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Posted 7/19/13 , edited 7/20/13

A wild yandere sensei appears!

Rei's spectacles don't make him stoic at all, instead, he seems to be a nerdy type, but not a 'stoic' one per say. He's intelligent, and uses calculations for mo'foing everything. But he's also obsessed with looking beautiful while doing sports, which is the slightest bit vain of him. Also

Per usual, Nagisa and Makoto were cute.

Gou fangirled the fuck out when she saw Rei's muscles.

And Haru desperately wants to swim. I think it's sweet how he feeds cats. Bishies and Cats ftw

Nice to see the reapperance of the firey redhead from episode one, who clearly likes Gou.

And the introduction of Rin's kouhai and swim teammate. cute little mole boy.

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