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-Transcend- (New Title)
This is a world almost Identical to our own, only the boundaries of fantasy and reality, that we know, aren't there. The things humans believe to be myths, and fantasies are real... they just don’t look hard enough. This is a story of an average yet brave 2nd year High School student named Rykou Sendo, who's forced to look harder, and is sucked into a battle between the royal families of the Vampire race. One side wanting to coexist with humankind the other sees them as food. What hardships and triumphs await Rykou and will humans ever see the things they believe aren't real?

-Chapter One-
(Starts off with Rykou's alarm going off.)
Rykou: *Groans* Damn alarm why is it so loud?!(Hits the alarm with his hand that has a what appears to be a tattoo of a cross on top of it, looking at the time) Crap! Its 6:45! School starts in 15 minutes! (Throws on uniform and runs downstairs brushing his teeth)
Mom: I was wondering when you would wake up. Here I made your lunch for you this time. (smiles)
Rykou: Why didn't you wake me up?!
Mom: Well I was waiting for your alarm to go off... sorry I wasn't looking at the time.
Rykou: It's okay. I'm just glad to get one of your famous lunches, thanks mom love you! (Smiles and runs out the door) [The names Rykou Sendo. I'm a second year student in High School and this is my crazy story, which an ordinary kid like me got mixed up in]

(With morning sun light shining in class room the teacher, Mrs. Yari, is calling role.)
Mrs. Yari: Rokuro Saki? Here. Sendo Rykou? ... Rykou Sen-
Rykou: HERE! *Huff*,*Huff*. Sorry I'm late!
Mrs. Yari: Well technically you're just in time, I’ll let it slide this time, (shoots him a glare) but don't think I will next time! Take a seat.
Hikari: Rykou! Over here!
Rykou: Huh? (Looks at her)[That’s Hikari Sasaki, she's one of my oldest friends. We met in middle school and have been friends ever since] (walks up and sits down) what’s up?
Hikari: Nothin' but YOU'RE late! I thought you couldn't wait to see me hmmmm??
Rykou: *Gah!* that’s not what I said! I said I couldn't wait to go back to school to see everyone! (Blushes)
Hikari: (slaps him on the back) I know! I was just kidding jeez, you don’t have to freak out! (Lowers her voice to almost a whisper) but I was looking forward to seeing you. (Blushes)
Rykou: What was that?
Hikari: Oh! Nothing! Nothing at all! (Shaking her head, blushing even more)

(The lunch bell rings, and Hikari and Rykou are sitting together outside under a tree preparing to eat their lunches.)
Rykou: (opens his lunch box) Hell yeah! I love it when my mom makes my lunch. Rice balls, sushi the works!
Hikari: Awe man lucky! I wish I could cook well as your mom!
Rykou: Yeah same, she’s the best! Here do you wanna taste? (Goes to pick up a sushi roll and feed her, then looks at her) [I've never looked at Hikari this way before, but she’s actually really cute](Blushes a little)
Hikari: (eats it, then notices Rykou is looking at her) [Why is he looking at me like that?](Blushes then changes the mood) Wow that's amazing your mom should be a Chef!! [Whew that was close, I could feel my heart pounding!]
Rykou: Haha yeah I'll tell her to look into that! [What were those thoughts just barely?]
(They sit there in awkward silence for a little. Then Rykou starts looking at the mark on his hand)
Hikari: (Notices) I still think that's the craziest birth mark I've ever seen.
Rykou: Yeah I still don't know what it is...
Hikari: (Noticing the subject is going nowhere) Sooo how was your break? Since I was on vacation.
Rykou: It was good just slept and hung out with Daichi and the guys.
Hikari: Haha sounds like you! Where is Daichi anyways?
Rykou: Still on vacation, lucky ass...
Hikari: Oh I see.
Rykou: What about you how was Italy?
Hikari: It was great! Did you know they have a super young drinking age?
Rykou: Really?! That’s awes-(he notices his art teacher is walking up to them)
Art Teacher: Hello, sorry if I'm interrupting, but can I ask you a favor Rykou?
Rykou: Nah your fine, what’s up?
Art Teacher: I’m trying to get all the boys from the class to help unload supplies from a truck after school. Will you help?
Rykou: Ummm... Yeah I'd love to help out! I’m not doing anything after school anyways.
Art Teacher: Thank you so much Rykou! We'll meet at the loading dock behind the school. (Turns and leaves)
Hikari: Wow someone changed over the summer! Usually you didn't really care about the teachers.
Rykou: Yeah I guess I got tired of being looked at wrong. Now that I treat people kindly I get that back... but don’t think I still won’t mess someone up!
Hikari: Haha okay, you changed a little. I like it! (Smiles, then the bell starts to ring)
Rykou: (Packs up his lunch box) Okay I guess I'll see you later then. (Gets up and helps Hikari up)
Hikari: Okay! Remember we have science together too, so don't be late this time!
Rykou: Haha alright I'll be there! (They high five and walk separate ways to their next classes)

(The final bell rings marking the end of science class and school for the day, Rykou and Hikari are walking out of the classroom.)
Science Teacher: Alright see you guys next time.
Hikari: Bye! (Smiles)
Rykou: See ya! (They both exit, and the door closes)
(They're then walking on the side of the school nearing the corner to the back of the school)
Hikari: (walking next to Rykou, looks over at him in the orange sunset sky) [Wow he's so much more mature now I've always liked him but his old personality made me not want to tell him the way I felt... but now that he’s changed I'm more attracted than ever! but I’m not sure how to tell him, or if he even likes me...]
Rykou: (Notices she's looking at him) what’s up?
Hikari: *Gasp* OH! I was just looking at how beautiful the sunset is! [Crap I panicked did that seem obvious?]
Rykou: Oh, yeah it is it’s got so many vibrant colors! (They arrive at the corner of the school)
Hikari: (Jogs in front of Rykou, and turns to face him) Kay guess I'll see you tomorrow! (Goes to hug him, trips on a curb and falls forward knocking him down with her) *Thud!*
Rykou: Ouch! That really hurt are you oka-*gasp!* (Notices that her shirt is pulled down exposing some of her bra with his hands on her hips) *heartbeat*
Hikari: (Noticing what happened) *Kyaaaa!* (Covering up) you didn't see did you?!
Rykou: Ummm...yeah...strawberries... (Blushes)
Hikari: Ahhhhh! I-I'll see you tomorrow bye! (Her face turning bright red, she turns to run away)
Rykou: Wait! (Grabs her hand) They were cute I liked them... (Blushing a little)
Hikari: (Stops, shocked at what she had just heard) R-Really? (Turns around) You liked them? (Smiling a little)
Rykou: Yeah sorry I looked... Here let’s try that again. (Goes in for hug)
Hikari: No its okay really... (Blushing, she kisses him)
Rykou: (After kiss) Whoa where did that come from?!
Hikari: (Worried) W-Was that too soon?! I mean I just got back and-! (Rykou puts his finger to her lips)
Rykou: Not at all... (Puts his hand on her cheek and kisses her again)

