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The movie came out in subbed BD recently so....


Note: There's some violence in this film.

Ooyama Hamiji seems to be the main male protagonist. The beginning part kinda surprised me though with the violence. Well if anything though, she has hunter skills like her keen insight with hearing. Shino is pretty badass. He can throw a knife like it's nothing and dons a strange animal mask. That's pretty cool I guess. Oh and as I thought, he has supernatural abilities and can leap off of roofs and can consume a strange type of energy.

I'm a girl.

Damn right. Well I guess her cheeks were results of frostbite. I like the way her character kinda develops in the movie though. Still, some people mistake her for a boy occasionally although I'm not too surprised. If she is dressed up though, Hamiji does look like a girl.

The title is Fuse so basically they are:

My overall impression of the movie is pleasant actually. I liked the themes of the show and the feeling of it giving it a fantasy theme presentation rather than the typical science fiction/save the world types. The violence wasn't too much but it didn't started off somewhat surprising for me. I'm also not sure the potential of a Fuse in this film but only legends mentions that they are dangerous and wanted. Shion's true form is also pretty cool. I was watching Kekkaishi earlier and one of the antagonists reminded me of him.

The OST was okay I guess. It sort of fits with the theme although I wasn't too used to it. The animation has that fantasy type feeling to it along with a touch of natural backgrounds. The

The song during the middle half of the film was catchy though. That's a beautiful voice!
Overall rating: 7/10

Thoughts on this movie for those who have seen it?
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I won this movie in a contest from NISA, so I'll be checking it out soon. Hope it is pretty good. Also, wow, no one replied yet...
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