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Class / rogue, regicide, lone wolf, team player :

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Username: XxKiritokun342xX
Name: Crimson
Personality: Mostly lone wolf and merciful but sometimes have fear of heights.
Background: a marine who survived a horrible attack after the zombie apocalypse and have gain desires to kill all the undead and avenge his family's death. During the campaign story he'll suffer some flash backs from his past.
age: 22
Class: Regicide
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21 / F / with you
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Username: lalaloopsy546

Name: Koru Takame

Personality: quite,sadistic,careful,no mercy given

Background: Koru Takame one day came home and found her sister killed by a human that didn't even look human or alive so she set out to survive and find a cure for this horrible disease yet she didn't now she and every one already had it since it was in the air now she will find the cure or die trying


Class:team player/lone wolf

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F / Florida, USA
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Xxkiritokun342xX wrote:

Username: CrayMeganeChan
Name: Leah Harper
Personality: Takes things seriously but only for the good of the group.
Background: Was with her brother when the zombies first attacked them. The brother sacrificed himself to make sure she lived. Since then, she takes all life seriously and makes sure now one loses it under her watch by a zombie.
Age: 22
Class / regicide, lone wolf, team player : Team Player
Pic: Will get one soon.

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M / White House
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Username:Sammykusi (Shadow)

Name:Sniper L. Nightray

Personality:Calm,meticulous, quiet

Background:Unknown except he was injected with some sort of medicine by someone he use to know.Specializes with any weapon


Class:Team player/Lone Wolf

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Name: Claire
Personality: kind,mean,shy,friendly,stubborn
Background:her family was killed off when all of this happen. so she found weapons in the basement and went on her way taking everytihng she needed
Class:Lone Wolf
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F / x_x
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Username: <------------------
Name: Mitsuru
Personality: usually cold stubborn and tactical shes a realist but she does have some hope
Background:Her family was dead besides her sister who is a scientist before the infection spread.Shes usually alone but is a very successful killer.She dosent speak much about herself because shes not proud of her past killing others for a living and stealing.The things that she enjoys is music animals and sweets.Shes looking for her sister and other survivors to be a leader of a group
Class :rogue/ lone wolf she will help others though if she wants too
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21 / F / under my cloak of...
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Username: ginann
Name: Type A
Personality: Split) 1) cold, seeks revenge, mysterious 2) Scared, confused, curious.
Background: A normal highschool student, kidnapped by the secret corrupt goverment and was injected injected the virus. They conduct multiple experiments on different "lab rats", but she's the only surviving. The few last experiments triggered something within her memory system and is believe to becoming human. The "lab rat" Type A has the status of AWOL, she has not been found. Targets: unknown. Motive: unknown, Mentality: shows inteligent reasponses, Extremly dangerous, do not approach.
Age: unknown
Class: AWOL, rouge.
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Username: apricotree.
Name: Maya.
Personality: Mysterious, quiet, stoic, aloof and knowledgeable.
Background: Maya suffered terrible sickness when she was an infant. But time pass, she became healthy and cured from it. When she turned 15, her life became another nightmare. The apocalypse fell upon the city and had killed many innocent people. Maya's family were killed also, leaving her with nobody. She is very skilled with archery, so it became her weapon to kill zombies that intended to kill her.
Age: 15.
Class / rogue, regicide, lone wolf, team player: Lone wolf.
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