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Which countries in each 7 continents would you want to live in?
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M / Texas
Posted 7/22/13 , edited 7/22/13
Australia: Guess I should pick a city. Sydney perhaps.

Asia: Japan obviously.

North America: I'd love to live in San Francisco or some place in northern California. The weather there is amazing year round.

Africa: Any place where I can peacefully live with a tribe for a couple of weeks and learn their ways.

Antarctica: Close to the penguins

South America: Some place in Chile.

Europe: Ireland. I love those people and not for the beer. I don't drink.
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23 / F / Michigan
Posted 7/22/13 , edited 7/22/13
Australia/Oceania - New Zealand
Europe - Tie between England, Italy, and Ireland.
Asia - Japan
Africa - South Africa
North America - I currently live in the US right now and I don't really hate it but I pick Canada
South America - Brazil or Chile
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27 / M / Iowa
Posted 7/22/13 , edited 7/22/13
OP reflects badly on US with his ignorance of Canada.

Austrailia. well.. that's it's own continent.. no other choice
North America - USA. I like it here. Wish I could chose a different place than Iowa, but that will happen later. would chose Hawaii if could.
South America- Probably Peru?
Europe- Down between England or Russia. Maybe Italy, but big maybe.
Asia- Japan. Obviously. Then Russia or probably South Korea.
Africa- Egypt.. maybe South Africa, but probably Egypt
Antartica- I don't want to live there.. but .. Only choice, as it doesn't have a country.
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22 / F
Posted 7/24/13 , edited 7/25/13
North America- Canada. I hear people are nice up north! :D

Europe- Italy. The language. The sites. The history. :)

South America- Brazil, To look for stuffs. the IDK stuffs...

Asia- South Korea! Because i'm a techno-nerd. I love technology! Japan because the culture, food and low crime rate/aside from low crime rate. I'd love to see the Shrines, they've got in person....
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F / Somewhere
Posted 7/25/13 , edited 7/25/13
Austrailia: Sydney is the only city I know. I would also like to visit New Zealand, since it's close.
North America - In the state of Maine, or the city of San Diego.
South America- I've always had a fascination with Brazil.
Europe- Either Venice, ITaly, or Colmar, France.
Asia- Japan. Either in Tokyo, or someplace rural. Or Singapore.
Africa- Morocco, or Cape Town, South Africa.
Antartica- I want to live in the Emperor Penguin nesting place.
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Posted 7/25/13 , edited 7/25/13

Teung wrote:

Which country/countries would you pick for each continent and why?

Interesting topic! Though Central America is not a continent but a geographic region. Same goes for Oceania.

I have already lived in Europe (Britain) and Asia (Macau) so I won't include those twos in my choice.

North America - probably Brooklyn in the States purely because of 2 Broke girls! Seems like an interesting place to meet different people.

South America - I actually don't know South America enough to make a decision, but I'd probably pick Brazil or Mexico.

Africa - probably Morocco because of its rich culture and surrounded by the sea!

Europe - probably a Danish island called Bornholm. It's located in the Baltic sea and the beach is ammmaazing. I fell it love with it the first time I went there. Really chill out place but everything is so expensive

Asia - probably Vietnam because it's not far from where I used to live, if not maybe then Taiwan. But definitely not S. Korea because I wouldn't want to be reminded EVERY SINGLE DAY that I need to lose weight or have plastic surgery.

Australia - Probably Tasmania since it's so green and the scenery looks amazing.
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106 / M / The academy
Posted 7/25/13 , edited 7/25/13
Europe: sweden i have a soft spot for those nords

north america : canada its much better than the us

south america : brazil i know some people there so i could function

africa: south africa it jus seems cool

asia: china, japan, Philippines, south korea, and thailand cuz i cant pick

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22 / M / Stoke, England
Posted 7/25/13 , edited 7/25/13
Oceania: New Zealand, it's pretty.

Europe: I wouldn't mind staying in England, it's still the greatest country around. Second choice would be Germany, maybe Switzerland, or Iceland or a Scandinavian country.

Asia: Vietnam has the best people, but I know absolutely nothing other than that. So typically Japan, I guess.

Africa: South Africa, where I was born, (my parents weren't African Citizens, I'm still English, thank you very much) and where I get all my black blood from.

N America: America itself, specifically Cali. I got someone important there. Plus, conventions and shit! Should be obvious!

S America: The Falklands.
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29 / M / Wisconsin
Posted 7/25/13 , edited 7/25/13
N. America - After the USA, I would like to experience Cuba since it is forbidden to travel there.

S. America - hmm I would say Brazil because of the Rainforest and the parades.

Africa - South Africa

Europe - Germany because I would like to utilize my German.

Asia - I would have to divide this one into two, India and Japan.

Oceania/Australia - Well Australia.