(After helping unload the truck Rykou is walking home. The sun has set, only the glow of the moon, and city illuminate the night.)
Rykou: (humming to the music playing in his ear, walks up to the front gate of his house and takes the headphones out)
Girl: Ahhhhh!! Stay away from me!
Rykou: Hmmm?! What was that?! (Walks into the park across the street) [That sounded like someone screaming!] (Goes deeper into the park until he gets to a playground)
Man: Hehehe you shoulda known better than coming to this part of the city princess!
Rykou: Hey what the hell do you think you’re doing?!
Man: Huh?!
Princess: Run! Run away you'll get killed!
Rykou: Run?! No way this guy’s being an as--*Gah!!*(gets punched in the stomach spitting up blood and collapsing him)
Man: Hehe pathetic human! Now where were we... ah yes I was going to kill you! (Turns toward for her)
Princess: Ahhhhh! (Frozen with fear)
Man: Now die!
Rykou: Look out! (Jumps in front of her taking the fatal wound through his stomach) *Gahh!* (Spits up allot of blood)
Man: Stupid human I should have killed you from the start! (Throws him aside) Now I can finally ki--*ack* (Gets stabbed through the heart from behind drops to the ground turning to ash)
Bodyguard: Sorry princess we lost you when we were fighting the other guys. It seems were just in ti--
Princess: No you're too late. (Looks over at Rykou)
Rykou: (lying on the ground, coughing up blood, dying) *ack!*cough!*
Princess: (Runs up to him, picks up his head, and puts it in her lap) Oh no what do I do?! He's lost so much blood! I told you to run... and even after you were hurt you still saved my life! [What do I do?! What do I do?!... Wait there is one way!] (Bites her hand sucking blood into her mouth) [But this is a gamble, it could kill him faster!] *cough* (Rykou coughs up more blood) [This is his only chance though, he'll die without my blood... Okay here goes nothing... or everything!] (Leans down and gives him a bloody kiss of vital yet dangerous vampire blood)
Rykou: [What?! She kissed me?! And what’s this sweet taste? It's warm and it taste...good...] (loses consciousness)
Princess: There we're even now. (Smiles)
Rykou: [Little did I know but that night was my last night as a human being]

(The sun rises, the golden rays shining on Rykou’s bed through the window of his hospital room. Hikari is messing with her phone trying to set an alarm.)
Hikari: Stupid phones now’ a day’s how do I set this ala- Ahh! (Alarm goes off*BEEP*BEEP*BEEP*)
Rykou: (eyes flash open) Gyahh! That's way too loud turn it off!
Hikari: (Turns it off) Ahhh!! Rykou you're awake thank god! (Hugs him)
Rykou: Hi-Hikari?! What are you- where am I??
Hikari: You're at the hospital, I was so worried! They said that a girl with light golden brown hair dropped you off here!
Rykou: (Flashes back to him getting pierced through the stomach and landing on the ground) So it wasn't a dream...
Hikari: What happened last night Rykou? (A worried tone in her voice)
Rykou: I was about to walk into my house when I heard that girl scream. So I went to see what was going on, and well I got hurt trying to protect her from this guy who was going to kill her, but that’s all I remember the rest is fuzzy...
Hikari: The doctor said you had a gash in your stomach, but when they went to change the bandages in the morning it was already half healed! (Turns around because she hears the door opening)
Doctor: (walking in the door) Yes truly amazing, but for safety procedure purposes we have to make you stay a bit longer. We'll let you know when your good to go.
Rykou: Oh... Okay, thank you. (Doctor leaves)
Hikari: Don't worry I'll get your work from your classes today so you won't fall behind. (Glances at the clock) Yikes! It's 6:20! I'd better go! Bye Rykou see you after school. (Smiles, kisses him on the cheek, then turns and opens the door)
Rykou: (Blushes a little) Okay see you later! (Hikari closes the door) [Hmm... what exactly happened last night?] (Reaches down and feels his stomach, then lifts up his shirt and looks under the bandages) [What?! There’s nothing there not even a scratch! Just what the hell is going on, and why am I so thirsty?!] (Takes a gulp of water, then downs the rest) [Damn still no good I'm still thirsty, what’s going on?!... Maybe I can sleep it off, I’m still pretty tired...] (Closes eyes and drifts off the sleep)

(Rykou wakes up to Hikari looking over his bed saying his name.)
Hikari: Ryykoouu… Ryykoouu, wake up sleepy head. (Smiles)
Rykou: Huh? Mmmm… (Stretches) What’s up Hikari? Mom?
Mom: The doctor said you can leave now! I've already signed you out, so all you have to do is get dressed! (Smiles) I’ll wait at home for you dinners cooking so I have to hurry back.
Hikari: And I’ll go get us some drinks! (Both leave)
Rykou: (Gets out of bed and starts to dress, feels his throat) Damn I’m still thirsty and now my throats dry! (Finishes dressing)
Hikari: (Knocks on the door) Can I come in?
Rykou: (Clears his throat) Yeah go ahead.
Hikari: (Opens the door, and closes it) Hey, all they had left was tomato juice is that okay? Because I know you don’t-
Rykou: (Grabs on of the cans, opens it and chugs it) Ahhh! Wow that’s actually not that bad! [But I’m still thirsty…]
Hikari: (Surprised) That’s weird you use to despise tomato juice!
Rykou: (pauses) Eh! I guess it’s an acquired taste then… Anyways (opens the door) let’s get outta here I’m getting sick of the hospital atmosphere. (Lets Hikari through, then follows her closing it behind him)

(Rykou and Hikari walk out of the entrance of the hospital, and start walking down the sidewalk. Night has fallen, the night is cloudy blotting out the moon. Only the light provided by the city illuminates the darkness)
Hikari: You know they wanted to keep you there longer! They said that more blood tests had to be done, but your Mom and I saw you were fine, so we argued with them until they released you!
Rykou: Really?! Thanks, any longer in that place and I would have gone crazy!
Hikari: You’re welcome! (Smiles, then looks to her right noticing a lookout point) Wow the city looks amazing tonight! (Runs up to railing of the lookout point)
Rykou: Yeah it sure does! (Pauses to look at Hikari) [Wow she looks so beautiful in the moonlight…]
Hikari: (Notices Rykou is looking toward her) What are you looking at?
Rykou: To tell you the truth, I’m trying to decide which is more beautiful the city… or you
Hikari (Shocked) Huh? (Blushes)
Rykou: I’m pretty sure you put the city to shame right now. (Smiles)
Hikari: Oh Rykou! (Runs and jumps into his arms giving him a kiss)
Rykou: (After kiss) Yup definitely have a winner. (Smiles)
Hikari: Thank you Rykou. (Smiles back, hugs him for a little) Well we had better hurry back before it gets too late! (Grabs his hand and they run down the street)
(They then get to Hikari’s house and are about to part ways)
Hikari: Oh yeah I almost forgot! I have your homework from today. (Reaches into her bag getting a paper cut in the process) Ouch!
Rykou: Are you alri… (Sees the crimson blood flowing from her finger) *Heartbeat* [That thirst, it just got worse!] (Takes her hand and begins to suck her finger) [This taste amazing! And the thirst is going away!] (Stops and pulls away puzzled)
Hikari: Rykou? Are you Okay?
Rykou: (His gaze shifting from her finger to her neck) [What the?! I can see the outline of the main artery on her neck!] Yeah I’m fine! Just umm… tired. I-I really should go, I’ll see you tomorrow Hikari! Bye! (Turns and Runs away)
Hikari: Oh…Okay…Bye… [What was that?] (Looking at her finger)

