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Fyi, 4602 words - however, you didn't make it clear what your chemistry reference was... since you highlighted multiple areas of speech... there was no clear chemistry reference... unfortunatly we can't accept this as an entry for the contest, keep writing tho~! ~Duster

This story is told with two points of view in mind. Look for the ~~~~~~~~--------~~~~~~~~~~ for changes in PoV, but it should be obvious. This is a story I put together over a year ago. Much thanks to my great friend Amaya for her inspiration she always gave me~~~---~~~

Background Information: Amaya and Kuro are both high standing members of rival triads, but neither have met each other, and so don't know in the beginning of the story. Kuro is usually a calm, collected man with a kind of cold personality, except for a demon that became imbedded in his soul when he was a child. The demon causes him to be wild and reckless, almost the opposite of his normal personality, which made him very useful to his triad, the Wo Shing Society. Amaya is a very wild woman, with the power to harness electricity and use it to debilitate her enemies. Uncaring and callous, she has built a shell around herself to guard her from the things she sees and does. Like Kuro, she is a high ranking assassin, but of a different group, called Kyrios. The story begins just after Kuro kills a degenerate applicant to the Wo Shing, and has brought the body to the town cemetary for burial....

Large sakura trees swayed softly in the morning light, sometimes releasing tiny petals to drift lazily across the cemetary. The grass was green and lush from the ample amount of fertilizer, and if not for all the tombstones, it probably would have been a beautiful scene.

A black sedan slowly moved its way across the cemetary, and a tall boy with multi-colored hair stepped out of the driver door as it stopped near the back. He slowly removed his dark sunglasses and smoothed his dark suit, careful not to wear his school clothes here in case anyone saw him and noticed him. He could change into his school clothes on the way to school. He quietly stepped to the back of the sedan, his shoes crunching softly on the gravel.

Kuro dragged the large trash bags out of the back of the black sedan, letting them hit the ground with a large plop. He walked the bags to the back of the large cemetary, along with a few bags of lime. He made sure to bury the bodies with the others that had crossed the Wo Shing, their next crossing being into the afterlife.

The police were paid well to turn a blind eye to this part of the graveyard, and even if someone did find the bags, all they would find was shredded flesh and bone, with no way to positively ID any of the bodies. If left for too long, the lime would eat away all of the evidence and leaving nothing but bags.

Kuro wiped the sweat from his cheek, not noticing that a little blood had found its way to his hand, and made a small streak across his face. His work today was done, so he made his way towards the sedan, stopping outside of the driver side door and leaning inside towards the glove compartment. He flipped it open, pulling out a pack of cigarettes and a lighter.

He had quit smoking, but he was slightly stressed at the moment, murder had a tendency to do that to a person. He leaned back against the car, leaning his head back after taking a large puff and blowing it into the air. The smoke could probably be seen across the entire cemetary, but Kuro didnt care at this point. His gruesome work was done for the morning.

Kuro felt bad for the girl known as Tsukiko a little bit, in the very back corner of his head. No one would sing of her death, light candles, or burn incense at her dead body's gravesite. Kuro said a prayer for her in the back of his head and took another puff of the cigarette as he stared at the light blue sky.

" May your soul find eternal rest and peace, I know mine won't. And when it is time for my soul to move on, I'll probably wind up in hell." Kuro said emotionlessly to the wind.


Amaya hadn't slept. At all.

Her body was worn with buises and old bandages she didn't feel like changing and her eyes seemed sunk into her head. Bags had formed under them from stress and lack of sleep, but who wouldn't be stressed after all of that? She still hadn't talked to Kit or Naski, and as much as her mind was killing her, hurting her with protests at the very idea of leaving Kyrios... Part of her knew she had to.

She had been walking long, a large bundle in her arms that seemed to be the size of a small child. The bundle was clutched tightly to the girl's chest as she walked, her feet carefully picking marks on the ground. The car didn't bother her, and she merely walked around it as if it wasn't there. Her tired eyes lifted and looked around for the first time, showing her she was in the graveyard.


The damned places always freaked her out, but she was tired and her legs ached. Not to mention her little bundle was squirming more than normal. It seemed to be twitching...

Amaya walked in measured steps over to a particularly large - and abandonded looking - grave and sat with her back against it, not seeming to care much who exactly it was she was sitting on.

The girl drew her knees to her chest and cradled the bundle of blankets against her chest, keeping it warm.

She hadn't even noticed there was someone in the car.


Kuro watched the woman walk around his car and seemingly ignore him. He also watched her walk right over to where he had just buried Tsukiko's body.

