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Recommended Anime
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27 / M / Australia -Melbourne
Posted 9/3/13 , edited 9/4/13

Peace_Serenity wrote:

I just finished watching Blue Exorcist and it was awesome. I also recently finished watching Sword are online and caught up on Attack on Titan these are both great but not as good as Blue Exorcist was. The character development was amazing, it was like I was like I knew each character personally! Along with character development Blue Exorcist also has beautiful detail, so much emotion is captured in the art. This amazing art and character development makes each fight scene even more intense and entertaining.This is my personal opinion I hope you love it as much at I did.

Watch it here --->


Awesome i might give it a shot i got it on my computer =]
Only watched some of the first episode so far lol, cannot wait now to get more into it, it sounds amazing!
If i was to recommend any i would say Death note for sure, in depth story line, awesome characters, keeps you on your toes thinking
and just overall amazing flow of episodes =]
Posted 9/23/13 , edited 9/23/13
Gargantia and Attack on Titan.
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36 / F / room of iniquity
Posted 9/24/13 , edited 9/25/13
for me it was a toss up between several if you like "from me to you" you'll like these 2

and chihayafuru
i am in love with chihayafuru
slam dunk was funny even though its older and the guy is an idiot i still liked it but then i like kuroko basket ball too. so if you like knight in the area and kuroko you might like slam dunk
its funny but

But mitsudomoe had me screaming roflmao
star driver took me by surprise "it actually has a plot" and is very entertaining so if you liked majestic prince you'll like it

im going to have to go with moribito and kokoro connect for drama
kokoro connect took me by surprise it thought it was going to be funny but then it turns serious
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33 / M / Riding sound waves
Posted 10/3/13 , edited 10/4/13

I'm surprised more people haven't seen this one. It slipped under the radar I guess. Fantastic anime.

Plot Summary: Erin is a bright and curious 10-year-old girl living at the small Ake village with her mother Soyon. The residents of this community are all devoted to the nurturing of a special kind of reptile named touda. Big and powerful, the creature is an important military asset of the country. Soyon is a wise and extremely skilled beast veterinarian who does the crucial task of taking care of these huge animals despite being somewhat disdained by many people due to the prejudice towards her lineage and gender. Erin admires her and wishes to one day become an expert like her mother. Sadly, the mysterious demise of two Kiba, the strongest type of touda, convicts Soyon as responsible for the calamity. Erin must then travel to a faraway land where she grows up trying to grasp a deeper understanding of both animals and mankind.

The animation is gorgeous and almost Studio Ghibli like quality and the story is very moving.

I recommend this anime to anyone who wants to have their heart touched.

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25 / F / Between the pages...
Posted 10/14/13 , edited 10/15/13
I recommend My Little Monster. I love this anime, it is so funny!

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M / Virginia
Posted 11/1/13 , edited 11/2/13
I recommend Kyousougiga:

It's not super easy to describe without giving away plot points, but I'd say in terms of style it's like a mix between Gurren Lagann, Dead Leaves, FLCL and Paprika. The mood, however, is more similar to Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei.

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20 / M / Tampa, Florida
Posted 11/27/13 , edited 11/27/13
I recomend Kuroko's Basketball:

This action packed sports anime is about Kagami Taiga and his journey to
become the best basketball player in japan.

overall i give this anime an 8.5/10
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