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What is crying
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CarboKill wrote:

justanotherguy_2005 wrote:

And neither side wins the debate.

Debate is such a cringeworthy word. Personally, i'm alright in admitting that everything we say is insignificant and worthless, and merely serves to kill our own time. When you think like that, suddenly it's hard to give a shit about the "debate" in the first place. Man, I love over-thinking everything.

I used "debate" since it was far too short for "discussion" and I would think it would just be sad if either of us were into it enough to call it an "argument". It just seemed to me that "debate" was a better fit. I agree though that it is all insignificant and worthless. I am just at work and have nothing better to do. /shrug
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Based on society's general reaction to the sight of tears -- meaning saying "awwwww, it's okay," or wanting to hug, reassure, help, or comfort the person crying -- then it can be concluded that crying is generally viewed as a vulnerability.

Crying = losing composure / lack of self-control
Losing control of one's self = being vulnerable

Being vulnerable is not necessarily a strength in my opinion so yeah... it's a weakness. Don't get me wrong though; I'm not saying one shouldn't cry. You can bawl your eyes out if you want, I don't care. I just don't allow myself to be that vulnerable. At least not in front of other people. Even if it's only to get what I want... I'll take them by force, not by acting like a toddler.
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WordsToLiveBy wrote:

Do you see crying as a weakness or a strength?

You can't attribute the act of crying as a "weakness" or a "strength" because it's simply a self expression, much like the act of "sighing". People sigh all the time when there is an appropriate emotional response from the brain.
People sigh because they are tired, or feeling down/hopeless, or they feeling overwhelmed by something.

Crying is the same thing, people cry because they are overwhelmed by something, whether it be sad in nature or joyous in nature.

If there's another word I would attribute to crying, I would use "beneficial".

In infancy, crying signals the nurturing mother or guardian to react to the baby's demands, thus allowing the mother to take care of the baby more effectively.
In adulthood, crying allows the person to overcome certain feelings and to balance out the stress levels, ever wondered why you feel better after an episode of crying?
In general, crying cleanse they eyeball and prevents bacterial build up.

It certainly helped Natalie Portman win Oscar Best Actress for that Black Swan thing.
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any emotion can be used as a strength depending if your will is strong enough
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OP nuked.

Feel free to recreate.

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