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Recommend me a Drama Show/Movie! **Read First Post!**
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Posted 10/11/14 , edited 10/11/14

So good I recommend you all k-drama lovers to watch it.

Title: I miss you
Starring:Park Yoo-Chun / / Yoon Eun-Hye // Yoo Seung-Ho
Genre: Melodrama, romance
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Posted 11/9/14 , edited 11/9/14

bakoi wrote:

I'm looking for a real tear jerker of a drama. If anyone could point me in the right direction, I'd appreciate it.

One Litre No Namida
*hands you a box of tissues*
It's a Japanese drama and soooo good! I highly recommend it!
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Posted 11/15/14 , edited 11/16/14
koizora either one is good but if you want a young love and a tear jerker
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Posted 11/29/14 , edited 11/30/14
Anyone have any recommendations for J-Dramas that are sad and possibly romantic? With teenagers too?

I've seen Boys Over Flowers and Mischevious Kiss. BOF is absolute favorite and I prefer Japanese but I've seen some Korean and they aren't bad. I'm currently trying out Future Diary (I think it's K?...) but I don't know how I feel about it yet. And I keep hearing about 1L of Tears but I haven't brought myself to watch it yet.

Thank you!
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Posted 12/15/14 , edited 12/15/14
Hi everybody, could you please recommend me an Asian romance drama (any country is ok) about two childhood friends or childhood sweethearts with a happy ending? Preferably without a too explicit love triangle, at least with no actual cheating and with childhood flashbacks, although even without them is ok.

As examples, the ones I liked the most are the Japanese series "Churasan" and the Chinese movie "Qing ren jie - A Time to Love".

Thanks in advance.
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Posted 12/17/14 , edited 12/17/14
I don't actually mind the country it came from. I am looking for something that has a feeling of innocence,
first time to like or love someone, something pure and light-hearted. Similar to (manga) Sukitte ii na yo,
Hirunaka no Ryuusei, and Kimi ni Todoke, or first part of angel eyes (korean drama), or endless love?, or
the crazy little thing called love

But nothing to serious. I want light-hearted show but the story is not one dimensional and predictable or
plot that was used several times hehe. Oh, and I prefer simple or plain female protagonist, and I look mix
of good looking guys with not so good looking (like meteor garden)

To sum-up:
- Innocent or first time to like or love
- Plain or simple girl, or brave like in the meteor garden
- Not commonly used plot, prefer if there are a little high school scenes

Characters I like/prefer:
- female protagonist in meteor garden (brave)
- Baifern pimchanok (simple, natural beauty)
- Nam ji-hyun (my angel eyes, their relationship at the beginning)

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Posted 12/17/14 , edited 12/17/14

Hi all!!

Along with the forum reorganizing, we are closing this thread.

To request Advice, Information, and recommendations, go to the brand new Advice, Info, Recommendations forum where it's okay to start your own thread.
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