Ǥɛиɛяαℓ Ǥʋι∂ɛℓιиɛ / Яʋℓɛƨ
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Ǥɛиɛяαℓ Ǥʋι∂ɛℓιиɛ / Яʋℓɛƨ
You will have to read all of this at one point. Try to focus on the main topics that you're not sure of, since this post is pretty long.

There is only one race in Wonderland, which is the “Clockhearts”. No demons, angels, elves, etc. Clockhearts are allowed to have unnatural eye colors and hair colors, but they may not have unnatural skin color. For anyone interested in joining the Diamonds Faction, your character may have animal features from only one real life animal (no hybrids, extinct animals or mythical creatures). They must retain a human face and most of their body must look human.

You character is allowed to have one type of weapon. Here are some examples:
Allowed: Your character uses knives as weapons. They can possess as many knives as they can physically carry. (This is okay because it's only one type of weapon: knives)

Not Allowed: Your character uses a sword. The sword also can turn into short daggers. (This is not okay because words and short daggers are two different types of weapons.)
The most common weapons in wonderland are guns and swords. Your weapon can be anything as long as they are not too futuristic or magical.

European names are strongly preferred. However, you are free to choose any others. Last names are not required but recommended.

Your character MUST be either Male or Female. < <;

In Wonderland, Clockhearts will stop aging the moment they are granted a Role. Therefore, this is your character's apparent age. The minimum apparent age is 13.


Your character's role is what defines him/her in Wonderland and it is what determines which faction your character is in. Essentially, your character's role is his/her purpose of their existence in Wonderland. Please be as specific as possible when making up your character's role. Knight is an okay role, but The Brave Red Knight is better.

Roles exclusive to the Hearts Faction (wealthy nobles and royalties):
- Prince, Princess
- King, Queen
- Knight
- Royal ______ (anything)

Roles exclusive to the Clovers Faction (magic users):
- Magician, Sorcerer, Sorceress, Mystic, Mage, etc.
- Healer, Teleporter, Levitater, etc. (any role that hints the use of magical abilities)

Roles exclusive to the Joker Faction:
- Repairman (mod only)
- Judge
- Seer
- Enforcer
- Jailmaster (mod only)

Your character can't be the BEST and FIRST or LAST at their role.


Only members from the Faction of Clover may possess magic or supernatural abilities. Once again, please be as specific as possible. Refrain from using broad terms such as “dark magic” or “elemental magic". Please use specific terms such as "Tames fire" or "controls water".

Please be reminded that your magic/ability should not involve other races and/or spirits (such as transforming into a vampire, werewolf, etc.) Also, magic/abilities that may be used for god-modding are not allowed.

Examples of forbidden magic/supernatural abilities:
- Ability to summon/communicate with spirits
- Ability to summon mythical creatures
- Ability to raise the dead
- Ability to read minds
- Ability to control other people’s actions

Certain abilities are Joker Faction exclusive and should not be possessed by regular members. These include:
- Ability to fix clock-hearts
- Ability to override rules made by the ruling faction
- Ability to throw citizens in jail
- Ability to travel to the real world

For people outside of Clover faction, a maximum of 3 talents/skills/abilities are allowed. Please refrain from abusing this rule, as people have done so in the past to make their characters overly powerful. We strongly encourage you to come up with abilities that make sense with your character and are somewhat helpful towards his/her role.

Make sure your character's personality is CONSISTENT! For example, please don't say your character is super quiet and shy but at the same time say he is super social. Or claim your character is very mature and nurturing when s/he is also very irresponsible.

Different from talent/skills/abilities, members are now required to include at least 3 strength/weakness in their character's personality. You may include more strength/weaknesses, but the number of strengths should match with the number of weaknesses. (aka for every strength, there is a weakness).

This can be food, hobbies, animals, people, habits, objects, phenomenons, etc. You may list as many as you wish but please try your best to balance both. Make sure what your character loves or hates is consistent with the rest of his/her personality.

Wonderland is rather chaotic and time is all messed up, so the history of your character does not have to be too specific. However, you should at least mention some of the the following points:
- Family life and relationship with other family members
- Childhood / Adulthood / etc.
- Education / training
- Major events that impacted them or "changed" them somehow
- Goals / Ambitions / Motivations

Please do not include any of the following in your character's history:
- Loss of memory / amnesia
- Mysterious past
- Something that might indicate your character belongs to another world.
- Something that might indicate your character possesses magic/abilities when your character does not belong to the Clovers Faction.
- Something that might indicate your character has committed a crime when your character does not belong to the Spades Faction.
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Although this RP group is purely fantasy genre, we still want you to be realistic, use common sense and follow the Roleplay Etiquette.

Do not create a Mary-Sue/ Gary-Stu character.
This includes characters that have physical capabilities that go beyond their physical statures. (eg. 13 year olds that can bench 310 lbs and is a professional assassin is NOT realistic and is NOT allowed!)
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