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Posted 6/29/13 , edited 6/30/13
Hi Guys I have a Microsoft surface pro tablet, and I would like to know if you guys have a crunchyroll app coming for windows 8. I would use the web site to watch anime on crunchyroll site, but I like how the xbox 360 app works where it shows me my watch list which I don't see on the crunchyroll site. If you guy have a app for windows 8 in the works can you give me an ETA on when it will be out for download. thanks,
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Posted 7/2/13 , edited 7/2/13

Not currently in the works, but on the roadmap. Will forward your suggestion for a Win 8 app to Development.
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Posted 7/12/13 , edited 7/12/13
I'm going to throw my vote in on this. I have Win 8 Pro on both my HTPC and my PC and plan on getting a Windows 8 tablet to carry around as a companion to my Android.

Short term it may not make a lot of sense since you're figuring people running 8 have many browsers to run on, but that inherently is still problematic I believe in part due to Flash. I think it would be a really great move, the reason being that it wouldn't require Flash as a Windows 8 store app. Running in HTML5 would be so much better as evidenced by Netflix move from Silverlight to HTML5. Granted, I have never, ever had stutters or skips on Netflix either way.

I have a 50Mbit connection and for some reason many shows on CR stutter for me. It's not my PCs since they have ample power (HTPC is Intel Q6600 with 8GB RAM and Nvidia GT 620, main PC is Intel i5 3570K with 16GB RAM and Nvidia GTX 560). My Roku box even plays CR better than my PCs, which is extremely odd. The only thing I can deem from this is that Flash is somehow to blame, either the technology itself or the bandwidth requirements on both ends.

Hulu and Netflix already have them, all I need is a CR app and then I won't ever have to launch a browser in Windows 8 to stream my shows
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Posted 9/29/14 , edited 9/29/14
I want to throw in a yea on this too, with a caveat--- Crunchyroll, PLEASE fix the lag/buffering issue with your shows. I have tried using three different browsers on my Windows 8 laptop to watch Sailor Moon Crystal. If you make an app for laptops, please eliminate this issue. I'm using your site primarily because a friend advised me that CR had better quality compared to Hulu, and I'm often making reaction videos as I watch. I love that CR is better quality with seemingly fewer ads than Hulu but I also can't afford to be a premium member because I am on a fixed income. If a CR app comes along that fixes this, or if the site can be fixed that would be great.
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