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Favorite (and not quite as favorite?) Summer 2013 Anime

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Posted 7/14/13 , edited 7/14/13
Thanks for the posts.I thought Spring 2013 was good but the amount and quality of Summer 2013 is amazing. My update's later. I am watching a lot.
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Posted 7/14/13 , edited 7/14/13
Hakkenden 2, Blood Lad, Free!, Dog & Scissors, Servant x Service, Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist, Silver Spoon, and Yamishibai: Japanese Ghost Stories!!! :DDD Awesome Summer 2013!! <3
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Posted 7/14/13 , edited 7/21/13
So Episode ones are done and most Eps 2 have come out

Still feeling out the shows but its W.I.P.

1 Love Lab laughed from end to finish A great one from Aniplex.EP 2 you might get numb from so many laughs.
2 Watamote A dark yet funny comedy.The OP song just rocks.
3 Teeyku always with Senpai with EP 2 its back completly
4 Senki Zesshou Symphogear G lots of action My headphones were just rumbling EP 2 awesome battles
5 Stella Women’s Academy, High School Division Class C3 Funny and Airsoft game play

These are tough to rank some changes new entries.

6 Fantasista Doll What can I say the girls look good.
7 Genei wo Kakeru Taiyo or Daybrealk Illusion Tarot reading girl and friends

Cant decicde

8 Senyu
High School D x D What can I say Risa and company are back LOL
Kiniro Mosaic An English girl transfers to Japan to be with her friend.
Servant x Service If you like"Working" this is cool

9 Silver Spoon I like this because I worked in the AG supply business for a while
10 Gatchaman Crowds I forgive the Rubik cube thing and another bear thing The OP song just rocks

More hard to rank!

11 TWOGK 3 Not into it totally yet
Dog and Scissors
Kitakubu Katsudou Kiroku/Going home club Fell back a bit.
Hyperdimension Neptunia Victory I need to figure out who's who.

Yet to watch

Monogatari Series Second Season
Oreimo OVAS 1-3

ONGOING and waiting for more EP's to rank

A Certain Scientific Railgun Second Season
Attack On Titan
MJP EP 14 was good.

20 shows I'm watching on this list.Two to debut yet plus watching others but not ranked,
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Posted 7/14/13 , edited 7/14/13
No favorites yet, but it seems like there are an awful lot based on games!
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Posted 7/14/13 , edited 7/15/13

Monogatari season 2
Uchoten Kazoku/Eccentric Family
Attack on Titan
Rozen Maiden season 3
Dangan Ronpa

Also watching:

Genshiken season 2
Silver Spoon
Sunday Without God
Blood Lad
Recorder & Ransell
Servant x Service
Love Lab
Dog & Scissors
Kiniro no Mosaic


Go Home Club (one of the "unfunniest" comedy shows ever.)
Brothers Conflict (would've continued watching if Kamiya Hiroshi was one of the guys instead of a damn squirrel. *shakes fist*)
Fate/Kaleid Illya (I'll come back when/if Saber Alter/Irisviel makes an appearance.)
Fantasista Doll
Gatchaman (art style is great. everything else, especially the logic defiant cheerfulness and nonstop screeching voice of the main female character, is not tolerable.)
Daybreak Illusion (I hate this type of protagonists the most.)
Makai Ouji (dropped 40 seconds into the 1st episode, might try again later.)

No plan to ever watch:

KamiNomi 3 (not the kind of romance or comedy I'd appreciate.)
Hakkenden 2 (suffered through the dull first season, indifferent to what happens next.)
Gifu Dodo
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M / ミシガン
Posted 7/14/13 , edited 7/15/13
Current Favorites, or rather, the ones I'm anticipating the most right now (in order):

Rozen Maiden
Attack on Titan
Sunday w/out God
Fate/Kaleid Liner
Silver Spoon
Yamishibai: Japanese Ghost Stories


Special Mention of best video comment to a Summer anime:

Gifu Dodo!! Ep 1 : "You cannot defeat me, your neck is not nearly thick enough." I might have to use that line some time, LOL.
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Posted 7/14/13 , edited 7/15/13
The new shows i've been hooked on is Free! Iwatodi Swim Club and Danganronpa.

Otherwise, still watching Attack on Titan
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26 / M / Somerset, UK
Posted 7/14/13 , edited 7/15/13
Top 5:
Monogatari Second Season
Genshiken Second Season
Dog & Scissors
Servant x Service
The World God Only Knows (or maybe Kiniro Mosaic; no. 5 is hard to fill)
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Posted 7/15/13 , edited 7/15/13
1.Silver Spoon - I haven't seen an anime has a really interesting plot since SAO (which stops getting interesting later on), AOT, and for a non anime example, The Hunger Games.