(Rykou is frantically running through the park across the street from his house.)
Rykou: (Stops and drops to his knees) What the hell is happening to me?!
Princess: It’s not a matter of what’s happening to you, it’s more like what happened to you.
Rykou: Huh?! (Turns around, as the princess emerges from the shadows stepping into the street light. Surprised at who it is) It’s you!
Princess: Hello, My name is Kimiko Miyamoto, pleased to meet you! (Smiles)
Rykou: Y-You’re that girl from last night!
Kimiko: And you must be my savior! May I please know my saviors name?
Rykou: Uh... Y-Yeah its Rykou Sendo.
Kimiko: Rykou… That’s a nice name (appears behind him, hugging him) I like it.
Rykou: (shocked) S-So what are you doing here again?
Kimiko: (Appears in front of him) I came to see you silly! You did save my life after all, and I’m assuming you have questions to be answered, right?
Rykou: (Surprised) Y-Yeah actually about last night, what happened after I got hurt?
Kimiko: Well, my bodyguards finally showed up and killed the man who nearly killed you.
Rykou: Wait, then how did I survive?
Kimiko: (Smiles, blushing a little) That’s when it was my turn to save you.
Rykou: (Flashes back to her kissing him) How did you-- What are you?!
Kimiko: I am a Princess of the Vampire race. A race that you, Rykou Sendo, are now part of.
Rykou: [That was the first day of my new life as a Vampire.]
-Chapter One End-
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Did you like the first chapter? Good? Bad?
Chapter 2 coming later today!
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-Chapter Two-
(Starts off with Rykou talking to Kimiko in the park.)
Rykou: [My name is Rykou, I’m a 2nd year in high school and I’ve just received some life changing information]
Kimiko: I am a princess of the Vampire Race. A race that you, Rykou Sendo are now part of.
Rykou: (Shocked) Wait so you’re saying I’m not human anymore?... No way! I don’t believe you!
Kimiko: I had a feeling you would say that… However that’s why I brought this. (Reaches into her pocket, pulls out a vile of blood, and cracks the lid a little)
Rykou: *heartbeat* (Reaches to his throat) [My throat, it just got really dry... I’m so thirsty!]
Kimiko: (Smirks) Sucks doesn’t it? An unbearable thirst with a dry, almost painful feeling in your throat. These are the symptoms of a starving vampire. Here… (Tosses him the vile)
Rykou: (Catches the vile, opens it, and smells it) [That smell’s so intoxicating!] (Takes a sip) [It’s delicious!] (Quickly drinks the rest)
Kimiko: Feel better?
Rykou: (Staring at the vile) Yeah…
Kimiko: That’s the curse of us Vampires, we require blood from another living being. Without it we will suffer, until we eventually go mad going on a killing spree.
Rykou: So what does this mean for me now?
Kimiko: Well, now you have super sensitive senses, your aging will stop at the age of 21 and you now have super human strength and speed. You also have hidden abilities, which only you can uncover.
Rykou: Really?! That sounds awesome! I’m practically invin—
Kimiko: However, you do have a new weakness. Since you now harbor a massive demonic power, holy water will drain your power, and blessed crosses will seal it as long as it’s touching you… but the two you must remember. Your heart is your only vital point, if it’s destroyed you will die, and the Sun, it will burn you until you’re nothing but ash!
Rykou: What?! You’re saying I can’t go outside in the day!?
Kimiko: No, only as a vampire. Since you were turned into a vampire you can transform into your human self. This negates the weaknesses, however your power will be halved.
Rykou: What about you? Can you transform?
Kimiko: Yes, but only because I am of royal blood, and was privileged enough to get this made for me. (Raises her right arm showing a silver bracelet around her wrist) This allows me to transform into a human, but when I’m in this form I can only use ¼ of my power.
Rykou: So last night you were in your human form?
Kimiko: Yes, that’s why I was powerless to that man.
Rykou: But why didn’t you just take it off?
Kimiko: Once it’s put on it can’t be taken off for 12 hours.
Rykou: Well that’s not very convenient. Why does it do that?
Kimiko: So while I’m wearing it during the day there’s no chance of it coming off.
Rykou: Oh I see… So you’re in your human form right now?
Kimiko: Yes, I have half an hour until it can be taken off.
Rykou: Okay so what do I—(Senses a hostile presence) Look out princess! (Picks her up and narrowly avoids the destructive blow *Boom!* the ground gets smashed to pieces.)
Man: (Pulls his fist out of the ground and emerging from the dust cloud) Damn! I was so close!
Rykou: (surprised) [How did I do that?!] (Sets Kimiko down) Are you okay?
Kimiko: (Surprised too) Y-Yeah thank you… [He moved so fast, and he hasn't even fully awakened yet!]
Rykou: (Turns to the man) who are you, and why did you attack the princess?!
Man: Me? I’m just a humble servant who doesn't agree with the princesses views! (Looking at Kimiko) Humans are cattle nothing more, coexisting with them is disgusting! (Dashes toward her)
Kimiko: [Too fast! I can’t see him!]
Rykou: (Grabs and stops his hand) *boom*
Man: (Shocked) Wha-- how did you--!
Rykou: That was the wrong move man! (Steps in and throwing him by his arm over his shoulder into a cement Wall Ball wall destroying it) [Wow! It was like he was moving in slow motion, and I threw him so easily!]
Kimiko: He’s a vampire Rykou, that won’t kill him!
Man: Now I’m pissed off!! (A Red glow emits from the rubble, and is blown away from his aura. Stepping over the remnants of rubble, aura blazing) Now die! (Disappears)
Rykou: (Gets hit in the face*Bam!*, flying into a playground*crash!*)
Kimiko: Rykou!
Man: (turns to Kimiko) Now it’s your turn!
Kimiko: No stay away from me!
Rykou: Ha- Hahaha! Is that all you got? (Stands up casually brushing off his clothes)
Man: (shocked) N-No! Take this (Dashes, slashing at him, hitting nothing but air)
Rykou: (Appearing behind him) Too slow. (Smirks, then stabs his hand through his back destroying his heart)
Man: Gahh! (Starts to crack then falls to the floor turning to ash)
Kimiko: (Amazed) [Such speed and power! And not to mention he’s attractive too… He’s perfect!]
Rykou: (Turns around and holding out his hand) Come on let’s go I’m sure that made allot of noise.
Kimiko: O-Okay. (Takes his hand and they start to run through the park. As their running Kimiko looks at their hands tightly clasp together) [Were holding hands now too! (Smiles, blushing)

(Soon they get to the exit of the park, reaching the residential area)
Rykou: Now that we're out of there (turns around putting his hands on Kimiko's shoulders) are you okay?
Kimiko: (blushing) Of course! You saved me! (Hugs him)
Rykou: (surprised) Y-Yeah no problem (hugs her back)
Kimiko: (After hug) Come on let's go for a walk! (Runs and jumps to the roof of a house)
Rykou: A walk on the rooftops?! I don't know if I can get up there!
Kimiko: It's easy just jump! (Smiles)
Rykou: O-Okay... (Runs and jumps at the house closing his eyes)
Kimiko: There you go!
Rykou: (Opens his eyes realizing how high up he is) Whoa! (Lands in front of Kimiko) That WAS easy!
Kimiko: Told you! Now follow me! (Runs and jumps to another roof)
Rykou: Hey wait up! (Jumping after her)
Kimiko: (Smiles) Try to keep up!
Rykou: (Running and jumping from roof to roof. As they soar though the night air, He watches Kimiko) [Wow she's so graceful, and in the moonlight it looks like I'm following a goddess...] (Shakes his head) [What am I thinking?! She's a princess and I'm just some guy!]
Kimiko: (Stopping) We're here!

