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[Authors Note: For future reference, I might be posting this story at www.booksie.com/hunterkyrie. Just so you know that this is not being plagiarized. Just being used on another website, with the same user name. Also, in my story, the word rape, is only meant as the reaping of the soil. I mean only for my story to be clean and fun to read by everyone. Though I might have overdone the violence. XD]
Word Count: 1764
The asterisks I use for chapter breaks.


Juni Moon was a most peculiar girl. When she was born, they say, time stopped for a moment, in awe. Filled with wonder at her great beauty and light.
You could very well call her a special girl as well, for she was. But more or less full of quirks. Quite unlike any other being you would ever encounter.
The radiant green glitter of her eyes would have frozen you with an eerie sense of fear and reverence, yet your heart would melt at the pure calming innocence that also emitted from them.
Though rather small for her age, you would never have guessed, for how tall she presented herself. Always reaching for farther places she couldn’t reach.
Grasping for the stars.
I Could go on forever just to describe her mere presence in the world. But I must make haste with my tale. For time is of the essence. I am the last testament for what that young women has done for our people. So before I transcend into the next life, I pray you, stay, and listen to my story.
For it will set your soul aflame with hope.

I was born on the peaceful planet of Quatis. A land ripe with a feastful bounty of food. Trimans, morallos and bango beans grew from every tree and bush. Even popped out from the ground. Not a growling stomach in all the land. All around me I saw crystal clear waterfalls flooding into the open green land, covering it with the site of white and azure flowers. Glowing in the night, you swear a tiny firefly was nestled in each one.
The moons shone so bright and full over the horizon, you swear you could reach out and embrace them. Two luminescent orbs floating above us. They provided much of our light, for the distant sun only came out for glances at a time.
Now, though I hate to subside from the unending beauty of my home world, for I miss it so dearly now, I really much digress and get on with my tale.
For as I have stated, I have not much time left.

On the very same day that I popped my head out into this life. Juni was five years old. It is not rare, in our world, for two children to have the same birthday when the moons were at their grandest and brightest.
But on that day, they were not. The moons were not even there. For every year Juni celebrated turning older, the blinding light of both, ceased to exist.
A great darkness swept over the entire of Quatis, to make room for the light, of Juni.
It to covered the land. Filling it with such a feeling of splendor and serendipity you could ever imagine in you life.
In one harmonious moment, all the people, from small child to the great wise elders, knelt down to commemorate her coming.
It would be a great understatement to say that Juni birth was a most important occasion.
She was indeed a beacon of hope, and would shape our history in such a way to change the course of all we held true.
On that very same day, at the very same time. A dark creature was brewing a heinous and most sinister plan. One which the elders had foretold in visions through the ghostly fog of their looking glasses. A vile man who meant to rule our land and reap it of the bounty it had provided us. Not to mention put us into slavery.
I can not even bare to think of other horrible things he would do to us and our world. So I will turn to lighter things for now.

Juni’s life was of course quite different from all the other children; destined to save the world and all. Trained in magic at a very young age. Her teachers adored and praised her, though she wasn’t very good at what she was being taught.
Once during a class, she managed to turn her potions teacher into a miki bird; one with two heads. It wasn’t very pleasant. On another occasion she managed convert an entire school of fish into copper coins.
I had a few classes with her later on in my studies. I was quite a magical prodigy and skipped a few years, though I was really of no importance next to Juni.
Even though I excelled far more then she did in her classes, her feats were always more recognized then mine. I do say now I was quite jealous at the time. But soon I would learn of my misjudgment.
Days, months and years went by. Studying, practicing, flying, anything you think a young sorcerer would do. I stood by idly while this silly young girl transformed through time into the brilliant, lovely, radiant women that saved us all.
But I’m getting ahead of myself. I must tell you how she achieved this.

