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Character Creation Guide Lines

Note: These are nothing more than guide lines for character creation! And although they should be followed as if they were rules they are NOT the actual rules. Before creating a character, please read each and every rule listed on the front page of the group.

Immortality and everliving Characters- Characters that live forever (But are still mortal) and Characters that are absolutely immortal (Cannot die and heal from any wounds) are not restricted. However, restrictions on creating Immortals characters are much much more than Everliving characters so keep in mind if your character is immortal he should have some pretty big weaknesses to balance it out. If your character has lived for a long time or will end up living for a very long time there should be some reason as to why they have lived for so long.
Perhaps something interesting happened in their past or something interesting that happens in the course of their story, either way, try to keep the amount of characters that you create with long life spans and such, to a minimum. A character who ages at a normal pace can make for a much much more interesting story than other characters who live forever.

Character Picture/Appearance Description

Explanation: A General description of how your character appears in the story, you can use a picture to give a basic idea, and then you can customize it by describing their eyes, hair, body weight, height and other such things differently from the picture.

Abilities/Skills/Attributes/Magical Items and Weapons

Natural abilities-abilties your character is born with-
Element control:
Basic Elements(Along with there Sister Elements)-

Special attributes (an Example would be something like a very large unusual amount of magical energy or something like great eye sight).

Special Abilities (Good examples are the abilities to use certain types of magic, or use Chi/Aura and other things).

Acquired abilities- abilities your character learns or acquires
Skill Set (Examples would be stuff like martial arts or trap making or even being able to think up of tactics).

Weapons (Both magical and non-magical).

Magical items(Pendents that create shields and what not).

Weaknesses: (weakness to certain elements, items, herbs, having phobias etc) don't think a weakness is absolute say if your weak against Water and you fight a water user, it doesn't mean you will lose but it does mean your at a disadvantage.

Note: If I feel that your character is laden with too many natural abilities, skills, special abilities and special attributes then i will ask you to rework on your character as it will not be approved. So please, keep in mind if you wish for your character to have a few more special abilities then you must balance it out by cutting back on special attributes, natural abilities and skill sets.
Keep in mind that everything has an equal and opposite reactions (Like backlashes to specific abilities and what not).
Your character should have a good amount of weaknesses to balance themselves out and yes your character WILL have a weakness or two (Unknown, none, or "Mortal" will not be accepted as your characters one and only weaknesses). Get creative. Phobias can be considered weaknesses and of course there is always the elemental table (It can be found above in the spoiler) ans make sure the weakness appears in the story. Having a phobia but not showing your character suffering through it is just unfair

General Information

Explanation: General Information about your character's history and personality and possibly why they have set out on a journey or do what they do, these include his/her likes, dislikes, what type of a person he/she is and his/her goals.

Qualities: Your character's personality traits like Kind, Patient, Rude, Blunt, and ect.

BIO: You can make the bio as long as you want, showing what your character is like and how he/she became the way he/she is and what he/she is planning to do next

Character Sheet Example

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Character Template


Image Description(Eye's Hair, Height, ect.):





Special Abilities:

Skill Sets:

Special Attributes:


Magical Items:






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