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Posted 7/5/13 , edited 7/6/13

If you are not into otaku stuff, please stop reading this topic. I clearly understand that not everyone share the same ideas/tastes. Thank you.

What is ShiroChan?
ShiroChan has been made as an alternative for big social networks, where not everyone feels comfortable to share or talk about Anime, Manga, Cosplay or anything which falls under Otaku/Weeaboo category. Started from a simple idea ShiroChan started to grow as a network and started to get more and more features, all based on feedback I got from friends. I'm glad to stay everyone who joined this project is very warm and could talk about any subject which is related to anime, manga, cosplay and games, but not only.

Why would you even consider taking the time to create an account?
While I know your time is precious ShiroChan will be for you, if you would like to connect with out people around the globe who share that same passion with you, who gets excited when a new anime is being aired or who loves to know everyone which moves in Otaku world.

What you can do on this "social network for otaku"?
Well mostly, but not limited, everything you can do on Facebook or any social network.
Connect with people, Share Videos, Photos, Stories/FanFics, Chat, Play games or keep up to date with new releases.

Where to join?
Simply follow this link and register:

Feedback is welcome!
Did you took the time to test ShiroChan? You are welcome to leave feedback, positive or negative, but please keep it constructive at PG13. Thank you.

Rules Disclaimer: Based on
-We don't allow illegal linking to Anime, Manga and/or any intellectual property without permission.
-We are a PG13 website. No Images/Videos with sexual nature unless deemed tasteful (would you see it in an art museum) Other sections (one forum section for VN games is clearly marked as PG18)
-Related to "1. Inappropriate Links" all 4 sections. There is no referral code, no links to sites that host potentially illegal content, nor a profit situation where I'm being paid to post this topic.
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Posted 7/5/13 , edited 7/6/13
so why would i join that site for anime, manga, etc. when I'm already on a site for anime, manga, etc.?
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Posted 7/5/13 , edited 7/6/13
This would be more appropriate for the General Link thread.


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