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Posted 6/29/13 , edited 6/30/13
I recently purchased a copy of Manga Studio 5 since I wanted to start making some digital drawings and perhaps scanning some sketches to make some comics here pretty soon.

I'm a total newbie when it comes to digital art, but I did research and try out various software and Manga Studio 5 really seemed to stick out with the available features and usability. It doesn't work as well as I'd hope it would with my tablet (i can't rotate with gestures like a could on Sketchbook Pro), but I can look past that.

My question is this: Are there any resources out there to help someone new to digital art or even with the software? Video tutorials just don't do it for me. Are there any other Manga Studio users here that might have some tips, suggestions, or advice?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Posted 7/2/13 , edited 7/2/13
I researched your question for you ( I have nothing better to do) and am a bit surprised by the results. First, I myself am just starting to use Manga Studio Debut 4. It's difficult compared to other programs I've used in my opinion. Second,
The website itself has some manuals. I'm not sure if they will help or if you already knew they were there, but I just thought I'd let you know. Third, video tutorials are probably the only thing I know help.
Lastly, those are tips and tricks for digital art in general.
I'm sorry if none of this helps, but I couldn't help but try since no one else had posted anything.
Oh last thing, it helps to use other programs first and understand how they work before using something more advanced like Manga Studio (not sure how long you used Sketchbook Pro or how the program itself is)...
Sorry for wasting your time~
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Posted 7/3/13 , edited 7/4/13
Ive been doing digital art for about 6 years now and i also have Manga Studio 5 but i would say i wouldnt really recommend that program as your first drawing program if you want to learn digital art off the get go. But i will say Manga Studio has vastly improved in trying to become a decent program for on the screen type of medium but again i would recommend software such as Paint Tool Sai or just Photoshop so that way you can have almost anything you need since manga studio is specifically made for manga. But hey if you dont have the means to buy or some how get another art program like the ones i mentioned, Manga studio 5 isnt a bad program. I in fact love the program but i only use it for screentones and other manga related things.
Since you are just starting out, dont try to find other solutions right away when you havent looked on how to use the program. Get comfortable with the program and just play with the buttons. There are loads of online material that are made for beginners on understanding the program but it really is best to try it out on your own. Don't expect your first drawing to be magnificent, and it will get frustrating the first time so just play with what you have.
Here is a youtube page with loads of video tutorials on how to use the program and i think its really helpful and just give it try.

Btw, manga studio 5 is actually a lot more user efficient compare with the other models so its shouldnt be hard or advance to use. Its very user friendly and i would even say its almost like Paint Tool Sai and photoshop put together so i hope this works for you
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Posted 8/5/13 , edited 8/6/13
Sketchbook has the best grab/zoom/rotate functions, better than all others because it's geared tword tablet use. However, Manga Studio 5 is a dream of a program(just use GIMP for editing). To rotate, on the upper right of the screen is the Navigator, there is a little rotation slider and a whole bunch of functions.
And as per the manual(using the hand tool in the upper leftish tool pallet):
"Selecting [Hand] on the [Sub tool] palette allows you to scroll the screen view. To scroll, drag on the canvas.
Selecting [Rotate] on the [Sub tool] palette allows you to rotate the screen view. To rotate, drag on the canvas"

Or shift+space, and drag pen/mouse to rotate.

Page 657 of the User Guide is the start of the common shortcuts in Manga Studio.
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Posted 8/20/13 , edited 8/21/13
daftgiro, et. al. We've been working on some Manga Studio 5 Tutorials @ We hope that we can help lots of people get the most out of this great program.
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Posted 11/25/14 , edited 11/26/14
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