"Shit..." he thought to himself, throwing his cigarette on the ground and stomping on it. Kuro grabbed a bottle of water out of the car and walked over to the girl sitting on the ground. She looked like she was holding a tiny squirming baby in her arms, and she looked like she hadn't slept in quite some time. He supposed killing again today was out of the question, testing the gods of fate wasn't something you should do lightly.

Kuro tried an approach he didn't regularly use, sitting down next to the vacant-eyed girl and touching her cheek with the cold bottle of water. He didn't bother saying a word, the girl looked like she had been through a lot lately. His assumption was to get the girls strength up a bit, and maybe offer her a ride someplace else, someplace away from the grave.

He didn't really care what brought her here, but he figured the babies father must have either died or left her, leading her to come to the cemetary to mourn, or end her own life.


Amaya twitched as she felt the coldness against her cheek. Tired as she was, her eyes grew sharp and hard, full of fire as she shot them up at the boy. Her arms bunched tighter against he bundle in her arms as she looked at him. Sapphires moved up and down his form, trying to figure if he was friend or foe. He didn't seem cruel at all, at least not from what she could read in his face.

The girl turned away though, her arms still holding the blanket in her arms. It was squirming even more now. "Stay still..." She whispered and squeezed a little tighter, though gasped loudly when she heard a soft cracking.

Surely it would seem strange to the boy to see Amaya move forward onto her knees and place the bundle of blankets onto the ground, exposing not a baby, but a semi-transparent blue egg. Blue-ish liquid was dripping out of the gel-like egg through a small crack down the center.

Her heart was pounding in her chest. Had she broken it? Was her orphaned dragon dead or dying? Tears were about to drip down her cheeks as she leant forward a little more. She suddendly remembered something and shot her hard - but horribly tired - eyes onto Kuro. "Get out of here right now. I swear if you hurt it I'll kill you." She didn't seem to be joking, and honestly wanted to protect her egg. She felt horrible after having killed the mother... She needed to make sure it hatched, and if this boy was going to stand in her way... Well...


Kuro's entire being was amazed as he saw the blue egg unfold from the blankets. He had expected a squirming bundle of flesh, not this. Inside of his soul, something primal awakened, rising to the surface of Kuro's murky soul like a beast from the depths of an immense, cloudy lake.

Seeming without thought, he found himself crouching over the egg like a wolf crouched over its newly found meal. One arm lashed out towards the girls shoulder, attempting to grip it with incredible strength, while the other hand rested on the surface of the egg lightly. Kuro could feel the beast howling and barking inside of his mind, the cacaphony it made nearly causing him to black out.

The beast called out to the egg, and whatever was inside of the egg answered. Images flashed through Kuro's head, and through his connection to the girl, through her head.

Pain Bright Warm Cold Safe Danger Mother Father Hungry Release Escape Safe

All of these words flashed through Kuros and the girls head, but not as words, as primal images that his mind turned into words to make it simpler for his brain to understand. All of this happened in mere seconds, leaving Kuro slightly stunned. One final word exploded into Kuro's head, as an image so incredibly beautiful, it seared the sight into his brain for the rest of his life. A tiny tear formed at the corner of his eyes. His mind could barely comprehend what he was seeing, but somehow it translated, probably through the beast that lurked in Kuro's soul.



As soon as the boy crouched, Amaya's body twitched and aimed to fling toward the boy, but the grip around her bad shoulder stopped her for a second, and a second too long. "D-Don't..." She whimpered, her voice far away and barely there. She strained against the boy's hand and felt her lower lip quiver as his hand was placed on the egg. If he crushed it, she wouldn't forgive herself. But she was so tired...

Images flashed through her mind and her eyes went wide and a feral snarl tore up through her throat. "Get the hell off of it!" She pulled her arm back and punched hard at the arm balanced over the egg. As soon as his hand was far enough away from the damp thing, her body lit up with sparks. Her hand swung up and aimed to grip his shoulder as she pushed her body to his. She wanted to be between the two of them. She needed to protect the egg.

Her lips were curled into a snarl and her eyes were narrowed. "Get the hell away! Go! Step the fuck off!" Her voice was quivering, and she obviously wsn't as strong as normal, but she was putting the rest of what she had into it.


Kuro snapped back into reality as the sparks started flying. He felt himself being pushed away from the egg, and the feral snarl on the girls face reminded him of where he was. He could feel his muscles tightening from the eleectrical charges, felt them spasming from the electroshocks. He had to do something soon or this overpowered little girl could possibly kill him.

