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Posted 7/7/13 , edited 7/8/13
Right now it's the Infinity Sword (IS) events, and the conclusion of the Canada Day and 4th of July events. What we received during these event are as follows:
Canada day:
1. Jubilee Fire Works
2. Blazing Fireworks
3. Fireworks (plain version of the Jubilee fireworks)
4th of July:
1. Light Pillars
2. Miraculous Light Pillars
Infinity Sword:
Random Basic Costume Set(permanant)-- exchanged for a certain number of hero's coins which are earned by completing dungeons with less than 10 lv difference, and by staying logged onto the game for an hour during the weekends.
Also you were awarded a dark el crystal(not shard, crystal) for completing a dungeon within a level difference of your current level, which u could use to open the Weak Infinite and Infinite Cubes, which contained various items. However the Infinite and the evolved infinite cubes were only given to the Sheath Knight Class Path. The evolved infinite cube was awarded to you after achieving the Infinity Sword Job Quest. This contain much more rare items such as a Refined El Shard. Also for newly created characters, you were given an item after creating your character. It could only be opened after reaching a certain level, and once you reach lv 35 you can open the last box and recieve a summer costume for 30 days. So this was a giant freebie, on giveways so take what time you have left and hear a short explanation on whats going on in elsword right now.

7.7.2013 11:01 P.M.
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Posted 7/11/13 , edited 7/11/13
In recent Updates, the Pre-Release for Dimensional Witch has finally begun. And this Post for all of you Battle Magician. this is the perfect time 2 level up to level 35 before the release of the Dimensional Witch, Elsword is giving all Aisha's(battle Magicians most likely) under the level of 35 double experience. Once you have reached level 35 you will recieve a Dimensional Witch Prep Cube for staying logged onto the game for 30 minutes. The cube will contain 5 dark el shards. For you People without an Aisha or a Battle Magician, you can talk to the DW(dimensional Witch) NPC and receive a 3 DW monster cards. She is normally somewhere close to either Camilla or Ariel. If you complete the Event Quest "Power to Rule Time and Space" you will receive an exchangeable item called "Lost Time and Space Shard(LTS)". Don't get this mistaken it is not an Henir item, it is just wings given to you that is most likely an accessory that the Dimensional Witch uses. 3 LTS shards will allow you to recieve the Time and Space Bender accessory without any stat changes, whereas if you receive 5 LTS shards you will receive one that grants:
Physical Attack +10
Magic Attack +10
Physical Defense +10
Magical Defense +10
Additional Effects:
Evasion +61
Critical +61
+5 resistance added to all attributes
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