Each piloted mecha is animated beautifully, with crystal clear detail and fluid movement adding feelings of excitement and realism to the action. When explosions erupt, when lasers are shot, when mecha fly, these are scenes you feel rather than just see. Furthermore, these scenes alternate between each of the protagonists, as each character has a specific role to play on the battlefield that makes them useful and vital to their team. With so many different kinds of action going on, there is little doubt that even the most dedicated action fans will be satisfied.

Another aspect of the show that sets it apart from others within its genre is that, due to the focus on the characters as students and friends rather than just as mecha pilots, there is a lot of time for snarky dialogue and silly interaction. At times, Tamaki and Asagi berate Izuru for his decision to risk his own life for others, while Kei complains that the “world is filled with too much noise” as she plugs in her headphones to drown out the arguing, and Suruga simply amuses himself with the amount of social media coverage their team receives. This kind of day-to-day interaction amongst the crew members allows us as the audience to truly get a better understanding of the personalities of these characters, as well as making for some truly awkward and hilarious moments that bring us closer to the characters and the story both. The character interactions remind the audience of their own experiences with friends, since most people have or had friends with a hero complex (Izuru), a skirt chaser (Suruga), an above-it-all friend who looks upon your antics with disdain, and so on, further personifying the characters.

Overall, Majestic Prince stands out in its humour, relatable characters and excellent, fast-paced battle scenes. It’s ability focus on the characters as people rather than just pilots without neglecting the heart-pounding excitement that fans of the mecha series enjoy make it a refreshing addition to the genre. With all these qualities, Majestic Prince is an easily digestible series that is fun, exciting, and worth watching.
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this was good
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