Crunchies early days
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Ive been a member of crunchy since 2007. Time sure does fly doesnt it? back then crunchy was competing with the biggest fansubbing communities around. openly admitting to being a member pretty much garanteed you a great deal of scorn and flaming. people even said crunchy was going to be the downfall of anime, it was a pretty crazy time. dattebayo fansubs were the biggest haters of CR. even the mention would get you banned.

where were you watching your anime in the early days(no links please)? when did you decide to join the crunchy nation? What are your memories of those days? and lastly do you feel that CR has been a positive for anime for the world? or do you think that fansubs were doing things right?
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When I was 15, I saw "Spirited Away" on SBS by accident. (SBS is a channel in Australia that shows indie films, international films and cultural shows from different country, yes I'm so hipster).

After seeing that anime, I was so blown away, the next day, I rushed to my nearest video store and just grab like 10 anime DVD at a time and marathon'ed them.
Shows like Bandit King Jing, Full metal panic, berserk. S-cryed, Vampire Princess Miyu etc.
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It's best to not share the names of other sites people can go to as far as streaming anime illegally goes. Thread locked.

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