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A Town Where You Live... What are your thoughts?
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Posted 7/22/13 , edited 7/22/13

AnimeKami wrote:

The storyboard is clever... If you have not read the manga you will think it is some dude going to Tokyo to talk to a girl.

Now I am seriously assuming each and everyone is intelligent enough to assume that this girl has a really strong connection with the guy otherwise he wouldn't be doing this (I hope to god this isn't a spoiler, since everything is a F*ing spoiler these days).

Continuing on... this guy goes to this city to talk to this girl, and amidst all this you see flashbacks of why he is potentially doing all the stuff he is doing.

^ that is pretty clever storyboard and it makes sense.

yup and that's I think one of the main reasons why I like it so much. It's the not knowing entirely what happened and it being explained to you as the series progresses. It's something I loved so much about Blast of Tempest.
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Posted 7/22/13 , edited 7/22/13

lgfaver wrote:

A Town Where You like or "Kimi no Iru Machi"... Started watching this one by chance boy am I glad I did!
In two episodes it has delivered in a more satisfying way (for me anyways) than Clannad has in around 30 episodes that I have watched. The plot seems pretty cool and yes, it has only been two episodes but I like plot and the backstories/flashbacks are much more interesting and better told than in Clannad.
I would like to hear what those of you who have watched it too have to say about it.

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