(They arrive at a house on a ridge overlooking the city. It's lights shimmering and twinkling in the night)
Rykou: Wow! You can see the whole city from here!
Kimiko: This is one of my favorite spots to come to. (Sits down on the edge of the roof) Come sit with me (patting the spot next to her, smiling)
Rykou: Okay (sits down next to her)
Kimiko: (Rests her head on his shoulder) Do you wanna know something?
Rykou: (blushing) Y-Yeah?
Kimiko: You were my first... (Touches her lips)
Rykou: First? First what?
Kimiko: (Raising her head looking him in the eyes) You were the first person I turned into a vampire....[My first kiss as well.] (Slightly Blushing)
Rykou: Really? Why did you wait so long?
Kimiko: (Resting her head on his shoulder again) I want to coexist with humans, and that means not changing what they naturally are... But when you were bleeding out on the ground dying I couldn't just leave you!... (Raising her head looking him in the eyes again) Do you hate me for ripping your humanity away?
Rykou: Hate you?! No way! You saved my life I could never hate you for that!
Kimiko: (Joy filling her face) Really?! Oh thank you Rykou! I'm so relieved! (Hugs him with too much force that Rykou loses balance and they both fall off the roof) Kyaa!!
Rykou: (Spins around mid-air to break Kimiko's fall) *thud!* Gahh!... Ugh are you oka- ( notices her face is inches from his)
Kimiko: (blushes, then get off of him, sitting up next to him) Why do you keep hurting yourself for me?!
Rykou: (Sitting up) Well you saved my life, this is the only way I can repay you...
Kimiko: You... Idiot! I saved your life because you saved mine!
Rykou: Yeah but that was my fault... If I was stronger back then.. I would have been able to protect you!
Kimiko: (surprised blush) but you were only a human it would have been impossible, and why protect me?!
Rykou: It's like you said, I couldn't just leave you there to die... (Puts his hands on her shoulders looking her in the eyes) but that won't happen again! Now that I'm stronger I promise to protect you through this long journey in time I am now on.
Kimiko: (Blushing) That's exactly what I wanted to hear. (Smiles, kissing him passionately)
Rykou: (Surprised, then accepts it closes his eyes retuning the kiss) [Is this really happening?!] (Starts glowing blue, then his aura intensifies creating a shockwave and shinning blue beam into the night sky)
Kimiko: (pulling slowly away from the kiss) There you have fully awakened now. (Smiling) Open your eyes Rykou.
Rykou: (Opens his eyes, which are now silvery blue) Princess… (Puts his hand to her cheek, then suddenly grabs her and sinks his fangs into her neck)
Kimiko: *Gasp!* R-Rykou! (Relaxes putting her hand on his head) Y-You must be thirsty. (Gasp)
Rykou: [What am I doing I have to stop!... but It tastes and feels so good… NO! I promised to protect her!] (Forces himself to stop drinking, pulling away breathing hard.)
Kimiko: Why did… you stop? (Breathing hard too)
Rykou: I can’t! I promised I would protect you! I just broke that promise, Damn it! (Punches the ground leaving a crater) Whoa… (Looking at his hands)
Kimiko: (Taking his hand) This is your true power, your fully awakened form.
Rykou: I… I feel like I have no control though! (Pulls his had away)
Kimiko: Your mind is not use to controlling your new power yet, It’s only natural your thirst increased… (Sees he’s avoiding eye contact. Reaches up turning his face to look at her) It’s okay really (Hugs him whispering in his ear) actually it felt…good… (Licking up the leftover blood on his cheek)
Rykou: (Blushing) Are you shu-
Kimiko: (Putting her finger to his lips) I said it was okay… (Kisses him, then pulls away a little) but don’t think I will give and not receive.
Rykou: You mean…
Kimiko: Oh please Rykou! I-I’ve never had fresh blood… only packets and synthetic blood…
Rykou: (Unbuttons the first couple buttons of his uniform) You may do as you wish. I am forever indebted to you. (Turns his head to the side to expose his neck more)
Kimiko: Are you sure?
Rykou: Yes, If it’s what you want I have no objections.
Kimiko: (blushing a little) Okay… (Moves closer, opening her mouth exposing her fangs and sinks them into his neck)
Rykou: (Gasp) [It hurt for a split second, but now I feel…good, and it gets better with every sip she takes!]
Kimiko: (Pulls away breathing hard, smiling) Mmmm! Sooo good! Your blood tastes amazing!
Rykou: Really? I could say the same about yours too!
Kimiko: (Smiles then hugs him) I’m so glad I met you Rykou.
Rykou: Yeah me too, Kimiko… [That night my eyes were opened, I was now truly a vampire… but was prepared for the road ahead?]
-Chapter Two End-
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23 / M / under the sheets...
Posted 7/30/13 , edited 7/30/13
First l gotta say the chapters were pretty great, nice job. =]
I promised a friend ld try every vampire story cause she ls so obsessed with lt, so l read alot of them,
There was alot of romance but gotta have something for the ladies right? =P lt had a real anime feel to lt with all the romance so good work
It was overall pretty good, how lt wasnt extreme detail but not to short cut, l am pretty impressed on how l was able to visualize lt the entire time, only good writings can do that, put a visual aid. but how old ls the princess? I picture her to be 10 or something cause of her personality,
I did like how there were so many rules to being a vamp. and new ideas not just the typical ones vamp stories always have, + on that idea
But aside from very minor flaws ld definitely read more.
When you make more, be sure to let me know, lts really interesting =D
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24 / M / Salt Lake City
Posted 7/31/13 , edited 8/8/13
Thanks allot man! I Was starting to think people didn't like it cause there was no feedback. I'm glad I could keep that image in your head that's what I was really going for!
Kimiko(the princess) is about half a year younger than Rykou (so shes the same age and grade). Her personality is due to her having to hide her existence most of her life cause of her "rouge vampire' views. This is her first time experiencing love at first sight and she wont let it slip by so easily.
The third chapter is coming along bit by bit Ill be changing my status and posting when its all typed up.
Thanks again! ^=^

>>>By the way, I edited the first chapter a little, Rykou now has what appears to be a tattoo of a cross on his right hand.<<<
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Posted 9/16/13 , edited 10/3/13
-Chapter Three-
(New Morning rays of sunlight start to shine through the open window of Rykou’s room. The wind blowing through the trees and birds starting to chirp, replace the sound of crickets-Until…)
Alarm: *Beep!*Beep!*Be-
Rykou: Ahhh! *Bam!* (Smashing the clock to bits) Huh?! (Staring at the broken bits) Awwe man! (Lies his head back down, closing his eyes having a flashback of last night’s events) [What a night!] (Light golden brown strands of hair start brushing his face) Hmmm? (Starts opening his eyes)
Kimiko: (Staring down at him) Good morning Rykou! ^-^
Rykou: (Surprised) Wha!! How did- What are you doing here?!
Kimiko: (Sitting back) Well… I got scared when we parted ways and I umm... Sort of snuck out last night, so I followed you back… Are you mad? (Shooting him an innocent look)
Rykou: N-No not really just surprised. It’s okay…
Kimiko: (Smiles a little) Rrreeally… Then you won’t mind if I… (Moves closer to him, sliding her leg up over his, sitting on top of him)
Rykou: (Noticing she’s only in a t-shirt and panties) U-Umm… I… (Blushing looking away)
Kimiko: Hmm? (Noticing he’s uncomfortable) What’s wrong?
Rykou: Uh… Y-You’re not wearing any pants…
Kimiko: Yeah this is how I normally sleep, what’s the problem? You’re dressed like this too.
Rykou: Y-Yeah true bu-
Kimiko: (Smiles) That’s what I thought. (Leaning in to kiss him, her face inching slowly toward his, their lips almost touching)
Rykou: Crap! Hurry hide! (Rolls her off him, quickly pulls the covers over her, and sits up on the edge of the bed looking at the doorway)
Mom: Rykou are you up yet? (Opens the door poking her head in) Are you okay?
Rykou: Oh yeah for sure! You just… surprised me when you knocked that’s all ha-ha… (Quickly glances down noticing the covers shift a little) Well! I gotta get ready I’ll come down when I’m done. (Forcing a smile)
Mom: O-Okay… Breakfast will be ready in ten minutes. (Smiles closing the door)
Rykou: (Slouching over exhaling a sigh of relief) That was too close…
Kimiko: (Putting her arms around him from behind, hugging him.) Sooo… You wanna pick up where we left off??
Rykou: Ha! After what just happened?! (Moving her arms off him, standing up) Sorry but I've got to go to school. (Walks over to his closet taking off his sleeping shirt, opens it, grabs his uniform, and slips on his pants)
Kimiko: Awwe come on it was starting to get fun!
Rykou: (Putting his under shirt on, turns around, notices she’s still undressed, quickly turns back starting to blush) N-No means no! I have to get ready and even if I did my Mom would come back in. Now hurry and get dressed!
Kimiko: *Sigh* Fine… (Stands up, and walks over to where her cloths are draped over a chair. Picks up her pants, slipping them on) So… what’s it like?
Rykou: (Buttoning up his uniform) Hmm?
Kimiko: Going to school… I-I've never been before.
Rykou: (Turns around, Surprised) Really? Whys that?
Kimiko: Well since my father wants to coexist with humans, we've been targeted by the other royal families ever since I can remember. So I've only been home schooled.
Rykou: Oh I see… Hmmm… Well it’s pretty fun, you get to make friends, meet new people, and learn with them. There’s some drama but for the most part it makes learning more bearable.
Kimiko: Really?! Maybe I’ll have to try it out sometime. (Winks, walking up to him)
Rykou: Ha-ha yeah… (Looks at his phone checking the time) Alright well… I really should go, I’ve got five minutes to finish getting ready.
Kimiko: *Sigh* Alright… but I’m not leaving without this. (Leans in quickly kissing him) Have fun at school! (Jumps out the window)
Rykou: (Sitting down on his bed) *Sigh* That girl… (An image of him kissing Hikari pops in his head, shakes his head) Awe man, what have I gotten myself into!?

