Recommend Me Anime To Watch!
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Posted 7/11/13 , edited 7/12/13
(Technically first post)

I am new to forums so I'm sorry in advance if I mess something up.

Recently I've finished all my favorite anime and have found more good anime, but I need more.

Here is a list of anime that I have watched/am watching that I have deemed my favorites.

Bakuman (comedy, slice-of-life)
Danshi Koukousei No Nichijou (comedy, slice-of-life)
Sword Art Online (all of it)
BTOOOM! (gore, action)
Accel World (action)
Dragon Ball (action, some comedy)
Slam Dunk (basketball, comedy)
Naruto (action)

One anime doesn't have to have all the qualities of the listed anime. Please list as many as you can.
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Posted 7/11/13 , edited 7/12/13

Heyhi! :)
Welcome to the forums!
You probably didn't notice it but for recommendations we have a thread located here :
However, since you like gory action and such, I'll recommend Fate/Zero. I've been on a kick of it recently :)
As well as Attack on Titan (It's pretty popular for a good reason!)
Going to have to lock this thread however since we do have a sticky for it.

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