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Spain Train Crash
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Posted 7/26/13 , edited 7/26/13
why do people make cars that can go over 100mph.
(some rails can remain strait for miles)

it's the drivers job to regulate his speed.

it's not that the train was incapable of going at high speeds;
it's got more to be with physics. (newtons law)

it's an unfortunate disaster no matter how you look at it.
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Posted 7/26/13 , edited 7/26/13

FlyinDumpling wrote:

animemonster96 wrote:

It was the driver's fault, he was going twice over the speed limit. No wonder it crashed.
why would anyone made a train that's capable of moving at a speed it cannot withstand?

Because trains tend to have different speed limits for different places on the tracks; it can be totally safe to be going at a certain speed on a straight bit of rail, but going at the same speed around a corner can cause the train to tip. Having it so the train's max speed is the same as the speed limit for the corners would be a huge blow to the rail industry, because it would severely lengthen travel time.
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Posted 7/26/13 , edited 7/27/13
watch that
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