Dang Karaoke versions (Anime Jpop)
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Posted 7/18/13 , edited 7/18/13
Basically.. I've of course seen some wiki entries that are good.. and some other sites that talk about the jpop/anime releases. But I've ran into a couple of things I'm hunting down, and would like to be able to validate if there ever were releases of Karaoke/Off Vocal/Instrumentals (why can't they be consistent calling it one "thing" ?? ) on some songs.

I've seen several times (dang their black marketer hearts) where there'll be a Single release of say an OP and a couple insert songs. But wait! There's a limited edition pressing that has those Plus the Karaoke for the OP! ooo :)

Others are much nicer... Giving karaoke tracks on each song they put on the disc.

The CD I've got and track I'm trying to confirm somewhere kind of matches my example.

Haruna Luna's Overfly single (Sword Art Online ED2),

The regular has
Mahou no Shiro,Shinjitsu no Shomotsu,
Overfly (TV size)

The Limited first pressing replaces Overfly (TV) track with the Karaoke version.
But I'm trying to figure out if Inori's ever been karaoke'd anywhere.

So does anyone know a good site tracking all of this, or a way to confirm/ID a disc that's got this that I can buy?
Or continuing further with the Anime + Jpop side, about any general Karaoke releases sold, where and how, like how we can buy Karaoke CD+G discs here on this side of the pond.
Have wanted several old JPop's for awhile too.. I'm certain they get redone for Karaoke machines/booths but unsure about buyability of those discs.

Dang shame such a beautiful singable song doesn't get a karaoke release somewhere.
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Posted 7/18/13 , edited 7/18/13
No personal threads please. You can find help in the Music Help Thread or look harder on Google.


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