my FAQ about naruto with spoilers
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Posted 7/27/13 , edited 7/28/13
Do edo tensei's have unlimited chakra?

Just a few nagging questions of the top of my head. I am sure i can think of more
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Posted 8/2/13 , edited 8/3/13
Well, the reason Naruto is so useless in the recent chapters is because he has no experience with war and he doesn't know what to do against Obito, that's why his father and the Second hokage Tobirama are doing all the planning since they have significant battle experience and are much smarter than Naruto.

Can you give a couple of examples of the weaker characters looking stronger and vice versa? Because I don't see much of this as of late

I'm not quite sure about the Yata Mirror exchange, when was that, around when Itachi and Sasuke fought Kabuto?

As it is, Minato can make much better use of the 9 Tails chakra then Naruto. It enables him to move faster than he could before which is crazy, and it appears he has mmore mastery over it than Naruto although he hasn't ever used it before technically, since he died moments after he received it, but I'm sure Minato will end up giving Naruto his half of the chakra after the war is finished, but it's smarter to let Minato keep it for the duration of the war.

Naruto only recieved bits of chakra from the tailed beasts around the time he was facing Obito and his Six Paths, which are most probably already used since he's already depleted the 9 Tails chakra and was running on empty for a while.

Naruto isn't really that mysterious, I mean he's the main character and we know his entire back story. Bloodline? Naruto doesn't have any Kekkai Genkai, but if you mean his parents' clans, his mother's is the Uzumaki clan, master's in fuuinjutsu and are known for having long lives. His Father's are the Namikaze clan, which we know absolutely nothing about other than they are a clan originating from the Leaf. Uzumaki's are distant relatives of the Senju, meaning they can have some of the same traits, which makes many people believe Naruto can obtain the Rinnegan, since Nagato was an Uzumaki and he obtained it, but from Madara, and Madara obtained the Senju cells to gain the Rinnegan. Idk about sage mode plus bijuu mode, but it could be possible since they are two seperate abilities that aren't connected, and it's not like a one or the pther decision. I'm curious to see what would happen if they were both activated.

The one tail as you might already know was absorbed by the gedo mazo via the Akatsuki, and the reason it wasn't summoned by Obito was because it is currently Jinchuuriki-less. But there wouldn't be a point since he already has 6 tailed beasts and their jinchuuriki to control. So that means the 1 tails remained in the statue.
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