Why do anime's have misleading opening themes?

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purple means I added it in after original just in case you were wondering
blue is kinda emphasizing something
red is random thoughts
green is extra info, I guess?

May I first start by saying I rarely type on forums because I am OCD about a lot of things, but I decided to do this anyway.

another side not I don't speak Japanese and I'm basing this opinion on the images and tone/beat of the opening theme

Anyway, have any of you ever watched that anime where as its opening theme (I don't really know its "name" so from now on I'm just going to call it the opening) is not right for the anime, a lot of anime have it more or less on the mark, but I've seen quite a lot of them which have it very different, and it's been happening more in the more recent anime seasons, the one which made me really think about it was "Zettai Boei Leviatan"

If you've seen it you know its more sort of kidy like it was aimed towards the younger anime fans not toddlers though but when I see that opening I think its a serious action anime. Something more recent would be "WATAMOTE ~No Matter How I Look at It, It’s You Guys Fault I’m Not Popular!~"

It's opening is screaming action at me heck at least a fight or two, but the anime is about a girl who chugs (like a train) so hard in the wrong direction, you may say (from the time of this post its only has 3 episodes) it's only been 3 episodes maybe it will have action, but sadly from what I can tell it'd be very hard to make the transition from where it is now because it doesn't even foreshadow or hint at it.

you didn't have to answer with the numbers
TBH you don't have to even use the stuff I just added it in to see opinions on stuff I was wondering

O.K. the title was a question, so I want your answer to it and these:

1. Why do anime's have misleading opening themes? (just in case you forgot )

2. do you like it or dislike it?

3. What are some you know of? (I know there are more)

4. Do you think there's a reason behind it?

5. (If you speak Japanese) are they saying stuff that's agreeing with what I have or does my idea not work if you speak Japanese?

6. Am I awesome? (You don't even need to answer this one because we know its true)

7. Any question ideas, cause I ran out?

8. How does this Topic look 1-10 1=bad 10=Blind at its perfection (We all know its a 10 don't be jelly and say 1-9)

answer any which ones you want to, no need to say:
1. bleh bleh
2. bleh bleh
3. bleh blehha
6. yes
7. bleh bleh
8. 11 (truly its over 9000)

you can if you want but a essay is fine too. Pfft if your lazy you can do a paragraph/sentence.
(FYI I''m under your bed watching you type what ever your going to)

clarifications made after a few replies:

A lot of people had the pretty similar opinions and I blame my wording, the WAMOTE OP (I think it's pretty awesome and its one I don't skip often) was just a mild example because its a very recent one, yes I do agree they do it to get you motivated but I kinda puts me off personally, also as I said above my opinion is purely based on the pictures and beat of the sound, I wouldn't really care if they translated it or not, I skip them after the 1-2 episode.

I know the op is to attract you in but it's still nice to get a correct feel.

Another not, I made this to just see what people thought if they agreed or not, not to dig on anime makers, I didn't mean for this to be taken too seriously but for you just to say "ya ive noticed it to" I added the "survey" at the end just to see those who like to be very opinionated to have a pivot point, I didn't want anyone to think I was complaining or saying they shouldn't nor do I care to much as to actually find out the translation of EVERY single anime. I love anime OP I just found it curios why they did it.

A lot of you bring up the "it's to get you hooked at first" point but frankly it would be better for me if it actually portrayed the anime I'm watching while being fun similar to "Servant x Service" it doesn't turn me off from the anime because i follow the first full episode rule.

I didn't really think about madoka magica.

I don't see many ED in general but I assume some follow the general stuff like above

I put the little am I awesome/grading in half jokingly but really 6-7 on average: :[
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6. yes

11. over 9000
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Personally, I think you are reading too much into it. And only a small subset of OPs are "misleading", imo.

But, to answer your questions:

1. For contrast, for energy, and to get you "motivated" to watch. Personally, I don't think the WAMOTE OP is misleading.
2. I like it.
3. I can't think of any good ones right now.
4. Yes. See #1 since this just rephrases that question.
5. Yes, sometimes the lyrics tie closely to the show, but often they don't.
6. Sorry, AnimeKami's got you beat. ;)
7. Why?
8. "7" It's interesting, I guess. :)
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1) well for starters, assuming everyone is a jedi, cr doesn't exactly have translated openings or endings so you may or may not know what the opening is saying, mostly the later.

2) I don't mind it

3) if you've seen Rosario to vampire capu 2 you'd understand that disco dancing really sexy

4) there should be a reason for it otherwise they wouldn't of done it the way they did

5) see 3

6) let's kill some kittens again. in the original japanese dub of dbz vegeta actually says 8000! and when they remastered the english version they changed it as well. So you are only over 8000!

7) do you want cr to translate op ed?

8) 7 it is neutral

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1. Sometimes it is to mislead you. If it's intentionally done then usually I count that in the show's favor rather than against it. Think about Madoka Magica. At first it is misleading, but because of that episode 3 hits you like a ton of bricks, because you aren't expecting it. It's only then that you hear the darker ending theme. But then the opening comes back around when they develop Homura's character, and it starts to fit again and blows your mind. That crap's genius.

2. Mostly I like it.

3. Evangelion, Hunter x Hunter, Valvrave (it made you think the show would be good), Lucky Star (until it comes around in the last episode), Muromi-san

4. Aside from doing it to intentionally mislead you, a happier opening to a darker show (Hunter x Hunter) is more likely to make people watch it, plain and simple.