Kuros arm snaked from her shoulder towards her neck as he fell backwards, his other hand grabbing at her shirt as he fell, hopefuly unbalancing her and pulling her with him. If his hand connected with her throat, the spasmings of his hand would likely cause him to not be able to exert a lot of force. The one effect it would have though is his hand clenching and unclenching on its own, his hand probably around her neck.

"You aren't in any condition to fight," Kuro said through gritted teeth. A large shock caused his mouth to spasm, and he accidently clamped his teeth down on his own tongue, biting off the tip painfully. "The egg is going to hatch soon, it needs someone there to guide it, it needs a mother. I..f yo..u ca..n't do, it w..ill lik..ely die." Kuro stammered between jolts. At this rate, if she didn't stop, he would have to do something drastic, and one of their lives may end as a result.

The beast inside of Kuro whimpered uncharacteristically, possibly worried over the egg. He wasn't sure which scared him more, this explosively charged girl over him, or this normally psychotically evil beast inside of his soul showing something other than anger.


As soon as the hand closed around her throat, Amaya let out a gasp and her electricity cut short. Her eyes were locked on Kuro's, but as she felt her burst of strength fadding, they melted into nothing but shallow pleading orbs. She didn't want him to hurt the egg, which was the only reason she thrashed so violently at him.

"I-I know..." She whispered, her body slumped down next to his. She was panting hard, and her face was screwed up in pain from the grip to her shoulder. She was aching, all over. "Please don't hurt it.." Her breath fell against the ground and she struggled to try and lift herself up again. "It'll get cold.. Let go.." The girl's body was weak and tired, and that last burst seemed to have destroyed all the fight left in her.

Her body squirmed a litle more then she fell limp, breathing hard. "Please..."


Kuro quietly nodded and awkwardly sat up, gingerly moving the girl so he didnt knock her aside. Uncharacteristically, he attempted to lift the girl and stand up, his muscles still twitching here and there from the electric shocks. Blood pooled inside of his mouth, and he had to spit to the side before choking on it. Even worn out, this girl had an incredible amount of power, it had been quite some time since he had been hurt this badly, and by an exhausted little girl at that.

He shakily walked over to the egg, depositing her on the ground near it. The beast inside of him yipped in anticipation as he wobbled over to the nearby headstone and sat down hard, his back against the stone, his breathing labored. Unsteadily, he reached into one pocket and pulled out his pack of cigarettes, only to find them bent and broken from his thrashing and the girls landing on top of him.

Kuro looked at the pack of cigarettes and laughed slightly, his normally composed emotions shattered from the recent events. Kuro ripped open the pack of cigarettes like an animal, pulled the least bent one he could find, and stuffed the filter into his mouth. It was bent in at least 2 places, but it hadnt broken, so was still slightly smokeable. Kuro struck his lighter at the cigarette and sucked it in, relishing in its taste. This day was turning out to be something almost unreal, as if it was happening to someone else and not himself.


Amaya's body swayed as she was lifted, strands of hair falling around her tired face. She just wanted to sleep, why the hell had she left the house anyway? The girl dropped to her knees hard, and even though it was rather evident she'd end up with bruises - if not more - she wasn't phased as she scooped the gushy egg into her arms.

Cradeling it close, she relaxed onto her haunches and watched as the baby dragon inside kicked and pushed at the shell, trying to break it further. The girl smiled and ever so gently poked one nail into the little crack, pulling the almost rubbery egg aside a little. "There you go... C'mon..." She whispered softly, smiling while trying to help the dragon free.

After much struggling, a tiny paw poked out of the shell, gripping Amaya's finger. She smiled more and pulled away a little, helping the dragon as it pawed and clawed its way out. With a soft whine, a tiny nose and head came out of the shell.

"Oh... Oh it's so cute..." Amaya whispered, pratically ripping the shell away from the dragon. The little creature squirmed around in the girl's hands as she wrapped the blanket around the creature tight to dry and warm it. She gathered the creature to her chest and lowered her head down, pressing her lips to the still dampened head of the creature.

The little thing writhed and whimpered, pawing and whining at anything around it. "Shh... Shh.." She whispered softly to the littel dragon, trying to warm it as much as possible. Without really thinking about it, she began rocking her arms slowly.


Kuro's muscles stopped twitching after a moment, and he was able to flex his arm with no problem. Carefully testing himself out, he stood up and stretched a little to make sure nothing was wrong. He walked over to the girl, approaching her from the side, careful not to surprise her. He could see the baby dragon nestled amongst the blankets as he got closer, and it startled Kuro a little. He wasn't sure what to expect from the egg, but it definitely wasn't a mythical creature from the world of fantasy.

