Dream Theater
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Posted 6/21/07 , edited 6/21/07
well considering im onvacation i think this shall be the last thread i make in a long while *everyone cheers someone shouts "thank GOD" *

anyways i was wondering who here has listened to dream theater? i've been into their music lately and i think their new album systematic chaos is good...no...really good. i've listened to some of the best riffs and peices in my life from DT, including songs like Glass Prison and This Dying soul. also this is the first band i i've seen make a series of songs continuing in other upcoming albums(concepts).

as a band i think they work with eachother really well. when producing music they have much fun . their music is very organised, and they actually know what thier aiming for, whether it can be an influence from U2, to pure heaviness. that's why their new album is called systematic choas. < they have a system of their creation even though the music can be chaotic.

every member is considered to be a virtuoso. this is by far one of the greastest bands i've heard of (interms of skill, co-op and progression of their own band).

their stuff is shit hard to play (with EVERY instrument) and they make it look so easy.

so what do you think about dream theater??

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