(Rykou is walking down the street toward school. Pondering his predicament.)
Rykou: [What am I going to do when I see her?] (Senses someone sneaking up on him) Huh?! (Glances behind him, sees a figure in midair about to jump on him, and quickly side steps. The figure tucks and rolls)
Daichi: (Stands up turning around) Nice! You actually noticed me?!
Rykou: (Surprised) Daichi?!... When’d you get back man!? (Pulling his hand back for a special hand shake)
Daichi: (Does the same thing) Last night actually. (Extending his hand out)
Rykou: Nice, you’ll have to tell me about you trip! (Doing the same thing meeting his, locking the thumbs together, flaring the fingers out, and pulling their hands back while snapping)
Daichi: Haha, okay will do! (They start to walk down the street a little, talking amongst themselves) Man you were quick back there, I was only like half a foot away!
Rykou: Haha yeah I guess I've learned to watch my back! (Shrugging his shoulders)
Daichi: Rrreally… (A sneaky expression on his face) Then I’ll just have to step up my game! (Raising a fist)
Rykou: Why do I not like the sound of this…? (A skeptical expression on his face)
Daichi: You've got nothing to worry about now... except beating me to school! Looser has to buy the other lunch! HA! (Bolts off)
Rykou: What that hell! You got a head start! (Bolts after him, soon on his tail)
Daichi: Oh you’re real quick now! The summer did wonders for you!
Rykou: Haha I’m not going to let you win that easy!
Hikari: (Starts to walk out her front gate) Bye mom love you! (Turns around) Huh? (Daichi and Rykou flash past her) Rykou?! Wai- Kyahh! (The gust of wind following them hits her, lifting the skirt of her uniform. After the gust) Ok! Fine! Guess I’ll meet you there then jeez! (Starts to walk to school)

(Daichi and Rykou are out front school momentarily catching their breath)
Daichi: *Ha*Ha* (Catches his breath) Yes! You owe me lunch!
Rykou: *Ha* (Catching his) Damn! I would have had you if I didn't trip on that crack!
Daichi: Ha! You wish! I saw you slow down when we passed Hikari, don’t lie.
Rykou: (Blushing a little) N-No your wrong! (Starts to walk towards the entrance) [Damn, he’s perceptive as always]
Daichi: (Following him) You can’t hide anything from me, you’re too easy to read! (Gets in close, putting his hand to the side of his mouth) Sooo what’s up with you two? Hmmm? (Nudging Rykou’s side)
Rykou: (Blushing a little more, trying to keep his composure) I-I have no idea what you’re talking about, were still just friends! (Reaches for the door)
Daichi: (Steps in front of him) Pshh! don’t even try an- *Gasp* (Notices Hikari quickly walking toward them) There she is! Good luck man!
Rykou: (Turns around) Crap! What should I do! (No response) Daichi? (Looks behind him) What the- he’s gone?!! (Looks back watching Hikari get closer) [Oh no, what should I say?! What should I do?!]
Hikari: (Stops in front of him) Why didn't you wait for me?!
Rykou: (Briefly making eye contact) S-Sorry (looks down) I was about to stop by but I ran into Daichi. Then he challenged me to a race saying the loser has to buy lunch an-
Hikari: (Hugs him) Calm down its okay, I just wanted to give you this (Quickly kisses him) See you in class. (Smiles, then opens the door entering the school)
Rykou: (Standing out front the door still, a puzzled look on his face) What just happ-*DING*DING* Awe man! Now I’m gonna be late! (Quickly opens the door, nearly ripping it out) *Kreak!* Jeez! I need to be more careful! (Pushes it back in, closing the door) Alright time to go! (Dashes off to class, not noticing a limousine pull up out front the school.)

(Mrs. Yari’s Classroom is filled. Students are talking among themselves, Hikari sits down sighing a dreamy expression on her face)
Hikari: *Haaahh* (Yuko her best friend comes up behind her, putting her hands on Hikari’s shoulders, her head close to hers)
Yuko: Sooo how’s Rykou hmmm?
Hikari: Ahh! Y-Yuko How did- I thought there was no one watching! (Blushing allot)
Yuko: Ha! Yeah right! A bunch of people saw I wasn't the first.
Hikari: (Looks around, noticing a couple groups looking at her then turn away laughing. Her face turning red) I’m so embarrassed! (Burying her head in her arms on the desk)
Yuko: It’s okay, though I think you've gained some enemy’s…
Hikari: (Peaking over her arms. Three other girls are giving her angry looks. Burying her head back down) Great! I didn't want this!
Yuko: Don’t worry you still got me. We’ll get you through this!
Hikari: Thanks Yuko… (Raising her head, smiling a little)
Yuko: What are best friends for?! Hmmm… Now I need to talk to Rykou. Where is he anyways, shouldn't he have come in like right after you?
Hikari: I don’t know he just stood there after I left… (Looks at the clock) He’d better hurry though he’s got a minute till the late bell!

