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Posted 7/7/13 , edited 7/7/13
You may start posting with your characters after they make this list

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.
I want every writer to keep this in mind when making your character. The more powerful the move, the stronger the back lash will be on your character. The more powers you give to your character, you have to give weaknesses that will keep your characters in balance.
That means, your character should hesitate before pulling out the big guns as they WILL feel the effects of those moves, 'how' is entirely up to you. But, if I - or one of the mods- feel the moves and weaknesses are out of balance, we will ask you to level it out. Similarly, If we feel the character is Over Powered, we will ask you to edit.
Time magic is not allowed for use by any writer.

NOTE: If two characters' are "companions" it means that both of their character "sheets" are in the same forum post

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