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Posted 7/16/13 , edited 7/16/13
If you become a member, you will have your level next to your stats. If you have just started, you are a Lvl 1 member. To start out, there will be "Areas" that you can access when you beat the last one. I will tell you when you advance. Everyone starts at Area 1. The description tells you whats happening and YOU have to decide what to do next!

To start out, your default level is 10 and it ups another 10 when you beat a gym or the Pokemon league.
Lvl 10: Default level
Lvl 20: Beat the 1st Gym
Lvl 30: Beat the 2nd Gym
Lvl 40: Beat the 3rd Gym
Lvl 50: Beat the 4th Gym
Lvl 60:Beat the 5th Gym
Lvl 70: Beat the 6th Gym
Lvl 80: Beat the 7th Gym
Lvl 90: Beat the last Gym
Lvl 100: Beat the Pokemon league

Battles show regular stats like HP and Lvl. The battle Itself could take a lot of posts though. The level is also the amount of HP that you have. The course of the battle could last lots of comments and turns. So be careful!

Don't forget to ask questions!

Not Finished!
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