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What do you think about Cassandra Claire's Plagiarism?
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Posted 7/25/13 , edited 7/25/13

Mycow8me wrote:

ShiverGirl wrote:

Mycow8me wrote:

It's important to note that fanfics are for the most part plagiarized by default. You're already stealing another authors characters, themes, ideas, and plot. You may be altering it slightly to fit whatever genre or style of writing that suites what you're going for but ultimately it was a plagiarized work from the start. If she is copying word for word than that might be another story even if it was for a fanfic.

Would any of this of mattered if she wasn't now an accomplished author? Does her current works have anything to do with her past?

Fanfiction isn't plagiarism. You are not 'stealing' the characters or anything at all. Fanfiction and it's authors, fully acknowledge they do not own the series, or will profit from it. Also, I'd say if the authors don't object and say people are stealing their work, then it is not plagiarism. Fanfiction doesn't pass the characters, ideas, and plot as their own. Sometimes they claim their writing as their own, but other than that, nothing.

She's caused controversy, and was very popular before she was even published or an accomplished author. ...Did you read any of it though? Her current works kinda do have to do with her past, since her book is based off her fanfiction, she plagiarized that, she still completely denies she ever did, so...yes it does.

To be fair, I haven't read any of it or into this matter personally, but I was commenting as an author myself. It irks me that someone would be judged by her past which is why I asked the two questions in my last post to see if there was any connection. If her book is based off a plagiarized work of her own then its a shame but its a gray area when you say "based off".

On another note, you seem to think that plagiarism only involves claiming someone else's work as you're own or profiting from it when that's not true, most people think this way as well. Plagiarism is copying, reflecting, imitating, etc... another literary work regardless of due cause, acting like its your own would be borderline intellectual property theft. Perhaps stealing was poor word choice but the fact of the matter is that it IS plagiarism. Last time I checked, fanfiction writers don't go around asking all the authors for permission to use their characters, ideas, concepts, themes, dialogue, phrases, or whatever.

I dunno thread got derailed a bit, sorry. I think this whole thing sounds kinda blown up though.

Problem is, we know some of her fanfiction is in her book. What we all don't know is, how much? Is there other plagiarized text? Nobody dared to step forward when she did it last time, and until a loyal fan from of the authors she plagiarized recognized the words, and wrote up a big essay and sent it to the admins and got her deleted. It still kinda matters now, because you will be judged by your past, and the things you did. I was wondering what people think of it. Also, she IS capitalizing on her previous fame on her fanfiction. She just removed the 'i' in her name and then published the book, and not to mention put the fanfiction on her website, but latter took it down to due to people bashing her. I think if she'd just admitted what she'd done, and apologize, that people would leave her alone.

You do know most fanfiction writers do write disclaimers, right? Even if they don't, they don't claim the idea or characters as their own. Fanfiction isn't plagiarism. Nobody claims it as their own, and usually those who do and get popular off it, are deleted as far as I know. Last time I heard, no authors objected to fanfiction either. JK Rowling knows there is fanfiction, and doesn't seem to have problems with it, and just asks they password protect some. That's what fanfiction is, 'fan' fiction, and by your definition I think almost every book or movie is plagiarized. Most movies copy from each other, imitate each other, copy each other, reflect each other, and even books do. I'd say what you're saying borders more into copyright than plagiarism.

I'd say fanfiction is even bordering even more out, as now people can start profiting from it because of that amazon service ( the author also profits ).

Nah, it's okay. I find the discussion interesting. Mmm, she was pretty big, that's why. Apparently she was the first thing she to recommended people to read, and was very popular, until she was kicked out when she was discovered for what she did.
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