Otaku vs Fanboys
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Posted 7/16/13 , edited 7/17/13
Recently I've been watching Genshiken and of course that always put me in the mood to burn all my savings on tons of useless anime stuff Ahek! I mean buy priceless pieces of current pop culture memorabilia.... ANYHOO, With that in mind, there is no other place on earth other then an Anime Conventions to help lighten the weight of my already thinning wallet.

After a long internet search I notice that NYC (my current residence) anime forums are almost non existent. The closest anime con was in Boston, but there is NY Comic Convention which is less then 20mins way. So that got me thinking. Why would I perfer to drive for 4hours to Boston with NYCC just minuets away? And it hit me, Otaku and Fanboys are NOT THE SAME.

To me Anime fans tend to be young and fun. They go to the cons for cosplay and generally love the manga and anime creators. They are positive and polite. The respect each other and welcome newbie as well as veterans. While I've always felt Fanboys tend to judge. The are snobby and serious. They push cosplayers aside to get the limited edition
what-ever-nots. They forget that this is really kid stuff, so instead of enjoying their surroundings they are too busy waiting in line to pay someone to sign there volume 1.

But maybe I'm wrong. I've only been to one comic con; obviously not a good experience Maybe we are not so different after all. So I wanted to know what every one else thinks about this, Otaku and Fanboys. What do you think? Do you prefer a separation between US and Japan or all in one house?
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Posted 7/22/13 , edited 7/22/13
I've been to NYCC a few times and other anime conventions as well. NYCC is definitely a different feel, especially since the anime festival portion that was on the top floor was removed. NYCC feels more crowded and eccentric and has a feeling of "too much going on at once" and it is harder now to run into anime cosplayers since its drowned out in american character cosplayers. However i still go, and i still cosplay anime stuff there.

I think the reason you feel this distinction from fanboy and otaku (in the usa) is because american comicbook heroes and the such have been in american culture and even become mainstream for quite some time leading to a larger audience, So you get a higher mix of douches in there lol. Where as anime is still pretty niche' in the usa, despite it quickly growing in popularity the last few years, so only the real passionate guys attend the con. If anime ever became mainstream you'll start seeing the changes of small peaceful cons turn into overcrowded venues of push and shove and the wider variety of the type of fans attending. ...well thats my guess.

I do like both NYCC and anime conventions each for their different reasons but i would rather have them split than joined. The only reason i say this is because the comicbook stuff is just toooo popular and drowns out the anime stuff, so its like the anime stuff isnt even there. Before at NYCC i could freely switch between the comic book floor and the anime festival area up top whenever i wanted to and it was great, but now that its gone and so called "merged" i can never find any anime stuff .
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