(Rykou is running down the hall way toward class)
Rykou: (Pulls his phone out of his pocket, checking the time) Crap I've got a minute! [Enough holding back, I’m so close! One burst wont hurt] (Takes a couple more steps, then disappears down the rest of the hallway too the door) Haha yes! I love doing that! (Reaches for the door, pauses noticing a presence behind him) How long were you following me?
Daichi: Long enough. [He knew?!]
Rykou: Then that makes you “special” too, no human could follow me at that speed.
Daichi: … (Staring at him, inspecting him)
Rykou: What’s wrong? Do you not trust me now?
Daichi: Well yeah I don’t know if you’re really Rykou…
Rykou: Your birthday is November 16th, your favorite color is yellow, and you've had a crush on Manami since the 8th grade, Is that enough?
Daichi: (Seems satisfied) Yeah I believe you..., But how did-
Rykou: Let’s discuss this later man, I just want to have a somewhat normal day at school, and besides were almost lat- *DING*DING* No!! (Swings open the door before the last DING) We’re here! *DING*
Mrs. Yari: (Surprised) Well if it isn't the two missing class the most!
Daichi: I’m sorry Mrs. Yari I was on my way when Rykou stopped me in the hallway and started questioning me!
Rykou: WHAT! I was literally at door when YOU stopped ME!
Daichi: Yeah right don’t try to pin what you did on me!
Rykou: How can I pin something I never did!!
Mrs. Yari: Enough you two! Just go sit down! I’ll be back the front office has called me down there. (Turns and walks out the door)
Both: (Shrugging) Okay. (Start to walk down the rows of desks)
Daichi: (Nudging him with his elbow, speaking in a low tone) Guess you really are Rykou, you played along perfectly.
Rykou: You still didn't believe I was me?!
Daichi: You don’t know what I know.
Rykou: (Starts to near Hikari) Like I said we’ll talk later.
Hikari: Took you guys long enough. What’d you do get in trouble already?
Rykou: Ha! Jeez thanks, glad you expect such great things about me.
Hikari: Well trouble does seem to follow you everywhere you go. (Shrugging her shoulders)
Rykou: Hey, I try to keep my nose clean. (Sits down in his seat next to her) I think it has something to do with this guy. (Pointing behind him at Daichi)
Daichi: (Sitting down behind him) Who me? *Pshh!* Yeah right you just let trouble catch you!
Hikari: Hey at least he doesn't go around causing it!
Daichi: Whoa there! Is that protection I’m sensing? By the way why are you sitting right next to each other, are you two… Going out?! (Smiling like a child holding back his excitement)
Rykou: (Turns away, hearing students whispering) “I wonder if they are?” (Turning red) [Crap allot of people heard that!] (Looks around noticing a couple people glancing at him) “Can he hear us?!” “No way were too far.” (Puts his head down burying it in his arms) [How’d they already know?]
Hikari: (Turning bright red) N-No we just-!
Mrs. Yari: (Opens the door, entering the classroom) Okay everyone to their seats! I have important news to tell you!
(Everyone starts to sit down and the room goes quiet)
Mrs. Yari: Thank you. Now then, I have just been informed that we are going to have a new student joining us this year… (Looking at towards the door) You can come in now!
(A girl opens the door entering the room. Rykou starts to hear more whispers)”Wow she’s pretty hot!”
Daichi: (shocked) No Way…
Mrs. Yari: Class, this is Kimiko Miyamoto.
Rykou: (His head shooting up, shocked) [No way!!] (Flashes back to Kimiko saying “Maybe I’ll have to try it out sometime”) [She actually did it!?] (Notices Hikari is looking at him suspiciously) [Oh no! What do I do!?]
Mrs. Yari: She’s been home schooled, this is her first time in an actual school, so please help her feel welcome. (Smiles)
Classmates: “Hi!” “Hello!” “Welcome to high school!” “You can sit next to me if you want!”
Kimiko: (Smiling, overflowing with joy) Thank you so much! I look forward to meeting you all! (Looking around the class, spotting Rykou) Rykou! (Starts to make her way to him)
Daichi, Hikari and Classmates: (All surprised, Huh?!)
Rykou: (Starts to sweat, an awkward expression on his face) [I’m so dead!] Oh… Hey! Ha-ha [So much for a normal day…]

(Deep in the woods on the outskirts of town a castle sits ominously. Two men are conversing in a large throne room, one sitting upon the throne.)
Man: (Kneeling before him) She's now out of the protection of her home. What are your orders lord Kasumi?
Kasumi: We'll wait it out and strike when the time is right. That way you wont fail me again will you Tsutomu?
Tsutomu: Y-Yes! Forgive me we didn't expect that boy to be there...
Kasumi: Yes that was unexpected… We’ll just have to watch from the shadows for now, wait for your orders, you're dismissed.
Tsutomu: Yes of course my lord. (Bows, turns and walks out)
Kasumi: Haha, I will end your little dream Tatsuya... little brother.
-Chapter Three End-
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Posted 9/25/13 , edited 9/25/13
I just read lt man, lts really good on the detail, lt really sets the image in my mind as lf lm watchin lnstead of readin lt. Your putting alot of detail in the right spots, keep it up,
I told one of my girl friends to read lt and she absolutely fell ln love with lt, she loves everything about the story, shes goin crazy waitin to know what happens, =P
The story ls really strong and lt feels like theres many ways you could go about lt, but so far lts great, just keep doin whatever youre doin. You've got some real talent, l cant wait for the next chapter, hope lt doesnt end soon though xP how long do you plan on makin lt?
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24 / M / Salt Lake City
Posted 9/29/13 , edited 10/3/13
Thanks again man! It's good to know I'm doing something right!
As for how long it's going to be, I'm not quite sure yet, I feel like I could go on forever haha.
Thanks for spreading the word as well I'll be sure to keep it up! There's definitely more to come!

PS. I changed the end of chapter 3 a little (nothing too big though)
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Posted 10/7/13 , edited 10/8/13
I just thought I'd let you know that there is a book series called Thirst about a very old vampire. You should consider changing the title.
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Posted 10/8/13 , edited 10/8/13
@ThrenodialSoul Thanks for the heads up ^=^ I had no idea haha
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24 / M / Salt Lake City
Posted 10/8/13 , edited 10/8/13
Soooo! I have come up with a new title since apparently Thirst has been taken.... The New title is Now Transcend Let me know what you think. ^-^
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Posted 12/9/13 , edited 12/10/13
Hey guys sorry its taken sooo long to get the 4th chapter done. I've been busy with work and what not... So here it is! Lemme know what you think ^=^
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Posted 12/9/13 , edited 12/12/13
-Chapter Four-
-Uncovered Past-
(The class stares in awe at Rykou, as Kimiko makes her way toward him.)
Rykou: (Nervously looking around at the classroom) [Crap everyone is looking at me! What do I do?!]
Kimiko: (Arrives at Rykou’s desk) I can’t believe I’d see you so soon! (Hugging him)
Rykou: (Hesitantly hugging her back) Haha… yeah… me neither.
Hikari: Sooo… who’s this Rykou?!
Rykou: [Oh no! What do I say!?] U-Um… this is-
Kimiko: Kimiko I’m his Girl-
Rykou: Good friend!! From my… childhood haha! (Nervously smiling)
Hikari: (Standing up) Oh really…?!
Rykou: (Noticing their both “put out”) [Crap! Here it comes!]
Hikari: You’ve never told me about her, (extending her hand out, Forcing a smile) I’m Hikari nice to meet you. [There’s another girl?!]
Kimiko: Nice to meet you too! (Shaking her hand, forcing a smile as well) [You’ve got some explaining to do Rykou!]
Kimiko: Well then, I guess I’d better find a seat. (Turns around to the student sitting in the desk next to Rykou) May I please have this seat? (Giving him a cute smile)
Boy: (blushing) U-Umm… y-yeah go ahead! (Gets up moving to the next available seat)
Kimiko: (Sitting down) Thank you so much!
Mrs. Yari: (Blinks, Still a little surprised) Ookay… Now that that’s over let’s start the lesson. Everybody open their books to…
Rykou: (Starts to hear whispers from other students) “Two girls now?! Jeez he’s an animal!” “Is he playing them both?” “And to think I wanted him…” “Things just got interesting!” “Disgraceful.” [Oh man I’m never going to hear the end of this!] (Covering his ears) [Damn it I can still hear them! Make it stop!] (His aura beginning to faintly show)
Kimiko: (Hears the whispers too) [So there is something between them!?] (Looking at Rykou Noticing his aura) [They’re getting to him, he’s losing control!]
Daichi: (Still surprised deep in thought) [What the hell is going on?! Why is Kimiko here, and how does she know Rykou?!] (Looking at Rykou) [His aura starting to show!? Did his mark wear off?] (Looks at the cross on Rykou’s right hand) [No, it’s there, but it is missing some of it… Just what happened over the summer?]
Rykou: (Looks at his hands noticing his aura) [Crap I need to get out of here, I can’t control my powers fully!] (Covers his ears again, clenching his eyes shut) [Shut up! Shut up…!] Aargh!! (Gets up running toward the door, throws it open breaking the hydraulic, slamming it against the wall.)
Kimiko: Wait…! Rykou! (Looks at Mrs. Yari) Sorry, please excuse me. (Bows, then runs after him closing the door.)
Hikari: [I have to know what those two are up to!] (Looks at Daichi, noticing he’s gone) [When did Daichi leave?!] (Runs to the door opening it)
Mrs. Yari: (Still surprised at what just happened) Oh no you don’t! Get back to your seat Hikari!
Hikari: But…!
Mrs. Yari: No but’s! I can’t allow any more students to leave my classroom!
Hikari: (Sigh) Fine. (Looks up and down the long hallway) [Their already gone?!] (Walks back to her seat, slumping back into it.) [Just what is going on?!]

