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Underrated Anime`s
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Posted 7/22/13 , edited 7/22/13

Dayummy wrote:

So what anime`s do you think was underrated? [Sasami] in my opinion.

Hi there. We already have two existing threads where folks can list what they think the most underrated anime shows are. Please add your contribution to the discussion in the following thread--doing so will "revive" the thread (which periodically does spur interest) so others will also be reminded to participate:


I know it's not always easy to know if a topic already exists, and our search functions aren't perfect, but I generally have pretty good luck by putting a key word into search (in this case, "underrated" would work). The trick I've discovered is that our search gives post results first, and leaves the topic results blank, but when you click the search icon from the results screen, it will pull up topics as well.

Per the Site & Forum Rules duplicate threads are not allowed. Please take a few minutes to read through the rules, as they contain additional guidelines about posting in the forums.

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