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Posted 7/19/13 , edited 7/20/13
dear crunchyroll i have noticed the snail mail ability to pay for crunchyroll and would love to use this but i have my fears that someone on the crunchyroll team is going to steal my money and not put it into my account but instead just keep it for themselves. this snail mail would really help me but if a crunchyroll member steals my money, ill be sure to delete my account and spread the word that crunchyroll is a bunch and thieves on all the anime sites that i know of and post it in the school newspaper. including chatango chat boxes. and be filing a report to the police. i mean no harm i only wish to watch anime freely. if you dont want this to happen make sure that my money makes it to my account.
sign kyle bell (photoshopmaster)
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Posted 7/19/13 , edited 7/20/13
Fret not Kyle, Crunchyroll consists of a team of highly professional workers who are all paid decently. As long as you send the snail mail with all the necessary information, you have nothing to worry about.
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Posted 7/20/13 , edited 7/20/13


That's me that handles all snail mail payments.

If you're concerned, you can always go to the post office and have a money order made out to Crunchyroll.

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