'Oh wait I'm here,' he said dryly to himself. Shrugging off his own pessimism, he slowly took off his jacket and draped it around the girls shoulders. While it was spring and it wasn't exactly cold out, it wasn't a warm summer day either. The girl looked like she could have passed out from exhaustion at any moment. Kuro had left his mafia insignia, phone, and various paperwork in the inside pocket, but he doubted that it would become a problem even if she saw it. Most people wouldn't recognize it even if they saw it in the open, and he could stop her from reading the paperwork if he saw her pull it out.

"I have a car over there, I can turn the heat on and you can relax inside for awhile if you like, you look exhausted and in need of some rest. I can give you a ride wherever you want, or you can rest a second and leave, its up to you," Kuro said to her softly. While Kuro was incredibly curious about the tiny dragon, he already knew how protective she was of it and didn't want to tempt her wrath by pestering her with questions.

As his fingers brushed her shoulder when he put the jacket over her, images flooded his brain once more, but this time different ones.

Safe Warm Momma Dry World Big Happy Smile Love

The last word held an incredible amount of emotion in it, which surprised Kuro. The tiny beast seemed to be very smart, and would probably be the source of wonder for some time to come. The beast inside of him howled loudly in greeting to the tiny animal, and the thing seemed to look Kuro's way and blink once, or maybe it was just a trick of the light. Kuro's beast had surprised him a lot today, and he felt that he should examine it on a deeper level sometime soon, possibly with someone who had a high amount of supernatural power and would understand it better.

Kuro pulled out his keyring and unlocked the car with the remote security device. The car's lights flashed a second, showing the doors were unlocked. Kuro crouched down next to the girl, looking at the tiny animal. Kuro didn't know if he would have to carry the girl again, unsure of how much strength she had left in her tiny frame. He patiently waited there, knowing that she might be wary of trusting a stranger, and knowing what state of mind she was probably in right now.


With a tiny flinch, Amaya looked up at the boy, sheltering the dragon with the upper half of her body. When nothing but a soft voice met her ears, she relaxed a little. Running over it in her mind, she realized that he didn't really mean her harm... probably. She'd have to trust him for now because she wasn't very sure how much longer she'd be able to sit here in the cold and keep her body moving.

"Mmhm.." She mumbled simply, getting to her feet shakkily. Amaya put her hand on the boy's shoulder - her good arm - and pushed up with an 'Oomf' of air. Her free arm clutched the bundle of now still blankets. Her knees smacked against eachother once and she winced, once again burrying her face against the little creature.

'I'll protect you, sweetie... I promise. I'll be a real good mommy, so you're never afraid...'

Amaya managed to make it to the car, leaning against it as she waited for Kuro to open the door for her, looking up at him with hollow eyes. She was lucky he was here... But she was still skeptical, not to mention protective of her 'baby'.


He carefully stood up and walked back towards the car, watching the tiny dragon in her arms. It surely was an amazing sight, to see something like this in his lifetime. His feet crunched on the gravel as he walked, barely making any sound at all as he walked towards the girl. He was surprised and worried by how frail and overburdened the girl seemed. A girl her age shouldn't have enough problems in their life to cause those kinds of physical impressions.

Kuro reached the car, opening the car door and offering his hand to her to help her inside. He chose the back to give her more room to stretch out. The sedan was a large car, so the back seat was very spacious for one person. Someone her size could likely stretch all the way out with no trouble at all, but someone Kuro's size would probably find it a little cramped. After she got in the car, he would continue.

"Lay down if you like, Im going to go around to the front," Kuro said to her. Looking at the tiny beast one more time, he withdrew his head from the car and shut the door. The inside of the car had a pleasant warmth to it from sitting in the sun, and the leather interior was probably warm as well from soaking up the light. Kuro walked around to the drivers side door and opened it, getting in the car and shutting the door. Taking out the keys he had been given by the mafia, he turned the key backwards, to turn on the radio.

Some guy he had never heard of came on, but it sounded relaxing so he just left it on that station and sat back in the warm leather seat. His muscles ached and he was a bit tired from burying what was left of Tsukikos body, the warmth of the car and the music causing him to get a bit sleepy. Kuro rolled down the window, letting the sakura scented spring air flow into the car. Slowly the aches and pains of the morning started to fall off of him as if nothing had happened, only leaving a dim reminder of what he had been through this morning.

