Banana's VS Tenticles: Greatness ensues.
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Posted 7/9/13 , edited 7/9/13
So it's summer (obviously) and while I am taking a break indoors and soaking up all the luxurious A/C after watching some great new anime on here. A potent question stirred my curiosity as I was clicking through some summer type pictures of anime characters. In other words, various fanart and artist pictures of all the beautiful 2D girlies (as Danny Choo calls it) in every type of pose and skimpy pieces of clothing...i.e. the bathing suit! Or swim suit or sukuuru mizugi (school swimsuit) and that's when I came across this image. Of this fox, and of course this is anime characters we are talking about so it is a fox-girl but that is not my point. If you can divert your eyes long enough from the fox-girl and notice the object she is straddling is none other than the iconic phallus-fruit shaped banana. And I'm like wait a minute......why isn't this picture depicting the oh so common girl that gets helplessly groped by a barrage of tentacles? Because in my mind when it comes down to the usage of these subjectively shaped-objects, I thought using a banana was more of Western influenced idea and most of you probably know where the idea of using tentacles came from (hentai) no I am not calling you one. The use of tentacles became and still is an apparent object in hentai from Japan. And thus my grand conclusive point is..............using a banana a more acceptable/subtle way of phallus representation and are tentacles just too cliche and slimy and who would want to be molested by tentacles anyway? Thank you! I hope you enjoy the example picture at least (SFW) well ecchi but I would still say SFW. Stay cool minna

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Posted 7/9/13 , edited 7/9/13
I am gonna close this because it isn't PG-13.

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