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Posted 7/6/13 , edited 7/6/13
Hey there everyone! How's it going? Well, however you're feeling today I have an announcement - of sorts. I'll just get started then!

Mmm-k, since Attack On Titan has been around (as early as 2009, if I do remember correctly), there have been a countless number of people writing their own scenarios and such involving its world, characters, and so on. This is fan fiction, and more specifically, AoT fan fiction! As such, I felt like starting this thread to promote peoples' work and ideas that they churn out with all their heart for others to read and enjoy!

Now, on to the good part, you can post links to your own fan fiction or another's, also provide your own thoughts and opinions on the work so when people go to click it they have an idea of what they're about to read. If there is a cover image for the work, you can post that as well, along with an excerpt from the said work. As an example, here is one of mine:

Title: Self Realization

Author: Shrapnel893

Description: Fight. That was the word she heard over and over in her head. Fight. She would continue on, fighting for her place in a cruel world. A cruel and beautiful world. Fight...

Cover Image:

Thoughts: Rather short, it depicts the scene in the anime and manga when Mikasa was upset over Eren's supposed death and took it out on the Titans without regard for her own safety. Something like that, anyway.


The world is a cruel place.

Flying through the air, nothing but the pain. Slashing at the nape of the neck, nothing but the sorrow. That was all she felt as she maneuvered from building to building, swinging from leverage to leverage to get the right angle, sinking her coiled blade into their unruly flesh, the blood spurting out as they crumbled to the ground. Everything was a blur. Gas storage depleting rapidly, she felt nothing but regret. Blades becoming dull with each strike, she felt nothing but rage, as deep down, she wept and bailed her heart out. She was so lost in her emotions that as she swung around a tower and sailed through the air, she hadn't realized that she was falling. She hadn't realized it until she slammed into the shingles of a building and bounced off, losing consciousness as she fell.

Reverberating in her skull was the word he had spoken, the one he had repeated over and over to snap her out of her fear.



And there you go! As simple as that! Of course, it doesn't have to be like my example, but it should at least adhere to the "good part" that I described above.

So let's start posting!
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