(Rykou runs out the side door of the school, throwing it open, slamming it against the wall shattering the glass window) *bam!* *Ksshh!-sound of glass breaking-*
Rykou: (Running, looking back over his shoulder) Damn it! That wasn’t supposed to happen! (Notices Kimiko arriving at the exit. Turning back he quickens his speed, disappearing into the grotto close by.)
Kimiko: Wait!! (Dashing after him disappearing into the grotto)
Daichi: (Watching from around the corner of the school) Crap! Can’t lose them! (Quickly dashing after them)
Rykou: (Runs alongside the river going through the grotto, when he comes to a small clearing in the trees, with a pool of water. The suns beams shining through the small clearing in the trees branches make the pool sparkle brilliantly) This looks like a good spot. (Lays down under a tree next to the pool closing his eyes) [Damn it, I can’t even go to school without problems! And now I’ve got to worry about two girls, ones not even human…! I’m not much different now though…] (Starts thinking about kissing Hikari and sucking the blood from her paper cut the other night. Then kissing Kimiko and drinking her blood last night. Feels his throat getting dry) [Oh no the thirst’s coming back! What do I do? I don’t have any blood!] *heartbeat* (The thirst starts to intensify, forcing Rykou to the ground hugging himself in agony) *Ahh!*Uuhh!* [My body… It aches everywhere…! I… need… blood…] (Looks at his hand) It’s worth a shot! (Sinks his fangs into his hand, cringing) *Mmhh!* (takes a gulp, pulling away relaxing a little, and sitting up) That took the edge off… but for how long…?
Kimiko: Until you get aroused again... (Emerging from behind the tree)
Rykou: (Surprised, Quickly looking behind him) Huh?! How did y-
Kimiko: (Points at the river a bleak expression on her face) I followed the river.
Rykou: (A little embarrassed) Oh… haha… Right… Wait what do you mean by aroused?
Kimiko: (Sits down next to him) Anything that reminds you of drinking blood will bring up the desire for it, until it’s quenched… but drinking your own blood is dangerous, because the next time you get an urge it will be 10 times worse! Who knows what will happen then.
Rykou: So I’ll just drink more.
Kimiko: You can’t do that forever, eventually the effectiveness will decrease until it no longer cuts it. What you need to do is better control your powers.
Rykou: (Lays back sighing) Easy for you to say, I’m new at this.
Kimiko: They were getting to you weren’t they.
Rykou: Huhh?! [Oh…of course she heard them] Yeah… I guess I’ve never heard the whispers that go on in class, but it’s weird, didn’t hear them before you came in, whys that?
Kimiko: Everyone was looking at you making your emotions out of control. The control on your powers is linked to your emotions, keeping yourself calm you allows you to call upon your powers at will.
Rykou: How were you able to keep calm back there? That was your first time at school.
Kimiko: Well… (Pauses) actually I have experience… with school.
Rykou: But I thought you said you’ve never been!
Kimiko: Y-yeah… sorry, I lied. I tried going during what would be the 6th year of elementary school had I gone before. So I had the same problem, and it didn’t help that I was completely alone. Hearing the things people whispered behind my back was the worst. There were multiple times that I ran out of the room… but my guardian that watched over me while I went to school, was there. He would comfort me and calm me down so I could resume my day. Finally one day he told me something that changed my life.

(Flashes back to Kimiko and her guardian talking on top of a school)
Kimiko: I hate this place everyone is so two faced to me! One minute there cheerfully saying hi but behind my back they say mean things! (Burying her face into his chest hugging him)
Guardian: (Comforts her, then pats her on the head) Come now, It doesn’t matter what people think about you it’s what you think about yourself, do you think those things about yourself?
Kimiko: (Looking up) N-No…
Guardian: Then why are you so down? They don’t know you for who you are, who cares what they say, imagine they’re not even there. Concentrate on yourself and what you know is true. Hell you could even laugh at how wrong they are, to yourself of course though. (Winking)
Kimiko: Haha okay! Your right I’m the only one that knows me. Thanks you’re the best! See ya later! (Turns around and starts to run toward the door back inside)
Guardian: No problem have fun! Remember to keep those emotions in check!
Kimiko: I will! (Enters the school the door closing behind her)
(Flashes back to Kimiko and Rykou)
Kimiko: And that was the last day that I saw him as well as my last day at school.
Rykou: Really? What happened?!
Kimiko: (Hugs her knees) That was the day that we were attacked on the way back from school. It was December so the sun would set early, it was then that we were ambushed.