6. Yeh

7. nah sorry

8. 7 or 8, Better than my topics >_>

For Watamote, you've gotta remember that metal is the genre of awkward people. No opening would be more fitting.
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yeah, watamote no matter how i look at it blsadjlblahblah has an unfitting theme song
i think the opening song for free! at certain parts is a bit unfitting. HARDCORE SWIMMING TO THE MAX!!
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1) Some openings tease things that don't even happen during the season - so 3 eps in it's no wonder that you haven't seen the payoff yet. Others tease things from the manga or light novels that many anime are based off of, in part so you'll get curious and buy those (unfortunate that most of those aren't translated so I don't even get that chance, but I've read enough to know what's going on in many cases).

Some tease a lot more action just to get people curious, since the opening is also often used as a trailer for the anime itself in other media. "Wow, big monster fight? Sure, I'll try the series"

Some even try to match the opening more to the theme song they're using. Even if it was written specifically for the show, they end up having to do weird cuts or random images at times just to keep up.

2) I'm kind of neutral on it. I often start watching anime based on the openings I've seen, but if it doesn't match, it doesn't match. That doesn't impact how I enjoy the anime itself. I can always skip the opening if I don't like it.

3) Slayers Try specifically has a point where it has an arrow saying "Sorry, opening only" when pointing to a character that lots of people want to know about. Evangelion has tons of stuff that never happens in the show, too. I'd say most shonen animes have something in their opening that never appears in the show, to be honest.

4) Money. They need to pay employees, and to do that, they need to sell their shows. The less cynical version is that it also lets artists and designers play around in their show's universe with no real impact on the show, but I think that's just a side effect of trying to make the money to stay in business.

5) Depends. Some match up pretty well, others completely nonsensical. I kind of think of them like book covers in that sense - the author might get to hand over a few key words, then the artist runs with those and you end up with something that makes no sense. Other times, they work closer and it fits well, or the author picks an existing work and fits it to their story.
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Watamote's OP is certainly not what I expected, but I wouldn't call it misleading. For a start, the opening played after some set-up footage in episode 1, which should have primed you on what kind of anime Watamote was going to be. With that introduction in mind, I didn't think the opening was meant to be taken literally - instead, I interpreted it as taking a metaphorical look into Tomoko's situation. It's about struggling for popularity (or even just friendship) while being constrained by something, be it her own personality or the attitudes of the people around her. And even though she fails an awful lot, she will persevere until she's broken what's holding her back. Many openings do include some symbolism in there to spice things up, it's just that not many take it as far as Watamote.
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1-4) I don't care, mostly. To me, the OP of a show and the ED of a show have two different functions. The OP is designed to get you excited and/or in an "anticipatory" mood for the show (whatever that means). In short, they're trying to hook you. The ED, on the other hand, is designed to make you reflect on the show, think about what just happened, and (hopefully) make you want to watch again. In that sense, I think ED's are the only part that's supposed to "fit" with the show.

With openings, producers aren't trying to give you a feel for what to expect from the show -- that can't be done without watching it. They're trying to create a chance for you to get a feel for the show -- they just want you to watch it. This is why the OP's (usually) have some of the best animation in the show, and (usually) an upbeat feel. They want to dazzle you. So basically, I'm fine with that. I don't find it misleading because I'm only "led" by the show. I will say ED's have an effect on how I view a show though.

5) Some do and some don't, but I only have the translators' word for it.

6) Don't know.

7) Nope.

8) Like... the format and presentation quality? Using paragraphs instead of a giant block of text gets you at least a 5, but I'm not a fan of taking quality-control surveys on a site I use for fun, so probably no more than 8. Grammar/punctuation/word usage was fine so, I'd say we're at at least 6, but there wasn't any particular point where I was enjoying the read, so I'd say probably like 6 or 7?

If I need to score it: 6.4

Really though, if I wasn't interested, then I wouldn't have posted -- that's really all that matters.
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Puella Magi Madoka Magica?
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Thoughts on madoka magica while watching the Theme: "oh here we go another generic dime-a-dozen magical girl anime.
Thought after the first 5 minutes: "HOLY MOTHER OF JESUS, WHAT IS THIS.
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1.Maybe is to give the viewer a bit of a surpass to find out the opening is nothing like the show itself or they just do some foreshadowing on whats gonna happen next.

2.I like it

3. I think the most misleading is Puella Magi Madoka Magica opening, I also think that Tsukuyomi:Moon Phase opening can be misleading at times (the fact is one of the most strangest openings I seen) and as for Watamote opening, well granted, is not that kind of opening I see in a comedy anime normally, but I think it fits with what the main character is feeling and going through (plus its fricken awesome!!,probably some of the best this season)

4.See 1

5.Yes and No

6.Hmmm maybe

7.What about misleading endings or anime?

8. I will give it a 6.5
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Misleading is a misleading term here... The OP is meant to get you excited for the show so you watch it and hopefully, buy it! A really exciting OP with a boring show can be a let down but the OP did its job at least, it is the show that failed. Often the OP is done separately, done first, done by a different animation subcontractor company sometimes.

Muromi-san's OP is exciting and yet misleading as it shows a really cool event which never happens in the show unless I blinked and missed it...

In the case of Watamote it is not in fact misleading. That cool girl singing in the OP is how Tomoko wants to be! In her mind, she is a really cool chick. In reality she is very shy and self-deprecating. But that OP shows who she really would like to be.

I understand Japanese but knowing that just means you know what the OP song says. Sometimes the OP song has absolutely nothing to do with the show! Sometimes it was made years before. Other times it was tailor made for the show, like in the case of both Muromi-san and Watamote.

Your post is fine. I don't like answering by number though...
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My nominee for "most misleading OP" remains Narutaru (Shadow Star)

This is the OP:

This is what the series is like:
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TheAncientOne wrote:

My nominee for "most misleading OP" remains Narutaru (Shadow Star)

This is the OP:

This is what the series is like:


After watching both those videos, I second that.
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