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Name: Ennui

Age: Unknown, he didn't bother to count.

Race: Artificial Djinn.

Powers: The Corrupted Wish - He can grant wishes, although relatively minor. He can't bring back the dead, or kill the living, for example. The wishes he grants are like that of a Monkey's Paw, they usually come with some twist or trick to them that make them pretty much useless or undesirable to those who make the wish, thus often resulting in them trying to wish for it to be undone.

Bio: Ennui was the creation of a human, who wished to have a companion like the Djinn, who could grant wishes to sate their boredom. Ennui was the resulting companion, a creature like a Djinn, or Genie. He later dubbed himself an Artificial Djinn, a name which he was quite happy with. Ennui shared the human's compassion to be amused, hating being bored. He was eventually abandoned by the human, as most, if not all, the wishes he granted came with a twist. The two parted, and Ennui began to wander. He seeks constant entertainment, often revealing himself to people just to amuse himself. His entire goal is to amuse himself, as well as his motto. Anything he does, he does because he is curious to see if it will cause him to laugh or not. As such, he can often cause much harm and pain, but he is in no way malicious in intent.

Picture: His raincoat extends all the way to his feet, which are barefoot.
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