Kuro methodically started stashing away the feelings he had just let out, putting them away in mental boxes and packing them up with the rest of his feelings. He had to gain his calm composure back before he left, and slowly his face began to regain some of its usual semblance. It wasn't easy to remain emotionless all the time, but Kuro had plenty of training during his days in the Wo Shing. It was a rough life living amongst accomplished killers your entire life, people who would kill you for a word of praise from the higher-ups. The higher-ups had no problem losing an underling that couldn't protect their own lives, just for the sake of a little amusement on their behalf.

Kuro barely payed any attention to the girl in the back seat, letting her be alone with her new companion for a bit, not wishing to intrude. If she had anything to say to him he was sure she would, and if she didn't, well, that was fine too. Kuro didn't look for any thanks or need any, and he would never ask for it. What he had done was what any man should have done in his situation, and something like that should be second nature, not even deserving of mention.


As Kuro helped her into the car, Amaya murmured a soft 'thank you' to the boy, only making eye contact for a breif moment.

Safe in the warmth of the car, she rested the creature on her lap. The little dragon lifted its head, large eyes blinking around the car slowly, letting out a tiny whine or whimper every so often. She hushed it with a gentle touch from her hand, her other one yanking loose the laces of her shoes.

There were blisters and she was sure of it as she stripped her boots away, sighing with releif as her bare feet touched the ground of the car. It was so nice sized, and so warm...

A tugging on her shirt made her look down at the small dragon, its teeth clamped onto a bit of her shirt. She smiled at the creature and laughed softly when it twitched its tail side to side, as if wagging it. "Shh... Here." She cooed to the creature, holding it in her arms as she stretched out, wincing a little under the pain in her arm. She needed to sleep. Just sleep a long long time...

The music though.

Another smile took up her face as she held the creature to her chest and wrapped the blanket tight around it. Kuro would be able to hear the soft whisper-like singing from the girl in his car as she attemtped to lull the dragon and herself t o sleep. "Drink up baby, look at the stars, I'll kiss you again between the bars. Where I'm seeing you there, with your hands in the air, waiting to finally be caught.." Her finger trailed slowly down the dragon's body, her hand settling over the creature as its eyes closed.

She laid there humming for a while longer, but shortly drifted off to sleep, content in the warmth of the car. Her body ached... But in the depths of sleep she forgot all about that, and the guilt aching her heart.


Kuro eyed the rearview mirror and noticed that the two of them were both asleep. He smiled slightly inside, his emotions now under control, no emotion showing on his face.

Honestly, he had no idea what to do now. Here he was, sitting in a company car with a small worn out girl and a dragon asleep in the back seat, his coat covering them. Sighing, he leaned backwards and debated on what to do. He figured the best thing to do was to sit tight for the moment, and let the girl rest until she was conscious enough to speak to him a little.

Remembering that he had school today, got out of the car and closed the door after rolling the window up, making sure it wouldn't get too cold inside. He made his way around to the back, and removed his school clothes from the truck, closing it and putting them on top. Looking in the back window, the girl looked to still be dozing, so he quickly stripped off the now dirty uniform, and using a rag, he cleaned himself off. Throwing the rag on the trunk, he put a little deoderant on and a little cologne, and then his normal school clothes. He then re-opened the trunk, and threw the uniform on top of the empty bags of lime and the shovel he had just used earlier.

About ten to fifteen minutes had passed, and Kuro hadn't really been paying too much attention to the girl inside of his car. He got into the driver seat again, running a hand through his hair and looking back into the rearview mirror.

If you would like me to post more, please tell me, this story continues! Feedback would be great~ Once again, I thank Amaya and all of my friends who worked together with me in the making of this story =)

P.S. - Sorry Im a bit word processor illiterate, anyone know an easy way to count the words without counting them out one by one? I know its only 10 pages long in word =P
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(Don't have time to read it >< But, to your question, it depends on your word processor and OS of choice. For word 2003, it's in the top menus under "tools" and "word count", look at number of words, not "characters"
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Currently, it's 4616 words.

Some parts of your story seems very repetitive..
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Yea hehe, its kind of like a story with two authors. I would make part, then Amaya would make part, with us using each characters point of view. I didn't edit it at all, it really wasn't meant to be a true short story. We were just kind of fooling around one day and we wound up with about 6 pages on the forums, which that is only part of a page worth. We also wound up continuing that story with a few other guys, creating about 15 more pages worth of material, taking the grand total to around 200-250 pages of story in a word processor.
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