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Posted 8/15/13 , edited 8/15/13

charunetra wrote:

it would be wrong if i dont answer in this topic like others mods are
Do be clear i had bad school life but it was not so kind like tomoko have it so to pick story to fit anime is quite hard because real life is quite different

I think the most smilar things was when you try to go near somebody you don't know and try to speek with her/him but because your shy or don't know the topic to talk abou then you end up usaly be lauge or ignord
If i take the story then i think way not love in some point anybody feel it and want here is my story (sorry if it's not fit in the topic)

We got new guy in the class..he was kind, good looking, good in sport and first i only looked him because i was scared to go near of somebody who is so different from took almost 4 month for me to talk with first it was just some simple words but even those was extreamlly hard to say to him..after time you get use to it with "Good Morning" "See you around" "take care"..those are simple to normal quite hard for me back took almost 1 year for me to try talk with him more than simple words i felt that i can talk more and maybe get to near him as well not like friend but girl..
One day i left my book in the classroom so i need to go back and i heard others boys and him talking so i went more near to hear more.
"Hey how come you can look her?"
"You know that girl who sit next to you"
"It's just simple words so anybody can do it but if i can stop talking with her then it would be nice.. I mean she never smile, talk with so little and out of place things and it's quite annoying"
"Yeah it's quite funny to see how se try to talk with you"
"I know but i can't tell girl to fuck off can't you, it would make my reputation go down with girls"
after that they lauged like that was nothing at all..After than i just rund away and i stop talking with all guys the next day even if they tryed to get something from me i never respont to them..

I learnd that if your good looking guy then your roten inside..i never trusted guys and i still don't trust them because usaly they think only with the 3 leg -.-

Thad so sad
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Posted 8/15/13 , edited 8/16/13
Ok so I do too have a story similar to the show.
here it goes.
I too had call my teacher "Mom" it was so embarrassing, I was a junior during high school. At the moment I had to take 2nd Semester of Algebra1, so I was in class with all the freshman; that made it worst. Lmao
Posted 8/30/13 , edited 8/31/13
man, having your mom as a teacher,,,, my heart goes out to you man!!! that would be tuff
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