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Posted 7/2/13 , edited 7/2/13
Does anybody have any word on an update to the crunchyroll app for android because its just not working rite. It wont show me any of my queues and sometimes it just wont open, and also it wont remember what episode im on or the last place i left off. is this just me or are others having similar problems?
Posted 7/2/13 , edited 7/3/13
I just tried it on my S4, looks to be working ok. Lets set a baseline. What android OS and app version are you attempting to run?

mine says 0.7.9 on Android 4.2.2

it could be out of date, or need to log out and back in.

if we can't get it squared away with some simple T/S like that found in , then we can escalate.
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Posted 7/18/13 , edited 7/18/13
You don't even have to get the app if you don't want. You can always go on Google and put in Crunchyroll sign in on Android and it should let you on.
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Posted 7/26/13 , edited 7/27/13
There's a post advising you to re-login or to reinstall the app, if not report your issue
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