Favorite Berserk movie?
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Posted 7/3/13 , edited 7/4/13
I just finished watching all three of the Berserk movies today. For those not familiar of them, they are listed in order in which they made on screen:


They must be watched in order as the stories continue from where they leave off.

For me, Berserk Ougon Jidaihen III: Kourin is my favorite for its gory action, drama, romance, and the story. Oh and Guts becomes even more badass in this especially in the first half of the film.

Not really a spoiler but the second half of the movie is very strange and a bit graphic. Oh and I watched it uncensored because BERSERK. Anyways, what is your favorite Berserk movie?
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Posted 7/4/13 , edited 7/4/13
I went into them being fairly familiar with the anime and the manga, so it wasn't a fresh story for me and I ended up rating them all by how well they held up to their earlier incarnations. And following those criteria I disliked the first one the least. I thought it set up the story really well and that the sieges were right out of Kingdom of Heaven.


Damn it Jeremy Irons. Act in more movies or start recording your plays.

I thought the third movie wasn't half as disturbing as it should've been, and I still can't forgive the second one for entirely writing out the Queen of Midland and erasing her entire story arc, which was probably one of the single most impacting arcs in the entire plot when it came to understanding Griffith's mind (and Guts's, for that matter).

If I had gone into it fresh though I think I would've liked the second one the best.

I just can't because I know what's missing from it.
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Posted 8/27/13 , edited 8/27/13
I must say, although the movies could never grasp the entire story and all of its many story arcs i still like the second movie the most. It shows how close Griffith and Guts are as well as the evolving relationship between Kaska and Guts (and Griffith). To me that is the most important part of the story - understanding the relationship between Guts and the limits to their sacrifices towards eachother.
I always hoped that Griffith would chose their friendship instead of his own personal desires....

I have even made a Trailer for Golden Age Arc (The trilogy).
It's just my own personal fan creation but i hope u like it :P


From me to you (Ned)stark700 ;D
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Posted 8/27/13 , edited 8/27/13
The ending to the second movie is a top-tier fight in my mind. It's not just a duel of power and flashy movies, it's a duel of Idealology and fate and blahblahblah

It's two guys at a disagreement, so they fight for it. The end result of that duel was so...........final. It was a simple and straight answer, with no doubt.

Honestly however, the moment the movies gets this Scene, probably in movie 6, you'll know what everybody's favorite is -

I had to go searching for this one!

And now I've found a slightly better one....eeeh, I'll just post the one.
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