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Posted 7/15/13 , edited 7/15/13
So, whats your bag? do you drive / are you into the lines of a 50's/60's/70/s classic, or enjoy the thrilling 80's.

Personally I'm into anything at all, my first car was a classic mini which was restored by myself and my father (still have the mini) then had an 80's escort for a short time, then onto an early 90's Polo, which brings me to a late 80's Volvo 240! Boxy as hell, but it gets the job done
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Posted 11/30/14 , edited 12/1/14
got to love the mussel
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Posted 3/14/15 , edited 3/14/15
80's and 90's Japanese cars is where i'm at. I've had a 1997 Toyota Paseo that I love very dearly, I left it to my ex when we parted because I know she won't ever thrash it. That baby is basically a sports Tercel with the same suspension, transmission, chassis and the same 1.5L 5E-FE engine. It's not impressive on paper, but its very aerodynamic, compact and light design clearly make it a true sports car to me. If it won't pass one, it sure drives and feels like one!

I now have a 1989 Celica GT-S Liftback which I drive in the summer. Bone-stock with all options except A/C (I'm actually glad it doesn't, for weight...). It's impressively clean and well maintained. I'm also impressed with the stock setup with the T-VIS intake manifold, full-size spare wheel, front strut brace bar.
The thing can take a beating so hard, mommy would be ashamed of me, and it just doesn't fret one bit, how cool is that... It actually seems to like the beating a lot.

And for the winter I have a 1998 Corolla beater. It's boring as hell... It's by far the most boring car I've driven. But it's best if I don't like it too much, since it's purpose is to spare the one I like from the hell I won't make it go through. And, wow! It cost me 800$ repairs included (Suspension and brake were undriveable when acquired) and it hasn't cost me anything since I put it on the road in late September.
-30 C and the damn thing starts better than I do! Gotta love that.

Side note: I only drive manuals, all of these are... If you wondered...

My objective this year is to rent the local race track with a few friends and get wild. I've dreamt of that since the Paseo, and this year we're serious!

Props on the Mini, man, these things rock.
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