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Anime: Then & Now
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Posted 12/4/13 , edited 12/5/13
the only anime that really springs to mind is Gundam Wing.

i still enjoy watching most other series that i watched when i was in middle school and even before then (Robotech, Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball (Z), and Voltron [though i do prefer both Macross and Beast King to the American versions]).

i dont know if it was because i have always had kind of a snoody or elitist attitude when it comes to certain things but shows that were popular at the times (Sayuki, Fushigi Yuugi, Weiz Kruz, Sanctuary, et al.) never seemed to catch any traction with me.

also there are some series that have bright spots that are still running now and for the most part pretty terrible (Naruto and Bleach are the main offenders). i totally can still go back and watch the initial arcs, both the Zabusa arc and Chuunin Exam are still really well done, and the first Soul Society arc in Bleach is good (this should have been the end of the story...minus the big reveal at the end of it...they should have just left that character dead ).

anyrate...yeah...Gundam Wing...its just bad. like...not even 90s bad...just bad in general. all the characters are one note (except for Trieze...he is still cool) and the animation isnt anything to write home about (especially when compared to other shows at the time).

oh and for no reason in particular...Sailor Gundam pilots:

Posted 12/4/13 , edited 12/5/13
Detective conan, [old version].
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