Antarctica - Do I have to?
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36 / M / So Cal
Posted 7/25/13 , edited 7/25/13
North America: U.S.
(I live in So Cal and there's no other place I'd rather be.)

South America: Chile
(Nice beaches and good food.)

Europe: France
(Awesome food and a beautiful countryside.)

Asia: Mongolia
(It's not humid as hell, like most other places in Asia.)

Africa: Canary Islands
(A Spanish paradise)

Oceania: French Polynesia
(Tropical Islands. Need I say more?

Edit: Reading these responses makes me realize how little some of the CR users know about geography.
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28 / M / USA
Posted 7/25/13 , edited 7/25/13
@Jsybird2532 you're making it sound like its a bad thing that morocco is an arab/muslim country....
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Posted 7/25/13 , edited 7/25/13

Teung wrote:

So I know the title sounds a little confusing since I kinda had a tough time trying to phrase it, but let's say you had to live in all of the 7 continents (obviously excluding Antarctica) sometime in your life. Which country/countries would you pick for each continent and why?

North America: USA would be the first choice since I already live in it. I'd like to live in Canada, too, but I heard immigration to Canada can be kinda tough. The weather's usually moderate throughout the USA, although there are places with extremes like Nevada or Wyoming. I know Canada isn't all snowy, but based on what I've heard, most places are usually cold except for British Columbia and Alberta which are warmer.

Canada obviously is in better shape at the moment, not to mention they're a little more progressive in certain aspects that America could and should be. So in that aspect, Canada would be better. I'd say it's a tie.

Central America/Caribbean: It's impossible for me to go to Cuba, so that's out of the question. Jamaica, Costa Rica, and Panama all seem like interesting countries. I am aware that Jamaica has a pretty high crime rate, but compared to places like Haiti, I guess it could be worse.

South America: It would kinda be a tie between Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, and Brazil. Since Chile and Argentina are developed countries, job opportunities would seem the most promising. Uruguay also seems to be doing fairly well economically, but I don't really know much about the domestic issues they might be facing. Brazil's culture is fascinating with it's multicultural roots as well as the beautiful music. The huge downside would be the crime, though.

Europe: This one's kinda a tough one for me, considering that Americans are looked down upon in Europe. Regardless, the easiest place to live would be in the UK since it's one of the strongest economies in Europe as well as being the only country (besides Ireland) that speaks English as an official language. Germany seems extremely nice, too, as it's a very innovative and technologically-advanced country. It would be kinda cool to live anywhere in Western Europe, as well as Eastern Europe although many Eastern European countries are still kinda hurt from their communist past.

Although at the moment, a lot of places in Europe kinda seem unpredictable with all the debt crises that they're currently facing.

Asia: Since I like Asian culture a lot, this one's kinda hard to make a decision. Obviously I like Japan for its culture and economic strength, but their immigration policies are one of the strictest in the world. Not to mention, it's a pretty xenophobic country, so no matter how long or how assimilated I might become, I would still be seen as a stranger. I don't know how it is in Korea, but I have a feeling it might be the same. I guess it would be fair to say I'd like to live somewhere with more multiculturalism like the Philippines or Malaysia. Honestly, I don't really know which country would fit me the best. I guess I'll have to go with Japan.

Africa: Obviously South Africa. Not to be disrespectful to any other African country, but it seems to me that too many places in Africa are way too poor for someone to move to.

Oceania: Australia or New Zealand would be my prefered region to live in. Then again, any tropical island would seem really fun to live in (but not always, I guess).

Forgive me if my choices sound ignorant, by any means.

not to rain on your parade but technically speaking there are only 6 continents in the world. and those are Africa, Antarctica, Australia, Eurasia (Europe and Asia are combined since they're one solid geologic landmass), North America, and South America.

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25 / F / ireland
Posted 7/25/13 , edited 7/25/13
Interesting question

N. America: Probably somewhere in Canada, nice scenery. My Canadian friends just say it's a better version of America.

S. America: Probably Argentina.

Asia: I really don't know, maybe the Philippines as I have a friend from there who says its an amazing place or probably Japan as I think it's closer to the lifestyle I'm used too.

Oceania/Austrailia whatever: New Zealand, I've always wanted to go there. Some show is on atm that's set there and it looks amazing.

Africa: I don't know very much about the continent. Botswana maybe.

Europe: Tricky, there's so many places I'd love to live. A tie between Germany and Sweden. Their climates are closer to what I'm used too.
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38 / F / Manila, PH
Posted 7/28/13 , edited 7/28/13
Nice thread!
North America: Canada. Maybe Quebec or Halifax
South America: Argentina or Brazil
Asia: I love the Philippines but I'd like to try living in Japan or Cambodia
Oceania: New Zealand
Africa: Kenya
Europe: too difficult...maybe Italy or the UK
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