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Posted 7/24/13 , edited 7/25/13

+ Yes abortion is alright and should be allowed. First reason, inhumane people do rape women and leave their dirty messes. Two, some people just don't like kids. Three, kids cost money. Four, you probably can't take care of yourself. Five, giving birth is painful! Six, THIS WORLD IS A CHAOS! WHY BRING THEM INTO THE WORLD AND LET THEM SUFFER??

-No abortion is not alright and shouldn't be allowed. First reason, you'll become a murder. Two, let them make the choice to live or die. Three, hey they can make money and take care of you when you get old. Four, you don't know what good thing they can bring to the world. Five, if every women thinks giving birth is painful and not worth it, then everyone should just lay into their coffin now. No next generation meaning no future! Six, main purpose of all living organism is to pass on the gene! Seven, many people don't have the ability to have kids due to failure of certain sexual organs.


My solution: Adopt kids no pain. Too many children are in foster care facing problems. The world is over populated. Who cares if your gene is passed on or not? As long as the next generation is safe, happy, healthy and not a chaos, why can't we all have a happy ending? Let kids be kids and let adults be adults. As long everyone walk on the right path and no crimes -Lives can be fair, anything is possible-
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