It was like any other day in Quatis. The air was calm. A warm gentle breeze is all that disturbed the newly blooming bango trees. It was approaching the time in which our distant star rose and would flood the land with a cheerful warmness.
But it never came. Instead, just a few moments before the sun was to peek it’s front from the corner of the lush rolling valleys, there came a dark brooding fog. More like a thick gas that choked the once blue sky.
A heavy expanding mass of metal and fire showed itself upon our planet. A mechanical monster, whose only goal was to destroy us. A conquest only meant for bloodshed.
To rape the soil for valuable jewels and minerals.
I fear to tell you what occurred the days after that creature and his minions arrived. I fear to even tell you of the creature itself. For it was a beastly and most terrifying thing.
Something not seen even in your nightmares. A phantom shadowed in black. Most likely just a shadow, with two glowing blood red slits murking behind it’s thick slime covered cloak.
Though Juni made no hesitation to stop this madness at once. Battling with this force for days on end, while still the land was being burned and savaged by His minions.
Mindless vessels with no conscience. Causing absolute chaos all around.
Those who helped did. Those who couldn’t, hid in the deep coves and caves of Quatis, minding not to breath to loud, for fear of being heard.
I was of course, of the ones who helped. Using my techniques to freeze, transform or simply blast away the little devils. Much to my surprise and to a great difficulty, they had power of their own. Something darker then anything ever learned upon this land.
I thought the worst when our numbers were diminishing.
Some of my own kin, slain in the line of battle.
Though out spirits were not daunted. We fought day after day, hoping for resolve. When finally on the fourth day it came, When the moons were not there.
Luni’s great fantastic light shone out into the world once again. Giving her a strength she had never felt in her life. Her sparkling green eyes shot out with blinding hot sparks, while her body and hair were painted with gold. Such an opulent and glorious sight.
To see her floating there above us, as she had been fighting, and being in awe, as with the first day she came into our presence.
The creature, who had been so cocky and ready to claim victory upon himself, was also now in reverence, but also heart wrenching fear. Never in his cruel existence had he ever experienced such emotion then what was emitting from him then.

The burning red flames that shot of from his wand had now doubled and was turning black. Though his fear for this women was great, his hate was even more so apparent, especially in his eyes.
Such an exchange of fast paced magic I had ever seen. The creature with his dark destructing malice. And Juni with the angelic light of all ages. They each gave their final attempts at vanquishing the other.
We stood below them with bated breath,. Even the creature’s slaves could not move for they were stricken with great excitement.
The final blows were more like an explosion. As if two rocky gaseous masses had collided with each other. Sending a thousand dazzling stars floating down upon us.
For a moment time had stopped, then confusion.
For as we looked upon the sky once more. There was nothing. Nothing but the reminisce of an epic battle. One left in dust, gold, and a thick slimy cloak.
Through the days following, after the dark creature’s minions were all but obliterated from the face of the land. We took steps in rebuilding our once great kingdom. Nothing but rubble in the aftermath.
The people of Quatis also searched for Juni. Endlessly days and weeks on end. Feeling in our hearts deep down she was still alive somewhere in the deep crevasses of the kingdom, buried under the heavy stone. Not even for years after, when all was rebuilt, that one person looked in earnest through the farthest and deepest fathoms of every dungeon and dark hallways, hidden beneath the cold marble floors. Through secret doorways and the many hedge mazes.

Though Juni Moon saved our world, she is remembered only by me. The last living survivor of Quatis. I can not say that the ages beyond Juni were prosperous as they were when she lived. Many other creatures came, for the exact reason that the other had. And indeed they succeeded were the other had failed. We fought as before, but sadly did not prevail. Their magic was much to powerful.
Many of us fled, hiding from them as before. Many were also caught and made into slaves until their dying day.
Perhaps in my senility, I do not quite remember everything. Perhaps I am still the living among others of my kind. So far away from my own kin, that I simply choose not to acknowledge their existence.
But it is still important for you to know. That even though in your world they’ll will be hope. People who will come and go as you do, saving you from a great suffering.
You most also have hope in yourself. Hope in your family and friends.
That you can all work through the bad times. You can’t just rely on one of many.
Go and tell this story to others. Give them the strength and knowledge you have now received. For I must sleep the great sleep and awaken into another.
I feel that death is upon me. But do not worry, I will be at peace now.
Knowing that I have given you this beacon, this light onto yourself, as Juni was a light to my people and to Quatis.
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Aww to the deep meaning at the end.
Hmmm it is kinda sad with their race ending..
Oh yea, I think if you state that Juni "saved us all" at the very beginning, then there's not much conflict and excitement thereafter.
Again, nice message ^^
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Well I did state that the main character has done something significant.
But the story is coming from the perspective of another character passing the story along.
It was intentional to state that.
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Too much spacing or was it meant to be written kind of like a poem? If so then drop another space in there to seperate paragraphs, or maybe combine the sentences to make them into paragraphs. Interesting story though, keep up the good work Oh and I read your poetry, even though I didn't comment on it I think. Nice work with it, I try to normally not comment on poetry since its not my area of expertise. I really enjoy reading good poetry though, so I look forward to more
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