Fist of the North Star movie
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Posted 6/30/13 , edited 7/1/13
A few months back I never expected Fist of the North Star to of had a theatrical release in 1995, and ultimately ha ha you know

So I ask you Fist of the North Star fans old or new or just about to dig right in Ryuken's dojo.

If you think Fist of the North Star should get a new live-action theatrical release then what are your suggestions on who will direct it, who'll play your favorite characters and should the film follow up to the fight with Shin or Roah, along with the five chariot star generals or no?

Should there never be another live-action take on Kenshiro and just leave the anime to the animators?

Thus, what did you think of the 1995 film? what would you have FIXED or CHANGE within the script, actors and so on.

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Posted 6/30/13 , edited 7/1/13
first and for most if they were to release a live action film (again) it should not be touched by american hands. for example the live action kenshin movie that was released a couple years ago was amazing. if anyone tries to dragon ball evolution my favorite anime of all time then i will hurt myself.

as for where the direction of the movie i think it should attempt to follow the plot of the anime movie that came out in 86, and maybe alter the ending. that or i would be pretty satisfied if he just fought shin

No ideas on who should play who though
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Posted 6/30/13 , edited 7/1/13
Just don't let the hollywood directors touch Japanese stories...otherwise...
They are already dead!

Street Fighter
Dragonbal.... (wait that is never to be spoken of )
Speed Racer

EDIT Keep that song in when Rei was killed in 86 version

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Posted 6/30/13 , edited 7/1/13
I dont have a problem with "Hollywood talent" touching Japanese idea's. Or should I say, Western VFX studio's and art direction could really benefit the series, but people who have absolutely no stake or vision in the manga world should ever undertake an endeavor, as the person will utterly fail to capture any of the essence or style behind the series.

However Fist of the north star is ultimately a very serious story, and should be approached more along the lines of a Drama rather than a blood and gore action film.

But when you really think about it.. how are ya gonna get someone the size of Raoh to play him? Stick to Animation i say, lol!
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