2. Watamote - This anime is like Lucky Star (That's what it reminds me) with a depressing main character, and it has some funny moments like the I'm coming soon scene.

3. Blood Lad - Cause the character is a vampire who's an otaku, how will you top that? I also like the opening cause it's from one of my favorite singers, May'n.
4. KINMOZA! - This list can't get any cuter without KINMOZA!, what can I say, this anime is adorable, and in my opinion, this anime is the answer to Yuru Yuri, and also Alice is so huggably cute, nuff said.

5. Fate/kaleid liner - I don't know about anyone but Ilya's one of my favorite characters from Fate/Stay Night (cause I think she great as an evil loli) and this anime has a good start but it still look like Nanoha (they do look like they've rip off stuff from Nanoha (Let alone parodied it) like the Partner/Friend we'll see in a later episode).

6. The World God Only Kows Goddess Arc - I'm a fan of TWGOK and this look like a good start (Even though they skipped a few arcs, which is sad because I want to see the body switching arc), plus from the looks of the OP all my favorite characters from season 1 (Except for Mio cause I don't see her in the OP) are back (even though they've made cameos inthe previous season's last episode).

7. Sunday Witout God - It's sort of an interesting anime.

8. Daybreak Illusion - Got nothing to say but at first it looks like Madoka Magica.

9. The Eccentric Family - This anime looks like Mamoru Hosoda's movies (like A Girl Who Leapt Through Time, Summer Wars, and Wolf Children etc.), and it looks like it'll have more interesting characters, Also I thought that the main character is a Woman in her 20's until I first watched it.

10. Servant x Service - It's okay for it's first episode, but I didn't get the humor at first, maybe mosty might get it in the next episode, BTW, one of the characters look like Italy from Hetalia.

11. Free! - I have to say this anime isn't my interest, it was okay but not strong enough to top all these animes on my list, It's kinda sad because I love Kyoto's non key works (Haven't watch Chuunibyou and Tamako Market yet) and could've seen better.

Plan on watching:

Love Lab - I heard from alot of people on crunchyroll that this anime is funny

Genshiken second season - Still watching the first season before watching this

Monogatari - Still waiting for Crunchyroll to release the episodes.

Ongoing animes from spring:

Attack on Titan

Majestic Prince
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24 / F
Posted 7/15/13 , edited 7/15/13
1. Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi
2. Free!
3. Gatchaman Crowds
4. Inu to Hasami wa Tsukaiyou
5. Blood Lad
6. Uchouten Kazoku
7. Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist
8. Danganronpa
9. Watashi ga Motenai no wa Dou Kangaetemo Omaera ga Warui!
10. Brothers Conflict
11. Hakkenden: Touhou Hakken Ibun 2nd Season
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21 / F / USA
Posted 7/15/13 , edited 7/15/13
If you don't think Free! is AOTY get outta my face.
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18 / F / Seattle
Posted 7/15/13 , edited 7/15/13
I'm really liking the Free! anime. And I have started some others, but they still have not clicked with me. Here's how I would rate them:

1. Free!
2. Blood Lad
3. the dub of [K] project
4. Devils and realist
5. The eccentric family

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M / UK
Posted 7/15/13 , edited 7/15/13
Compared to previous season where I had clear favourites, this season is a mixed bag.

1. Love Lab
2. Servant x Service
3. Neptunia
4. Kiniro Mosaic
5. Kami Nai
6. Daganronpa
7. Free!
8. Silver Spoon
9. Kami Nomi Goddess Arc
10. Shingeki
11. WataMote
12. Railgun S
13. Symphogear G
14. Ro Kyu Bu SS
15. Teekyuu 2
16. C^3-bu
17. Monogatari S2
18. Recorder Mi
19. Genei Taiyou
20. Rozen Maiden 2013

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Posted 7/15/13 , edited 7/15/13
Currently watching:

Attack on Titan
Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S
Love Lab
Silver Spoon
Kiniro Mosaic
Dog x Scissors
Posted 7/16/13 , edited 7/16/13
I'm loving Makai Ouji: Devils and Realist at the moment, and also Free!

Not because those animes have all male characters or whatever, but because I genuinely enjoy the story.

Also, the Japanese ghost stories, just saw 1 episode, loved it. But it's only 3minutes... I hate that it's only 3 minutes.
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