(Flashes back to Kimiko and her guardian driving back through the outskirts of town. The sun is setting illuminating the sky with red, pink, and orange highlights)
Guardian: So how’d it go?
Kimiko: It was great! I kept calm the entire rest of the day, and I even made some friends after class! Thank you so much! (Her face full of joy)
Guardian: That’s awesome! I’m glad I could help. You know, since your making friends now, I’ve got a son who’s about the same age as you.
Kimiko: Really?! Is he a vampire too?
Guardian: Well yes and no he’s half mage too, as of now he thinks he’s just human though. My wife being a mage cast a sealing spell on him, sealing away his powers.
Kimiko: How come you did that?
Guardian: Well, being a Vampire Mage hybrid his powers were too much to control at such a young age. We also wanted more than anything for him to coexist with humans, but with his powers that would have been impossible. So when you meet him just treat him like the students at your school, okay?
Kimiko: Okay! Will do! What’s his name?
Guardian: His name is Ry- (Slams on the breaks *Screech!* A serious look on his face)
Kimiko: (Notices five men in black cloaks blocking the street) W-What’s happening Takeshi?
Takeshi: Stay here and run as fast as you can if I tell you. (Opening his phone sending a distress signal)
Kimiko: O-Okay, but you’ve still got time on your bracelet, are you going to be alright?
Takeshi: I’ll manage, my main objective is your safety. (Gets out of the car, poking his head back in) Don’t worry I got this. (Giving her a warm smile)
Kimiko: Takeshi! (Reaching her hand out, as the door closed)
Takeshi: (Puts on his long black jacket and starts to approach the five cloaked figures. The daylight has almost faded marking the beginning of the night) Ya know standing in the middle of the road is dangerous! What if I hit you?
Middle Man: You know very well that wouldn’t have done much.
Takeshi: *Tss* (Stops walking) Okay… So I’m assuming you want the princess?
Middle man: Actually it’s more like my niece. (Removes his hood, showing Kasumi’s face)
Takeshi: [Damn he came this time?! Just my luck…] Wow! Kasumi actually came out of his cave?! I must feel privileged! (Gets in a fighting stance) Not really.
Kasumi: Your resistance grew annoying, so I decided to supervise this time… Now then, kill him.
(The four other men lunge at him swords drawn.)
Takeshi: (Smirks) Hmph! (In a flash of lighting he seems to effortlessly glide through them. All four collapse into ash as the clap of thunder follows)
Kasumi: It’s been a while since I’ve seen “Rai”. The blade that controls the powers of lightning, passed down by Raijin himself. Tatsuya gave it to you?
Takeshi: In order to protect the princess, I was granted its power for times like these.
Kasumi: Then I wonder how it will do against its brother “Fu”. (Pulls an almost identical sword out of his cloak)
Takeshi: Guess this fight was inevitable then… (Throws his scabbard aside)
Kasumi: Indeed... (Drawing his sword, tossing his scabbard aside as well)
(They stand there swords at the ready, studying each other’s stone expression’s.)
Kasumi: (The street light above them flickers, at the same time he slashes a blade of wind at Takeshi)*HA!*
Takashi: (Slashes it away) Huh?! (Noticing Kasumi attacking from above)
(Their swords clash sending out a shockwave the ground cracking below Takeshi, they both jump back from each other)
Kasumi: You know it’s not too late to come back, it hasn’t been the same since you deserted me for my foolish little brother.
Takeshi: Ha! Yeah right! My goal now is coexistence not domination.
Kasumi: I see… that’s too bad. I’ll have to kill you now. (His aura bursting he dashes at Takeshi)
Takeshi: (His aura bursting too, raising his reaction time to barely block the death blow. Leaping back into the side of a building) [Damn. He’s too fast I can barely see him! If only I could take this bracelet off…]
Kasumi: *Hmh!* (Quickly leaping after him)
Takeshi: (Kicking of the wall) [I gotta end it with this one!] (His blade energized with electricity, and aura blazing) *HAAA!*
(Takeshi slashes his lightning blade, Kasumi using the wind changes direction slightly to dodge the deadly blow, and piercing Takeshi’s heart)
Takeshi: Gah! *cough* (Blood dripping of the end of Kasumi’s blade)
Kasumi: You didn’t know I could fly could you, it’s quite the shame really I didn’t want it to end like this… I’ll be taking my niece now. (Letting Takeshi fall off his blade)
Kimiko: (Getting out of the car) NO!! Takeshi!!
Takeshi: (Slowly turning to ash as he falls) [Damn it… I should have known.] (looking at his sword) [There is one more thing I can do.] Raijin… hear my final request… t-take this girl to safety… (The blade of the sword disappears, the hilt glowing. Looking at Kimiko) Kimiko! Catch this! (Throws the glowing hilt which accelerates toward her. Closing his eyes) [Sorry guys I won’t be coming home this time…]
Kasumi: (Notices eyes widening) NO! (Dives toward her)
Kimiko: O-Okay! (Catches the hilt just in time, and in a flash of lightning she disappears)

(Flashes back to Kimiko and Rykou)
Kimiko: And before I knew it I was in my room… Takeshi used his dying breath to ask Raijin to take me home safe…
Rykou: (A shocked expression on his face) Wait…Y-you said his name was Takeshi?!
Kimiko: Yes…? (Puzzled)
Rykou: Takeshi was my father’s name…
Kimiko: (Her eyes widening) No way… are you sure it’s the same guy?
Rykou: (Holding up his right hand showing the mark of the seal on it) I guess I now know what this is.
Kimiko: Oh my god… You really are him!
Rykou: (Looking down) It all makes sense, why my mom always picked me up from school, why I have this mark, and why I never saw him after that day… (Stands up, looking at her with a stern look) was because of you.
Kimiko: (worried) No… Rykou I-I didn’t-
Rykou: I can’t believe it….you… (Shakes his head) I-I gotta go. (Starts to walk away)
Kimiko: (Stands up, tears starting to form in her eyes) Wait! Rykou!
Rykou: (Puts up a hand) Just… Let me be… (The ground slightly trembling) I’m trying to stay calm. (Jumps though the canopy of trees, cracking the ground)
Kimiko: (Reaching out) W-wait Rykou! I-I’m sorry! Don’t leave! (Tears flowing down her face she starts to follow him)
Daichi: I wouldn’t go after him if I were you.
Kimiko: (Stops, whipping around looking up) D-Daichi?! How long have you been here?
Daichi: I heard the whole thing… (Hops down from the tree behind her) You tuned him didn’t you?
Kimiko: (Starts to wipe away her tears still sobbing) Y-Yes but he was d-dying I-I had to! *sniff*
Daichi: Well you’re half right, his “outer self” was dying, and if you hadn’t saved it we would’ve had much more to worry about than your guys’ relationship. That “inner self” is nothing to trifle with, his power ranks just as high as your father and you if not higher. So thanks for that. (Smiles)
Kimiko: Really?! How do you know all this?
Daichi: I’ve been in charge of watching him since I was a child, we practically grew up together… so don’t worry he’s not the type to hold grudges, he’s just got to think it though.
Kimiko: O-Okay… (Drying her tears)
Daichi: Just give it till tonight he’ll come to his senses, actually knowing him he’s probably already figured out the real problem. You on the other hand, does Tatsuya know about all this?
Kimiko: N-No He just thinks I’m out shopping for the day…
Daichi: And the guard was okay with bringing you here?
Kimiko: Ehhehe… not really… so I slipped him a sleeping potion, (holding up a vile) then drove here myself. (Smiles)
Daichi: You drugged your guard?! What if something bad happened!?
Kimiko: Well I’ve got Rykou and you don’t I? I’d say that’s plenty.
Daichi: Yeah I guess… but still it’s dangerous outside and since Rykou just walked away you’re going back home! (Grabbing her by the arm) Come on, let’s go.
Kimiko: (Resisting) Awwe come on at least lemme go back to school, what if he comes back!
Daichi: Nope not a chance it’s too dangerous.
Kimiko: But-!
Daichi: Don’t worry I’ll come get you tonight so you two can talk.
Kimiko: (Stops resisting a little) Promise?
Daichi: I promise. (Letting go of her arm)
Kimiko: Fine, but next time I’m having a full day of school!
Daichi: Okay fair enough… Now can we go?
Kimiko: Yes we can go.
(They start to follow the river back out of the grotto)

(Rykou is sitting on the same roof of the abandoned house that he awakened at. The breeze shifting his hair ever so slightly)
Rykou: I can’t believe Kimiko was there when my father died… [But it was wrong to accuse her, it’s not like she killed him and he could have just let Kasumi take her. Dad always believed everything happened for a reason, that’s probably why I met Kimiko, so I can continue where he left off and finish this!] Kasumi…(clenching his fist, his aura blazing) He’s the one who caused this… (Stands up raising his fist) Kasumi! I’m going to learn how to control these powers, and when I do I’m coming for you!
-Chapter Four End-
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Yet another great chapter x3 honestly the fight scene was written really well! I was able to picture everything so perfectly, really awesome job, =D The only thing that l found was a bit off was the language that Takeshi spoke at first seemed a bit formal then changed to casual, and The part where Kimiko went from crying to suddenly concerned about school, just those two things needed a better transition but otherwise everything else was really great! hah l cant even imagine how much time and effort you put into thinking everything up, but the whole back story worked really well, and the girl l mentioned who l told to read lt loves lt, but thanks for continuing this story man =]
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Haha yeah I realized that when i posted it XD
I was hurrying because I finally had some free time to work on it, so I kinda rushed it I'm glad you still liked it though! Thanks for the input, the next chapter will be better on those transitions. Thanks for the feedback everything helps, and yeah there is still much more to come! ^=^
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