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Best NES game
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Posted 4/15/10 , edited 4/15/10
1. metroid (this game rules on so many levels ... non-linear, dark theme, hip tanaka and ofc female lead samus aran.)
2. castlevania (best nes box art, difficult in a fun way, great level design, awesome music, classic.)
3. the legend of zelda (i love the feel of this game, lots of hidden gems, literally, "its a secret to everybody".)
4. super c (second best nes box art, best two player game, so much fun! just too short.)
5. megaman 2 (i love this game i don't know what else to say.)
hm. mike tyson's punch out (great characters and a good way to kill time.)
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Posted 4/28/10 , edited 4/28/10
Super Mario 3
Posted 6/3/11 , edited 6/4/11
Punch Out!
Super Mario
Duck Hunt
Mega Man
Friday the 13th
Double Dragon
Legend of Zelda
Adventure of Billy Bayou(?)
Dr. Mario

There's so many I can't remember all the names of them.
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Posted 6/4/11 , edited 6/4/11
My "desert island" NES game would probably be Gemfire. It was a war strategy game with a fantasy setting. The NES version can be challenging, but the artificial intelligence is not as good as the SNES/Genesis versions, so I feel the NES version is a little more enjoyable.

There's so many other NES games which I really enjoyed, and still enjoy. Some of the lesser-known or unpopular games I liked were...

* Little Ninja Brothers. It's a rather awkward combination of action and RPG. It's ridiculous, but if you take the time to learn how to fight, not bad.

* Magic of Scheherazade. Created by the same company... also a mix of action and RPG gameplay, but probably a better game overall.

* Dragon Warrior 2, 3, and 4. They got less and less distribution, so finding an actual DW4 cart these days is difficult and expensive. Anyway, I managed to finish the first three DW games back in the day -- I didn't have too many other hobbies. Didn't quite like the gameplay changes in the fifth chapter of DW4 enough to finish the game.

* M.U.L.E. This economic strategy game was also available on various computers at the time. It has no interesting graphics, and it's kind of annoying to play against the computer (the opponents can be smart at times, and foolish at other times). More fun than you'd think in multi player mode.

* Shadowgate, Deja Vu, and Maniac Mansion. The NES versions are watered down and lack mouse controls, but they seemed enjoyable at the time.

* Uncharted Waters. While I prefer the follow-up game New Horizons, the first game is a good mix of trading and adventuring.
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Posted 6/5/11 , edited 6/5/11
Hard to decide on the best... But if I have to choose one, then it would be Super Mario Bros. 3.
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Posted 6/8/11 , edited 6/9/11
super mario bros
super mario bros 3
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Posted 6/9/11 , edited 6/10/11

HellsCaretaker wrote:

3 Gaurdian legend

Good, someone else has heard of this game! It's definitely one of the best on the system. I'm torn between it, Dragon Warrior 4, and Legacy of the Wizard for best game on the system...
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Posted 6/10/11 , edited 6/11/11
The best NES game really is hard to decide as it has so many great games from several genres.
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Posted 9/29/12 , edited 9/29/12
Locked because OP has nuked.

Anyone, feel free to recreate this topic as your own.
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