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Posted 7/5/13 , edited 7/5/13
A.O.T has changed my life- I cant stand happy endings and this is seriously the perfect anime for me. Every episode is exciting and suspenseful and you don't know who's gonna die next (cept. for Eren and Misaka). Eren himself was the only bad part of the show, being a usual whiny brat through the first few episodes- but even he is growing up now ;-) The best parts of the show are when Misaka is being a bad-ass with her 3D gear (gotta love those sexy onna-bugeisha's) and the titan vs. titan fights. Being up to date on the manga, I'm worried that they will end up making their own ending or something for the anime- which I would hate. I say they give us a few more episodes (with Eren and Misaka kicking ass in the survey corps.) then have a nice long break so that the author can finish the manga properly. I have to say I cant wait for the upcoming twist in the anime.... and the even larger manga twist that is sure to come!!!!!

BTW- If you also like attack on titan, you should rally around the banner for a compleated manga, and anime adaptation, of PRIEST (as compensation for that terribad 2011 film....).
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Posted 7/5/13 , edited 7/5/13

I'm really glad you love this anime so much! It's also one I really like :)
There is already a discussion going on about AoT however, you can find it at :
In order to keep our forums tidy, I'm going to lock & close this one, but please go to the discussion thread and give your input :)
Also I might recommend writing a review about the show
(Just don't put spoilers in review, or make sure to use spoiler tags )

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